Buddy Wood – the Tgirl “IT” guy in Los Angeles


If Tony Vee had a younger brother who wished to follow in his footsteps, it would be Buddy Wood. They both suffer from the same affliction of being terribly nice guys who walk the twilight world
of transsexuals. Where Tony is uniquely East coast and although travels well, is at his best in New York City with everything that metropolis has to offer in the way of all types of transsexuals (was the American tranny scene born in NYC with Andy Warhol’s courtiers?)
Buddy has the expanse of the West Coast to ply his trade. He originally started shooting for us in San Diego in 2005 and ran the gamut of visiting tgirls and more amatuer types, it was in San Diego where he discovered Khloe Hart … in my mind, one of the best new transsexual performers. He moved to Los Angeles last year
and works in what we’ve dubbed “The Grooby Studio” – a modest house in the valley with a pool/hottub which the models gravitate to. Not only has he shot some of the most popular models working today – Yasmin Lee, Vicki Richter, Sexy Jade to name but a few … he’s also encouraged Olivia Love, Kimberly Devine and Lisa Lawrence to come out
of retirement to shoot for us. Buddy is an un-assuming “nice-guy” and can be found weekly at TS clubs in Los Angeles, usually with some hottie. The girls all seem to love him – and that is how he manages to get so many great girls.
Frank (of Grooby site Franks-Tgirlworld) helped Buddy get his photo and lighting skills up last year so they were to the same quality as his video work – Buddy now produces some of the best work on Shemale Yum and Black-Tgirls.

Buddy’s latest prodigy’s are Hazel Tucker and Kimber James. Hazel, a brand new fresh hottie he found on Myspace and Kimber, although she’s worked for other companies is doing some very special projects with Buddy … see more about her at Kimber James Blog. He also shot Septembers Girl of the Month, Kelly Shore (and her fan blog is at Kelly Shore Blog).

The latest DVD release in Buddy’s AVN nominated series, is due out for release this week and we should have a review of it soon. Starring Khloe Hart, Yasmin Lee, Vicki Richter, Olivia Love and Danielle Foxxx, it’s aptkly titled “Buddy Wood’s Shenmale Superstars” and you can watch the trailer or buy it by going to
Buddy Wood’s Shemale Superstars

The addition of Buddy Wood to the Grooby team has resulted in some of the best of our recent shoots and this weeks update, has to be one of the best?

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