Mistress Cierra is Ready to Invade Your Ass!

December 19, 2008|

Mistress Cierra invites us into her private dungeon for a lesson on how to dominate a submissive sissy boy. She starts with some hard and heavy swats to his tender little behind. No warm ups here. He is tied down why should she care if he is ready or not.

Cierra and Her Inner Mistress Come Out to Play!

September 24, 2008|

Mistress Cierra didn't feel like wearing leather during the shoot. She wants to wear purple and it is not open for discussion. She shows up wearing a very girly purple blouse and quickly I see that even in purple, Mistress Cierra is still very much a mistress. When she sit

Mistress Cierra is Certainly Talented…

July 9, 2008|

During PK Vegas' recent trip to San Antonio, they stopped into one of the local bars and found Ceirra hanging out with some of her friends. When she heard he was shooting for Transexdomination , she really wanted to work with him. The next day they met up, and man,

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