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Not a Paleontologist, But Sure Digs the Bone | Wendy Summers

May 9, 2017|

Maybe Wendy Summers didn't understand what you meant when you said you "dug the bone," but I don't think you'll turn down an expedition with this darling dino lover.  Explore her mounds and I'm sure you'll find something rock hard which you would like to study.  Wendy's "thunder lizard" is

Wendy Summers has “No Worries”

April 18, 2017|

Too many things on your mind?  TS MILF Wendy Summers is going to wipe them all away and replace them with a filthy desire to choke on her thick dick.  You'll become a mindless cocksucker just so you can swallow her load like the little jizz muncher you are.  So

Lazy Day with Wendy Summers

April 4, 2017|

Feeling stressed?  Sexy MILF Wendy Summers has the perfect cure... a lazy day on the couch with her.  She's got soft cushions you can lay your head against - and I'm not talking about the one on your shoulders.  She's even got a sweet treat she can feed right down

Wendy Summers – What’s Yours is Mine

February 15, 2017|

When a girl is hot, don't they always try to claim everything that's yours? Well with a MILF as sexy as Wendy I don't think you'll complain if she decides to wear your shirt. She has you trapped under her spell and she's going to use that sweet cock of

Signed with Love – Wendy Summers

February 7, 2017|

TS MILF Wendy Summers is a firm believer that the best gifts are from the heart. So this year she made you a Valentine Card all by herself. She is signing it with your favorite penis... er .... pen. With just a single thought of you, her cock springs to

Wendy Summers – On Santa’s Lap

December 22, 2016|

Wendy normally loves to be naughty, but when it comes to Santa, she wants to be on the nice list. So when Santa interrupts her Christmas Eve jerk-off, Wendy will do anything to convince Santa to stay. Santa's going to get a special kind of milk at Wendy's House. Santa

Wendy Summers is a Unicorn

December 12, 2016|

at TGirls.com You may think that finding a transsexual who's your every-day girl next door is like searching for a unicorn. They may be illusive and hard to find, but they're out there. Wendy Summers is just that unicorn... in fact she has a special "horn" for you.

Lay your head on Wendy Summers’ Pillows

November 28, 2016|

Wendy Summers loves to make you comfortable.  Just look at the pillowy goodness she has for you to lay your "head" in ... er on. Her girly softness is just the right thing for you to relieve the stress of your day.  Son't you want to fluff Wendy's pillows? [button

Erection Season with Wendy Summers

November 1, 2016|

In this election, you're fucked no matter who you vote for, so why not vote for someone you want to fuck you? Ms. Summers has declared her candidacy and wants you to help raise her pole. Wendy's bringing all new meaning to being a policy wank, er wonk, as she's

Wendy Summers, Rebeka Refuse & Amy Gray

October 14, 2016|

It's been said if you want trouble, find a redhead.  If you're looking for trouble, Wendy's kicked it up a notch by hosting Rebeka Refuse & Amy Gray.  When these three fiery redheads get together, you know something hot will happen.  Wendy's teaching Rebeka & Amy some of her tricks

I Know What You Are, Wendy Summers!

September 13, 2016|

Sometimes, you want an angel, and sometimes you just want a girl who's not afraid to unleash her devilish side - and that's where Wendy Summers comes in! This electrifying TS stunner is ready to indulge your nastiest fantasies. Her ass is eager, but her cock is ready to be

Transsexual Therapist: Helping Your Self Esteem

September 6, 2016|

Has your game with the ladies been lacking lately? You might need professional help - and luckily, we've got a tantalizing therapist to help work you through your issues. She may not be a doctor, and she doesn't play one on TV (yet), but Wendy has the prescription to ease

Suck on this, Wendy Summers!

August 30, 2016|

Your fantasies include the idea of being caught off-guard by a transsexual and being forced to choke on her dick.  You imagine being powerless unable to stop her as she rams her thick dick down your throat.  Well, Wendy Summers wants to help you admit the real truth of your

Wendy Summers’ Ball Play!

August 23, 2016|

Wendy Summer's got balls, and she is ready to play! Hit the indoor court with this sporty and sexy TS player and get ready for a randy workout you will "love"! Forget Venus, this tennis-loving goddess can handle balls like no other - and, even though she doesn't have a

Smell Wendy’s Sweet Smell Here!

August 17, 2016|

Why just rub one out when you can rub something sexy on TS beauty Wendy Summers? This soft-skinned stunner loves to be pampered and she just wants to keep her body as supple and touchable as she can. An innocent post-shower moisturizing session turns sensual as she uses the slick

Get Soaked with Wendy Summers!

July 26, 2016|

Wendy Summers is ready to heat up you day with her blazing guns and this TS gunslinger always hits her target. Get ready for some wet and wild - and naughty - fun as she gets drenched, showing off her firm tits in a tight, wet t-shirt. Once she gets

All-American Wiener Wendy Summers

June 29, 2016|

Kick off one sizzling summer with TS grill mistress Wendy Summers! This firecracker is cooking up a delicious hunk of grade-A meat for you, and you won’t want to take it out of your mouth. Once this passionate patriot strips down to reveal her fine ass and succulent cock, you’ll

Cardio My Ass – Wendy Summers

June 20, 2016|

Wendy Summers may not be a fitness fanatic, but she loves to get a cardiovascular workout in other ways. Let this ass-tounding TS athlete put you through the paces and get your blood pumping to the most important places. Her bouncy tits and erect cock are sure to make you

Feeling Like Royalty

June 9, 2016|

Wendy Summers is ready to give you the royal treatment! This daring darling is the most beautiful girl in the world in her lacy lingerie and she is ready to make you cream. If you're just trying to get through this thing called life, don't bother calling that shrink in

Fiesta in Wendy Summers’ Pants

May 17, 2016|

Why only celebrate Cinco de Mayo one day a year? Say "adios" to an uneventful evening and say "hola" to one spicy señorita, Wendy Summers. This TS stunner is more intoxicating than a margarita and hotter than a jalapeño and she's ready to pop your piñata with her hard stick!

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