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Paula Lima & Pietra Guimaraes 2 Stars

April 26, 2023|

Another insane pairing in our super special 2 Stars of thgis week with nothing less thgan 2 bombshells showing her shameless skills in a fabulous double solo set. GET A FRONT SEAT ON BRAZILIAN-TRANSSEXUALS.COM STREAM OR DOWNLOAD IN 4K HERE


April 25, 2023|

Happy days. We've had more new Northern European trans girls applying and working with us in the last few months than previous years, and when they look and perform as good as Jenisson does in her debut, then the future is rosy! Jenisson is one of our friends from France

It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

April 6, 2023|

I'm far more a fan of girls in not crazy hair colors - but at least FreakofdaweekK got herself some matching shoes that would cover just about any hair color (and a dress that also matches come to that).Another set of this gorgeous young tgirl, showing off her hot body,

It’s Tiny Tara Time!

March 28, 2023|

Tiny Tara is back and she's already down to her underwear and ready to show off her smooth, soft body and big round ass to the world. She's a natural exhibitionist and knowing how many people are going to enjoy watching her, is a huge turn on.Tara has soon got

Zoey So Hot!

March 16, 2023|

I wish more girls would appreciate how sexy good jeans are in a photoshoot instead of 'porn clothes'. It helps us identify with a model, and imagine her as a real person, rather than someone you'd never see for real. Zoey really pulls off those jeans - and then she

Houston angel Aubrey

January 8, 2021|

Supporters of our flagship site are no stranger to the antics of Texan starlet Aubrey after she wowed us a scoop of 'Model of the Month' performances in the summer of 2020. Today, she returns to make her mark on the legendary as she strips, strokes, twists and

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