Slutty Secretary Japanese Shemale Reina

February 20, 2010|

28 yr old Reina has baby smoth skin under her Helmes designer clothes--her return to Shemale Japan is wonderful, her fans have missed her. Her body is very shapely, her penis hard and straight, and her countenance resolute. She is into all things S&M including whipping, slave-training, and other naughty

Japanese Shemale Reina is Smokin’ Hot

October 20, 2009|

Some of you might have the Monday Blues (I know I do), so I thought a hottie like Reina on Shemale Japan would help us all get through the day. Can you imagine Reina strutting around outside in that bikini top and shorts? Her tits are practically popping out of

Horny Teen Shemale and her Cum Eruption!

April 16, 2009|

Slutty schoolgirl Reina returns to Shemale Japan stroking her chubby cock. Reina's half Korean, which explains her unique look and fiery personality. Reina really gets off on being on camera and she tugs on her cock until it erupts with cum. This is a sight to see! Reina is quite

Teen Tranny Reina Wants You to Get Clean with Her!

April 7, 2009|

Shemale Reina returns to Shemale Japan, soaping up her hot teen body after a long night at the clubs with her friend, hottie Marin. Reina is such a party girl! She loves dancing at the local clubs in Osaka and just having fun!

New TGirl on the Block: Horny Teen Reina

March 28, 2009|

Reina is our brand new addition to Shemale Japan. She's 18, hot, and really horny: the perfect combination for this site. If you visit Osaka, you might see her partying with our site favorite, Marin. Now that would be a dream to see!

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