The Asian Invasion!

While there are plenty of sites out their showcasing Asians mainly from Thailand and the Philippines (although our own site Ladyboy Ladyboy often travels further afield to Indonesia and Malaysia) and often missed out area are the multitude of awesome Asian American (or Asian Canadian) transsexuals which may be a mixture of different races or 2nd, 3rd or more generation Americans.

The look of these tgirls is completely different from their Asian cousins still in Asia. A girl only seems to have to be in the West a few months before the hair, makeup and clothes change and they have a spunkier, sassier and less demure attitude that appeals to many.

Shemale Yum has always had a policy of showing models from various races and ethnic background but it seems that more Asian-Americans are coming out of the woodwork and with models like the superb Yasmin Lee having prominance in the industry, it can only help more decide to show themselves off.Here are some recent models, including Canadians Mystique, Tia and Rane (Filipino), Sadie (Malay), Katrina and hot Filipino from Boston and mixed race Mei from California.

katrina7037_117.jpg katrina7048_117.jpg mei3041_152.jpg mei3065_229.jpg mystiqueb7083_863.jpg mystiqueb7139_143.jpg rane1041.jpg rane1090.jpg sadie1037.jpg sadie1046.jpg tiaB3060.jpg tiaB3077.jpg

Published On: September 25, 2006Categories: Uncategorized

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