grooby 3d

Grooby 3D Lets Creativity Run Wild – For Free

April 15, 2014|

Check out this music video created by user "AndrewLee" on the same system that powers Grooby3D. The models used in this movie were custom made by him to paint a sensual fantasy between a GG and TS. The cinematic quality AndrewLee instilled in this movie is emotionally powerful and sexually

Make the T-Girl of Your Dreams with Grooby3D Computer Game!

November 18, 2011|

Grooby3D is an fully immersive sexual game where you can create your own world of transsexuals and control almost every aspect of it! You can customize your models (transsexual, female and male) to attain exactly what you want: hair, make-up, clothing, footwear, breast size and shape, penis size, facial features,

Grooby 3D – Shemale Computer Game FUN!

October 1, 2011|

Ever wanted to have your own cyber fuckfest online? Grooby 3D is like the shemale version of the Sims you've always dreamed of! I just spent the last hour playing this free x-rated game and I made these virtual shemales do all sorts of raunchy things together! You can modify

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