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The Sweetest Taboo

December 5, 2023|

Queen Sade returns, she was August's Model of the Month and she's easily one of the prettiest and most dynamic debuts of 2023. This 5ft 6, Cincinnatian is exactly what we look for in a model. Other than her pretty looks, and sexy figure, she's someone who wants to look

Sasha Velvet Is Back!

November 30, 2023|

For the first time since her debut, sexy Louisiana hottie Sasha Velvet is back on Black TGirls looking even hotter and ready to have fun! She can’t wait to show off that hot body of hers again! Watch her posing and stroking her dick for you in today’s exclusive

Can You Handle April?

November 28, 2023|

Can you handle April's handle? There is a lot of woman here to take in - she's only 5ft 8 but she appears to be about 9ft on the screen. Those long lashes, those crazy nails (scratching down your back), those lovely lips, the perfectly sized boobs with dark perky

Kisses for Kisses

November 21, 2023|

Kisses returns for her second set and she's in some sexy wear. A short plaid shirt, and matching tie (?) over a black seethru thingy that lets her breasts and nipples be clearly seen. She's soon out of these and showing off that awesome big butt, pretty much perfect in

Selene Santos Returns

October 26, 2023|

Sexy Selene Santos returns. She's been featuring on our sites since 2021, and this girl with plenty of cushion has plenty of fans here. This 5ft 5, 26 year old Texan always looks her best, with that gorgeous straight black hair, a pretty face with lovely eyes and wide welcoming

Samone’s Last Dance

October 24, 2023|

Salina Samone - model extraordinaire returns (and despite the title, we hope it's not her last!) - in a slinky little dress, that just about covers her ass and puts her fantastic cleavage where it belongs! Some great content here as Salina bends over to show that perfect round ass,

All Hail Queen Leilani Li!

October 19, 2023|

Meet gorgeous Leilani Li! This stunning girl has brought her hot booty to your bedroom and it's time to get it on! She gives you a hot strip show before sucking your cock as she takes it deep throat! When it's time to fuck that sexy bubble butt she gets

I Fucking Love Blackbarbi

October 17, 2023|

Honestly, there is something about her that I've seen since the first sets. I just love her photos - she sells sex - there is something electric about her. I love her skin, dark smooth and gorgeous with that perfect ass... PERFECT ass... sticking out, and she knows just how

The Queen Has Arrived

October 17, 2023|

Queen Cammii is one of our breakout stars of 2023. First appearing on BlackTGirls in January, she's done a number of solo and partnered scenes and we thought this 27 year old Texan cutie would fit well here. She commands every inch of her 6ft 3, with legs that look like they

Ding Dong – Liza Belle!

October 15, 2023|

It's Friday the 13th and there's a Ding Dong at the door, it's Liza Belle and she's here to treat you well! Liza's wearing hot shiny outfit that she wants to show you before she gets down to some hot sucking and fucking! This hottie wants to be penetrated and

She’s Baa-aa-ckk!!!

October 10, 2023|

Salina has consistently been one of the most popular/most requested models on the site since she debuted in 2016 (although it feels as though she's been around for longer!) and it's great to see her back in 2023.One of our few models who originated from Delaware, she's back with KilaKali

Kupkakes Strokes And Cums!

October 6, 2023|

Kupkakes has some more for you! This gorgeous Memphis hottie is back with another smashing KilaKali produced scene and she's ready put on another show for you! We just can't get enough of her showing off her amazing body and her perfect ass! Watch her posing and stroking her

AAA = Awesome Ayaina Anaconda

October 5, 2023|

It's great to see this hottie back in the studio for KilaKali. I love Ayaina naturally pretty looks, and her smooth body with some nice curves. She's got a great smile, and just seems like someone that would be fun to hang out with, as well as to get sweaty

Kandi’s First Hardcore!

October 4, 2023|

Introduced to the world as our "Model of the Month" for June, horny Tennessee hottie Kandi Sweetz became an instant fan-favorite! We know you have been waiting to see sexy Kandi getting her yummy ass fucked ever since! Finally, the moment has come - Kandi makes her hardcore debut

Ana Andrews Toes The Line

October 4, 2023|

You've got to love the photo that Xena took for this set, with Ana's big smile, puffy nipples, big hard cock (supported by the cock ring), big smooth ballsack and those sweet, manicured toes all showing together. If one image could say it all...But we've over 100 of these awesome

Hello Sunshine

October 3, 2023|

The second set of stunner Sunshine and she's brightened up our day in more ways than one as I need my sunglasses when I look at her bright outfit, although the shades also let me ogle her without appearing too much of a Peeping Tom.Just a great body, and a

The Dynamic Valeria Atreides

September 27, 2023|

The only thing better than seeing a new shoot of Valeria Atreides, is seeing Valeria Atreides in person, because she's super cool, super sweet and as beautiful as she is in the photos, she's utterly gorgeous in person.We named this set 'dynamic' as there is always something about Valeria's sets

The Adorable Awesomeness of Pressure

September 26, 2023|

Pressure returns in another set that can only be described as awesome. She's utterly gorgeous and the camera loves her.Posing seems to come naturally, and she's made herself to look her absolute best with perfect nails (toes and fingers), smooth everywhere, on-point makeup and hair and some sexy lingerie just

On Your Knees…

September 23, 2023|

and worship the Queen. Queen Cammii is back and she's demanding your attention. She's going to have you lick and suck on her toes, taking each into your mouth at a time and suck those little piggies. Then lick up that leg, to between her thighs, and first take her

Bottoms Up With Nubian Barbie

September 22, 2023|

She's got on of the best asses on this site. It's large, two perfectly round cheeks coming together to showcase that sexy dark crack, and the welcoming smooth hole between them. It's like a juicy peach, to be savoured and tasted, and once bitten into, you can only want more.

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