Try an Amber Bang! I Hear They’re Delicious!

The name Amber Bang really matches this LA hottie. As Shemale Yum‘s newest hottie, Amber has definite star appeal about her. With her big lips and even bigger cock, her pictures had me hooked immediately.

In her first set with Buddy Wood, Amber shows off her bang-in’ body to the camera. She’s delicious, much like an Orange Bang (which I think of now when I hear Amber’s full name). Clad in animal print, she poses on the kitchen counter; making you wish you could reach out and eat off of her. Buddy Wood even said he could “live off a steady diet of Amber Bang ass.” So guys, you’d better get in line.

Don’t you want a taste of Amber Bang for yourself?


Published On: May 20, 2008Categories: Grooby Girls, NewsTags: , ,

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