Spread Eagle Monday – Post-Op Newhalf Yumi

March 16, 2009|

I'd like to call today Spread Eagle Monday for the hot display of post-op pussy from Yumi's latest set. She's spreading her legs very wide on purpose so you can all get a good look at her new pussy lips! Sneaky, sneaky  Yumi! If you aren't familiar with Yumi, she's

Nurse Me Back to Health, Slutty Nurse Yumi!

March 10, 2009|

Post-op newhalf Yumi returns to Shemale Japan and she's ready to do her part to help the community by  providing free physicals to lucky guys. She'd like to do some thorough examinations of your penises, rock hard (of course), so she's decided to wear lingerie under her uniform to help

Post-Op Cutie Yumi on Shemale Japan

February 27, 2009|

On Shemale Japan, we have a new post-op tranny named Yumi. Any time we get a new addition to the site, it's a great treat, but this one is extra special. Yumi had SRS surgery about two years and has since gotten married and works as a full-time nurse. Nobody

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