September 15, 2017|

There are various definitions of the word family; most often it refers to a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household related to one another by blood or marriage. There are other definitions as well, such as a group of people united in criminal activity, like

Beginnings and endings

May 10, 2017|

This has been a busy week in which I experienced the happiness of a new beginning but also the pain of a loss and the finality of death. The cycle of life continues and death is an inescapable part of that cycle, but with death comes a stark reminder of

A very special interview with my oldest son J

December 1, 2016|

This is an interview I have been working on for several months and is very special to me for obvious reasons. I initially came up with the idea of interviewing my oldest son J because he’s had the unique perspective of knowing me before my transition as his dad, and

The story of me and my car

October 12, 2016|

My car and I have a long history together which began way back in 1997. I’m not the kind of person to get attached to a vehicle or give it a name, but after all these years I do feel a bond with my car. She doesn’t have a name,

A Day in the Life

September 1, 2016|

One of my favorite songs, “A Day In The Life” by the Beatles, came to mind when thinking of a title for this column, which wasn’t the original post I had intended for today, but the events of the past 24 hours (Monday August 29th – Tuesday August 30th) kind

Surviving, and asking for help

August 4, 2016|

I have always considered myself very blessed to have the love and support of most of my family, especially my sons, because I know that is often not the case in the trans community. But I now find myself in the position of having lost so much of the love

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