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This update was always intended to be a Sexy Jade special. Not only because I had to encourage her into doing another shoot with us when she has her own site, which is doing very well and is probably the best out of the solo black girls websites … not only because Shemale Sistas only the Dark Meat in which she stars, came out this week and not only because we think we’ve just manage to talk her into doing a Buddy Wood all black girl DVD but simply because I think she’s great.I met Jade on a trip to New Orleans with Frank and Steve a few years back, she brought the lovely Amie who was cute but a bit of a handful, Jade however was just cool, friendly and the sort of girl you can have a conversation with. At that point, I had no idea she had her eyes fixed on the porn business so it was a bit of a surprise when she started turning up on other sites a few months later … with some new babies up front.
She’s done a great job of promoting herself and you’ll often see her on forums such as and the new Grooby forums – so check them out and have a chat with her.

As a footnote, although we’ve had this special update planned for Jade for about three months, we heard her house burned to the ground last week. She wasn’t hurt in the fire but her dog was killed and she lost pretty much everything but the clothes she was wearing. I asked her for permission to post this bit of personal information and she made it clear, to state that she is NOT looking for charity or handouts of any type. She’s ready to work and we’re lining her up for some new projects and I’m sure there is a line of webmasters and video makers who can always use more of her. I would however, suggest that if you do like her images and what you see on this site, to click on the banner below and see if you can join her site, support independant websites and TS’s doing it for themselves!

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