Meghan Chavalier Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award!

Meghan Chavalier Accepts the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award!

In 2008, Meghan Chavalier was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tranny Awards. If you’re not familiar with Meghan’s body of work or history, here’s a brief recap…

Meghan Chavalier may just have one of the most prolific careers in the Shemale Adult Industry beginning with becoming the first Transsexual star to sign a contract with a major label in 1998 and still going strong to this day! Meghan has appeared in over 150 adult films and has sat both in front of and behind the camera, directing six adult films, including the AVN Award Nominated, ‘Transsexual Prostitutes 7.’ She is an internationally recognized Adult Film Star with movies, magazine covers, and calendars to her long list of credits and authored the screenplay for the movie, ‘Transsexual University.’ A published author (‘The Mystical Journey: The Book of Elandor‘ and ‘Confessions of a Transsexual Porn Star‘) and established musical artist (‘Songs From The Inside,’ ‘Meghan Chavalier Music,’ and ‘15 Minutes‘), there seems to be no end to the accomplishments Meghan has produced. Meghan has served as inspiration and mentor to an endless line of Transsexual stars seeking to enter the Industry and her name is recognizable to any true Fan or Admirer of the genre.

Adult Industry aside, Meghan has been an outstanding voice in the LGBT Community and in 2008, created the foundation, Stopping the Hate for the LGBT Community, which focuses on ending hate crimes and focusing attention on LGBT issues worldwide. Far from just a ‘pretty face,’ Meghan has shown the world that she has the brains, beauty, and brawn to help shape an entire Industry and leave a lasting impression that will survive long into the future. Her brave work for Stopping the Hate is both incalculable and invaluable and we encourage you to help support her work as much as you are able.

Pornstar, Author, Musician, Activist and now, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient of the 2008 Tranny Awards, Meghan Chavalier. Our sincerest congratulations to Meghan for her win and for her work both off and onscreen! We wish her the very best in the years to come and a full lifetime of further achievements to fulfill!

Meghan Chavalier Accepts the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award!

Meghan Chavalier Accepts the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award!


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