Kimber James opens her own website!!!

I’ve yet to get a review password but Kimber James, currently the hottest and most sought after shemale superstar, has just opened her own website under the banner of the excellent Shemale Club group of websites. Although Grooby Productions was first offered the opportunity to open Kimber’s website, I decided to pass as we’re too focused on some other projects to truly do the site justice and cater it towards Kimber’s vision.
The site looks great, some of the sets are slightly over retouched for my tastes but I understand that is how Kimber wants it to be and I know most will love it. Some great hardcore sets from the look of it as well as plenty of solo stuff.
As Grooby will be releasing the DVD “Kimber James” within the next few weeks, it appears that her name is on everybody’s lips (and everybody wants her lips on …).

Congratulations to Kimber James … check out the free previews (pretty snazzy flash player) at Kimber James – TS and if you like this model as much as I do … splash out a few bucks.

Kimber James – TS

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