Delicate Japanese Flower Emiru

May 5, 2009|

Emiru (also known as Yuri) graces Shemale Japan with a set that combines her traditional Japanese roots with her undeniable sensuality. Her silk kimono/robe clings to her, showing off every curve and detail of her sexy body. At 5'10", Emiru is known for her long, slender legs and how they

Japanese Anime Shemale Emiru

April 23, 2009|

Emiru  is a stunningly beautiful newhalf with swollen, round tits and a stiff she-cock. She is a favorite on Shemale Japan and always turns heads when she's out. She has a Japanese Anime face, big innocent eyes and pouty lips. But there's something distinctly naughty about the look on Emiru's

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