by appointment only dvd

Ebony Tranny Mistress Natassia is Back!

January 17, 2009|

On Transexdomination, Mistress Natassia Dreams is back and showing off her new boy toy Marcus. Natassia works him over well but she is really craving something unique and different to turn her on tonight. She pulls out the largest dildo ever seen and proceeds to Tell Marcus that he WILL

Stuff Your Stocking with these Titles from Shemale Video Direct!

December 30, 2008|

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. Received too many dress shirts and fruitcakes this year? Why don't you buy yourself the gift you really wanted from Shemale Video Direct? How about Megan Murray and Jamie Coxx's latest DVD, By Appointment Only? How do you fulfill your most secret desires? An

Megan Murray and Jamie Coxx in…By Appointment Only

October 31, 2008|

The most disappointing thing of Megan Murray & Jamie Coxx in By Appointment Only (a pro-am release) is that it undersells itself. Without any disrespect to the two performers, their names/images aren't really going to sell the DVD ... and the title is so non-descriptive that it could be just

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