Industry Leaders Join Together to Battle Piracy Issues

Adult Entertainment Industry Calls for Immediate Action Against

CYBERSPACE – In a pivotal escalation in the fight against content theft, leaders across the adult entertainment industry from VR Bangers, Kink, Grooby, Carnal Media, CherryPimps, Feet4Cash, Loveherfilms, Porndoe, MetArt, YanksCash, Zbuckz, PeterFever, and many more are joining forces to address the serious challenges posed by—a platform accused of widespread intellectual property infringement. Known for its anonymous ownership and elusive operational details, Eporner has become a focal point of industry criticism for hosting stolen adult content, thus severely impacting the profitability and creativity of content creators. 

Daniel Abramovich, CEO of VR Bangers—a leading player in the virtual reality segment of the adult industry—emphasizes Eporner’s tangible impact on the sector. “It’s almost guaranteed that studios will discover their full videos on, leading to direct financial losses,” Abramovich stated. 

The adult industry has seen significant progress over the last decade, with major tube sites cooperating to prevent piracy and ensure that all uploads are legally sanctioned. Contrarily, Eporner has conspicuously opted out of these community efforts, choosing a path that places them at odds with the broader industry. Despite repeated attempts to engage with to introduce measures that would prevent illegal uploads—such as an API to block copyrighted content at the point of upload—the response has been disheartening. 

Abramovich detailed these efforts,“We offered a simple and effective solution, yet they refused to implement it. The continued presence of users who have been repeatedly flagged for copyright infringement suggests systemic complicity in these violations, possibly with Eporner itself uploading this content.” 

This rogue behavior stands out starkly against industry norms, which generally see websites taking proactive steps to curtail piracy. “The daily upload of complete videos from numerous studios is an aberration in the industry, suggesting a fundamental breakdown in what should be standard preventive measures,” Abramovich added. 

In light of these issues, there is a united call within the adult entertainment industry for all business partners, advertisers, and affiliates to immediately cease their associations with This decisive action is deemed essential to halt the financial support that enables the platform to continue its harmful practices. Moreover, industry leaders are urgently requesting information that could lead to the identification of the owner of Eporner. Such information is vital to taking legal action and ultimately restoring ethical practices within the industry. In a collective statement, the industry expresses its commitment to protecting its creative outputs and ensuring that all content creators are justly compensated for their work. 

In a final plea, Abramovich underscored the collective responsibility, “Today, we call on every stakeholder within the adult entertainment sphere to stand with us. We must protect the integrity of our industry and the livelihoods of those who enrich it. It is time to end the support for platforms that undermine our progress and violate our collective rights.”

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