Support the TG Filmfest in Hollywood this Saturday!

Hey guys, here’s your chance to attend something pretty awesome this weekend. I think this is a really cool opportunity to support the community, check out some TG films, and just expand your mind and have a good time! For more info, go to their official website here!

The TG Film Fest was founded in 2009 as the Trans/Giving Film Festival by Trans/Giving organizer Kalil Cohen, with help from Trans/Giving co-organizers Ofelia del Corazon, Frankie Palacios, Kale Likover and Amy Daly, along with the donation of a theater by Farina Dary and the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Alcohol and Drug Program Administration.

Since 2003, Trans/Giving has created a space for trans, genderqueer, and intersex artists to connect with audiences in southern California. Festival Director Kalil Cohen founded the TG Film Fest in 2009 with help from the Trans/Giving arts collective.

Below is a full schedule of the films:

TG Film Fest
August 28th 11:30am – 9 pm
The Renberg Theater, 1125 N McCadden Pl, Hollywood

DJ, live performances, art for sale
$5-20 suggested donation, no one turned away

11:30 am The Believers

The Believers by Todd Holland 80 mins
This documentary film chronicles the Transcendence Gospel Choir from their shaky beginnings learning to sing with transitioning voices to their 2004 Outmusic award.

Plus short: Genderbusters by Sam Berliner 6 mins
*This is a family friendly screening.*

1:30 pm Queerly Drawn Lines
These genre-blurring short films weave elements of documentary and narrative film to entertain and enlighten. Bulemic boyfriends, bathroom buddies, and strange sisters all have their place in this unique collection of short films.

Lil Basenji by Gina Kamenski 2 mins  Door Prize by Zsa Zsa Gershick 8 mins
Falling In Love…with Chris and Greg Episode 3: Food! by Chris Vargas and Greg Youmans 26 mins  The Next Gender Nation by Kalil Cohen 5 mins
In These Words She Says to You by Daniel Flores 7 mins
Lover Other by Barbara Hammer 55 mins
*presented in collaboration with community sponsor JQ International Trans Inclusion Committee*

4:30 pm Riot Acts
Riot Acts by Madsen Minax of Actor Slash Model 72 mins
A transfabulous rockumentary about the intersections between stage performance and gender performance.  Featuring Ryka Aoki, Coyote Grace, Katastrophe, and many more musicians.

Plus shorts:  EZ Heeb by Athens Boys Choir 3 mins
A Love in Three Genders by Pigs in the Parlour 3 mins
House Bunny by Gina Kamentsky 2 mins
Transgender Express by Laure Schwarz (Switzerland, subtitled) 11mins

7:30 pm Transforming Vice
These boundary-pushing short films are sweet, seductive, and subversive visions from the queerest part of the LGBT spectrum. No identities are safe here. These films will make your heart twinge, melt, race, and pound.  Enjoy the ride!

The Bath by Lee Mi-rang (Korea, subtitled) 20 mins Damelo Todo by Wu Tsang 13 Transproofed by Calpernia Addams and Andrea James 14 mins Blink by Silas Howard 11 mins   Face For Sale: Bitch Bitch Bitch by Deb Simone 8 mins  Welfare Aids by ChiChi and Chonga 14 mins Fridas Informal Economy by M. Jackalinski  9 mins  Hustle by Shawna Virago 3 mins
* adult content *

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