Hot and Horny Japanese Shemales

January 12, 2011|

Shemale Japan has some of the best content I've seen in a long time. Featuring Japanese shemales actually living in Japan, it separates itself from the gamut of other porn sites promising hot asian shemales. The latest updates showcased some of the newest up and cummers, like Karina (shown above).

Watch Nana Strut Her Stuff

October 3, 2009|

That pouty Japanese beauty Nana is strutting on Shemale Japan with her cock dangling out.  She doesn't talk much, but she really doesn't need to, she lets that meat train of hers do all the talking.  It's surprising that Nana doesn't dress full-time because she's one of the most passable

Horny For You, Nana!

September 16, 2009|

I know you're distracted by the beauty above, but let me tell you about her. This is Nana from Shemale Japan and her cock is to die for! I'm waiting for some bio information about her, but I mean, what do you need to know that you can't figure out

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