Grooby Interview #2 : Jesse

Jesse first appeared on Shemale Yum in 2006 (photographed in late 2005) but it seems like she’s been around much longer. Since that start on the internet, she’s featured on numerous websites (appearing on Shemale Yum, 7 times including some hardcore scenes) and many DVD releases. She has built a solid fan following and earlier this year, launched her own website TS Jesse, to which she’s devoting a lot of time. Raunchy and uninhibited on the screen, she comes across as the all round “nice” girl in person … the one you’d introduce to Mom!

Jesse was always near the top of the list, of models I wanted to interview for this series – mainly because I know so little about her and she seems to really to be making an effort throughout 2008, to be not only one of the top TS performers but also accessible to her fans.

Interviewed on 25th Nov. 2009 by Grooby Steven.

Grooby S: I was first aware of you on a ShemaleYum shoot by Tony Vee in 2006, was this your first shoot or were you already active in the porn industry?

Jesse: Yes, Shemale Yum with Tony Vee was my first ever porn shoot. I don’t remember how he got a hold of me, I think from my adult profile I decided to make on an adult jobs website. Before that I did do a bit of web cam stuff through a company in New York but eventually went on my own to do it as that company took half my money and didn’t really do anything to promote me.

Grooby S: There are quite a few Jesse’s around did you ever think about using your full name on DVD’s and websites?

Jesse: I don’t think Flores is a very sexy name and I thought just using one name was cool plus I felt weird making up a stage name that was not my real name. A lot of people know my last name because it was accidentally used on a site as my stage name. I have nothing to hide, so either way is fine with me but I think I’ll stick with just Jesse. Maybe I will add a cute stage last name some day?

GroobyS: What was the deciding factors that led you to seek a career as a transsexual model in adult DVD’s and websites?

Growing up I always wondered what I could do as a job and be comfortable with and the answer was always porn. I knew growing up I’d be doing something in the adult business as it has always been my nature to be sexy and seductive and I live for the adoration and desire of men.
I grew up always being wanted by pretty much every guy that saw me and it made me feel good and powerful as I knew my power was in my body and my sexiness. So I decided that porn was going to be my job and career.

Grooby S:
How many DVD’s have you appeared in & do any stick out as being better performances than others?

Jesse: I don’t even know how many I’ve done as sometimes I never know when they are using the content on a DVD or a website but I do know I’ve shot well over 50-60 scenes. They float around and make their way onto DVD and other websites, so who knows how many exactly? I just know I had fun doing all of them. I don’t think i could pinpoint a specific movie as my favorite as I’m always enjoying my work and there are different ones for different reasons, like the guys I shot with, or what I wore in it … but usually its the guys!!!

GroobyS: Are there any funny stories that happened on sets?

Jesse: On the set of a TS Seduction movie I was with Lobo and I was supposed to scratch his chest lightly and while doing that my nail turned and I ended up clawing this big gash down his chest and we had to stop shooting until we could get him to stop bleeding. I felt so bad and kept saying I was sorry but he’s a trooper and it didn’t bother him at all … he said he has a “battle scar” from Jesse now. (laughs).

GroobyS: Where were you brought up? Was your transitioning easy?

Jesse: I grew up in a small town here in California called Norco, the horse capital of the USA! I grew up pretty much as a girl. I don’t think there was ever a time, where all of a sudden I “turned into a” girl, as growing up everyone would tell my my Mom what a beautiful daughter she had and she would reply, “Daughter? that’s my son”. I finally told her to stop correcting them as I’d rather have the compliment of being beautiful as opposed to the embarrassment of the correction.

I never really wore anything I would consider “dressing” as I always wore tight jeans and a T-shirt (same as I do now) but if I had to specify a time like when I wore a skirt or something it would probably be when I turned 18, that was when I officially started “dressing”. I never really considered myself “transitioning” as I’ve always looked like this, I don’t take hormones or anything. I did was get a boob job at 21 so I guess that was my “transition” but even without the boob job I always had guys after me.
When I told my parents that I live as a girl they were fine with it. I was always a good kid, nerdy, quiet, never made any problems- so when I told them, it was no big deal. I was already that person and they loved me no matter what. Mom eve said, “DUH!” as she knew already.

GroobyS: Does your family know you are working a TS adult model and have they expressed any thoughts about it?

Jesse: My parents know that I am a porn star and are very supportive. I tell them when I’m shooting (not in super detail though) and I tell them about my web site and any other future projects. My parents are very poor so since being in the business I can help take care of them, so they definitely are appreciative of my career.

GroobyS: What are your favourite scenes to do? Have you performed with females, other TS’s and males?

Jesse: As my fans can tell I love to top. I’m excellent at bottoming also, although it’s rare that I’ve done those scenes but I do love to bottom also. Topping helps to release my stress and pent up aggressionI have from all the horrible boyfriends I’ve had who don’t let me top. (laughs).
I have topped females in 3 scenes and did an excellent job actually. On my first 2 scenes with females I had to have the girl put it in her because I didn’t know what to do as I’d never had sex with a female before and I didn’t want to hurt her or put it in wrong. (laughs) I don’t mind working with females as its part of the job, it has opened me up to more work because you cant have tpo many limits if you want to be successful and last in this business. I have worked with other transsexual girls in scenes but have never topped or bottomed for them, the most I’ve done was oral scenes but I am open to it .. it’s part of the job!

You are in your 20’s, how long do you think a TS performer can continue to shoot for? Is there an upper age limit when one can reasonably expect to still get work? Do you have an exit plan?

Jesse: I’m lucky as I look much younger than I am and can sometimes pass for 17! For others, I don’t think there is really a age limit, I think it just depends on if the girls are taking care of themselves, age is just a number. If you look good and are able to perform, then the sky’s the limit. My exit plan is more of a detour as I plan to eventually move to behind the scenes as I know what looks good, what is sexy and my head is just full of ideas waiting to be used. I plan to move to director/producer eventually but that’s a long time off, as I’ve got a long career as a performer ahead of me.

GroobyS: What surgeries have you had an are you happy with them? Do you have any more planned?

Jesse: I’ve had a boob job. I got that when I turned 21 and was very happy with them as most people didn’t even know I’d had a boob job, which was the point. I paid $10,000 for them and made it clear I wanted them to look natural, not like two balls attached to my chest. They definitely have worked out for me as they are always one of my top features with guys and always get stared at by people on the street. I’ve also had some subtle face work done but never made a big deal about it and most people didn’t even notice it, they just thought I looked even better. I did get a chin reduction as i always thought my chin was too long and I did get some small cheek implants and a small nose job. Everything was subtle as I worried about when doing these things, I didn’t want to look weird, bad or fake. I have never felt, I as ugly, I just felt things could look better – I felt if I looked better, I’d feel better, which I did in some cases but along with the surgeries came post surgery depression, which hit me hard on several occasions. I remember i was very unhappy with how subtle everything looked as I’d just spent all that money and I looked the same! One time was when i did my Road Trip movie with TS Seduction which was four days with three other beautiful girls. I was totally hit hard with depression on the 4th day of filming as I looked at the other girls, who had all at facial work which looked great, they looked so beautiful and I felt like mine was a failure and nobody wanted to look at me compared to them. I hit rock bottom and was starving myself the last two days because I was so depressed, I couldn’t eat and got so sick I had to go home on the last day of shooting. I felt like I’d disappointed and let down my director but we had a talk and she helped me greatly with how I was feeling and she identified with the depression part. I returned and shot two more movies recently for them, so they didn’t hold it against me.
For future surgeries, I do plan on doing some jaw softening and a bit more of a chin reduction as I feel it could be a bit better. I will also be getting a new boob job sometime soon, not because I don’t like my size now but it is just time to change the implants to some new fresh ones and also to go bigger. I will be very big after but it’ll look good on me because I have the body frame to support that big of a size -850cc’s. So be ready for those puppies!

Grooby S: Are there any TS models who you look up to or who have encouraged you?

Jesse: Everyone is great in their own way and I love everyone I’ve met along the way but no TS models really influence me as I’ve always done things my way and what I feel is good for me. I do look up to Jenna Jameson as I admire all she has done and I hope to eventually become the TS Jenna Jameson or at least my version of her (which includes a big ass cock)!

GroobyS: Who do you rate as the hottest tgirls in the industry?

Jesse: I haven’t met too many girls so I’m not sure who’s out there really but I’m sure there’s lots of hot girls. I know Kelly Shore, Hazel Tucker and just recently talked to Holly Sweet, all great girls who I think are hot because they were all sweet and very nice to me … so they are hot in my book. Do I get to include me in the hot book?

Grooby S: You recently started your own site, how did that come about?

Jesse: I’ve started my own site TS Jesse after many failed attempts to get one going. Some amateur guys who really didn’t know what they were doing let my previous attempt sit there for months, I had already shot 2 solo scenes and 4 sets of solo photos. These guys left me there and never updated me on anything – it gets tiring these creeps trying to lie to me thinking they were gonna get some sex, if they pretend they were gonna do a site for me. Earlier this year, I was re-shooting for Shemale Club and the photographer said that they were interested in having me do a solo site. Long story, shortened, I became their first solo site girl which was a honor, I totally owe my website to Shemale Club.

I try to keep it the site fresh and I update a lot – sometimes a couple times a week with new videos and photos. Everything is high quality and I look amazing in everything which was very important as I felt the point of it all was to deliver a fantasy, not just cock and ass pics. I wanted costumes, themes and locations. I pick out the colors and photos to use and I also personally edit every photo as I only want the best photos on the site, also I’ve included a blog which I personally update with my own pics and info on what I’m doing as well as a member forum where the site members, can post on various topics. I also have a public forum where I interact with the fans daily. I enjoy chatting with fans on Yahoo and AIM – without them where would I be, its the least I can do is chat with them – I’ve made some great friends especially in Germany and Wales (they know who they are!)

I feel the added personal touch from me on the site makes it different than others cause you get all of me not just a part of me on the site. so i think it stands out and is appreciated by the fans and members.

GroobyS: Do you hang out with TS friends? Where do you socialise?

Jesse: I do not really have any friends actually. I have met Kelly Shore and Hazel Tucker and they were great girls but not living near me so there isn’t any TS that I hang out with. I’ve always been kind of shy (I know shy pornstar!). I grew up not having any friends and its continued up to today. I don’t know why really, as I do open up to people when I’m comfortable and I can be quite funny and nice but I usually don’t fit in as I’m not a big club person. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs so I’ve always been left out of the party circuit. I’ve always considered myself a nerd and enjoy my trips to the movie theatre.
I have been trying to go out more to more events as I feel I need to get out more and make some new friends.

GroobyS: If you were to produce your own DVD – where you could perform with ANY models or scenes – what would you like to do?

Jesse: Last year I had the idea to do a big gang-bang movie. Half the movie being a regular gang-bang of me bottoming for 5 guys and the other half of the movie me topping them as a reverse gang bang – at the end they all stand over me and cum on me. Hot, hot, hot! I was going to do it for a major company, my first DVD feature of just me and was very excited to do it but then the company changed owners, the director shelved it and it never came to light. It was very disappointing. I hope to get my own DVD feature some day as I feel I definitely deserve it as I’ve worked very hard to get where I am and can totally deliver!

Grooby S: What are your future plans for your site, your career and you?

Jesse: The future of my site is very bright as my goal has always been to make it one of the biggest and best solo sites ever. It will be fully interactive and I want to be able to travel and have my fans be in my videos with me – shooting in beautiful locations like beach, mountains, etc. I also want to do full story movies with themes and a lstory line, which will be fun. All that takes time and money so hopefully once the site gets going I’ll eventually have a budget to do all those things. I am planning on shooting at the nude beach and will be shooting in the snow and in a sexy cabin.

For my career, I just hope to be very successful and I know, I have the longevity to last a long time in the business so I’m not worried about that but I do hope to eventually go mainstream as I’ve always wanted to be in a horror movie or a silly comedy. Eventually I aim to be a producer/director as I feel I would be so good at that and that it is a way to extend your career after you feel performing days are over.

For me personally, I just hope to eventually find a guy that can make me happy and that I can love with all my heart and get that in return.

Grooby S: Kelly Shore would like to know … “What matters most to you? How do you think porn girls are looked upon and misinterpreted?”

Jesse: What matters most is love, whether from a boyfriend, family or my fans. Love has always made me happy. Hearing from great fans puts the biggest smile on my face even when I’ve felt so low and down on myself, just hearing how much someone cares about me and appreciates me, means the world to me so I’m forever grateful for that love in my life even in small doses

I’m not really sure how porn girls are misinterpreted and looked upon but I do know people are surprised when I say, I don’t drink, do drugs, smoke, party and I am not a hooker. So i guess that’s a misinterpretation right there, that all girls in porn do those things. Also I’ve always been a girl who is looking for love and I always have a steady serious boyfriend – my porn career has always been a job and once I’m done shooting, work is left at work and I don’t cheat on my boyfriends with anyone after work. I am a faithful girlfriend. I know there are a lot of nice girls in the business similar to me at least, maybe not as nerdy though!

[this question added Dec 1st]

GroobyS: You’ve just been nominated for an AVN Award. Do you see this as any sort of validation given that you’ve been so popular for a number of years? Why do you think you were nominated this year and not last?

Jesse: Yes I was finally nominated for “Performer of the Year” at the AVN’s coming up. I was super excited and very proud to be nominated and genuinely hope I win as I have worked very hard for it since my very first shoot all the way to the next one I do. I’ve always given my all to every performance and was always surprised I got no recognition for it. I don’t really know why I was never nominated before as I always shoot a lot of content and its always top notch performances, never a bad or lacking scene from me so who knows. Maybe its because I don’t get any promotion or that I don’t get invited to parties or make the club scene rounds, could be anything. Doesn’t matter why I wasn’t nominated in the past I’m just so grateful to finally be acknowledged and hope I win and I am very determined to become a bigger success with the new year ahead!

GroobyS: What question do you want to ask the next model I interview?

Jesse: “What would be something you would change about your life?”

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