Here It Cums! Shemale.XXX the DVD!

Shemale.XXX the DVD will surely be one of the hottest titles of 2012! Starring (in order of appearance), Ana Venus, Brittany St. Jordan, Astrid Shay, Candi McBride, Jessica, and Jamie Page.   This title features six hardcore scenes of All-American content! Let’s do a quick scene by scene breakdown, so you can get a taste of what’s in store for you! You can buy your copy at Shemale Video Direct!

Ana Venus brings her guy back to the VIP room and offers him some champagne.  She tells him it’s $300 for the bottle. “That’s kind of expensive,” he says. “Maybe you can make it worth my while?” You can tell what he has on his mind and she shows him that she’s worth more than that $300 bottle of champagne and then some!

They both take off their clothes and she sucks him off eagerly, as he fingers her tight ass.  When he’s ready to fuck, he slaps his rock-hard dick on her naked body and then inserts himself inside her.  He fucks her intensely on the couch and then spills his jizz all over her tits and stomach.

Brittany St. Jordan is all covered up, but her guy is curious to see how many tattoos she has! She slips off her robe so he can get a good look at her, and then guides his head to suck on her hard nipples.  You can tell she’s a t-girl that likes to be in control as she pushes him to suck her off!  But don’t worry, Brittany is a giver too and gives her guy a blowjob of a lifetime!

When she can’t take it anymore, she straddles herself on top of her guy and begins riding. She keeps hard-on the whole time and it’s mesmerizing watching it spin in circles as she gyrates harder on his cock.  Soon they switch positions and lie down together, he fucks her from behind while holding her leg up, allowing him to fuck her deeper and deeper.

Astrid Shay is what we call a t-cougar.  Like a fine wine, she gets better looking with age. When the repair man comes over to fix her sink, you can tell in his eyes that he wants something more from her. As he’s checking the pipes, he’s eyeing Astrid’s cleavage. I can’t say that I blame him; she’s popping out of her shirt.

Finally, he gives up on fixing her sink and decides to focus on her pipes instead. They take their two-person party to the bedroom and Astrid rides him hard!  I love watching her—she’s so mesmerizing and sexy.  You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the television screen.

Candi McBride has a wholesome quality about her– maybe it’s the pigtails–I don’t know. Either way, though, she’s definitely not as innocent as you think she’d be! As soon her scene starts, she’s already reaching for her guy’s dick!  She tries to take it all in her mouth, but it’s just too big!

In preparation of their fucking, he gently fucks her with a dildo to get warmed up. When she’s ready to ride him, she goes slowly, but bounces as deep as she can on him.  They switch positions and he decides to take control of the situation, lying her down on her back and fucking her. He’s careful not to go too fast; this is definitely a scene about anticipation and desire.

Let me just say this upfront—Jessica is wild! She sucks her guy off with an enthusiasm that will make you blow your load before you know it. Her guy thrusts in her mouth, going as deep as he can, and she gladly sucks him off.

In bed, Jessica rides him hard! She’s able to hold her position above him as he fucks her.  Her she-pussy is tight, so he has to thrust slowly at first and work up to a steady rhythm.  It’s hot watching Jessica bite her lip as she’s getting fucked. She holds her legs and contorts her body in a weird position, allowing her guy to fuck her deeper than before! This is definitely a steamy scene.

Jamie Page finishes our Shemale.XXX DVD and proves why she should be the last one you see on this title!  Her scene on Shemale.XXX is unforgettably sexy.  While she and her man discuss their favorite colors and anatomy, she lifts up her dress to reveal her blue panties. His favorite color! What a coincidence!

She slaps her cock in his mouth and he happily sucks her off, already sporting a hard-on before they even jump into bed together. Now it’s her turn to show off her dick sucking skills.  He then spreads her legs and starts fucking her, pulling her body close to him as he thrusts.  The finale of this scene is pretty jizztastic! Jamie uses two hands to jerk off her guy, spitting on his dick for some extra lubrication!

The Shemale.XXX DVD certainly lives up to the XXX it hopes to embody!

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