cassandra lovelox

Cassandra Lovelox: Hot Pie By The Pool

May 21, 2020|

Oh, do we have something spicy for you VR fans coming up today! Cassandra Lovelox (formerly Cassie Sparkles) made an almighty splash with her GroobyVR debut 'House Call from Dr. Lovelox' at the beginning of they year and we've been clambering to get her back in our headsets since. We're

House Call from Doctor Lovelox

January 16, 2020|

Cassandra Lovelox (formerly Cassie Sparkles) is doing her rounds and you have called her in because you need something to get you out of bed. Dr Lovelox shows up in her whites and it turns out you're staying in bed and she's getting in too! As the good doctor examines

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