Mistress Valerie is Easier to Please Than You Think…

Mistress Valerie has very little patience when she wants something. Poor Arnold is just trying to finish the ironing, but Mistress Valerie calls him in to rub her feet as she relaxes on her bed.

She admonishes Arnold for everything. First he is rubbing too hard, then not hard enough. He can not seem to make her happy no matter what he does. She rolls over and has him give her a back rub which he apparently can not handle either.

She decides he needs to learn a lesson so she has him fetch her lipstick and applies it to his lips. She wants to remind him that he is a little sissy boy and that she is in charge.

She then forces him to suck her cock before she bends him over and fucks his ass hard and fast. She finishes with a huge cum shot all over his cock and chest!

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