This is Definitely NOT Ugly Betty Now On Sale!

I’m so glad I finally got my hands on Juicy’s newest title, This is Definitely Not Ugly Betty: A XXX Tranny Parody. As far as I know, this is the first transsexual porn parody DVD and could pave the way for others.

I’m a huge fan of Foxxy. She’s incredibly sexy, a great performer, and a sweetheart to boot. When I popped in the DVD and saw the main menu, with Foxxy in her Ugly Betty attire, I literally said outloud, “WHOA. HOT.”

In this DVD, she stars as Betty, Mr. Christianson’s new assistant. If any of you are familiar with the television show, you have at least a general idea of what Betty looks like. I never thought much of America Ferrera and I think her character is meant to be looked over in the romance department, but Foxxy as Betty adds her own sensuality and beauty to the role. I think I’d enjoy the television show much more if Ugly Betty looked more like TS Foxxy.

The DVD starts off in Mr. Christianson’s (played by Christian) hotel room. His business call is interrupted by someone at his door. He mistakens Betty for room service and asks where his assistant is.

“You think I’m a maid? I am your assistant,” she answers. He seems rather unimpressed by the person his father’s chose for him. He ushers her into the bedroom to talk, sitting her down next to him on the bed. He apologizes to her for offending her, and then tells her to take off her coat and get more comfortable. At one point he even tries to remove her glasses, but good ol’ Betty refuses to take them off, which makes me happy because I love that sexy secretary look.

Betty is wearing a heavy black overcoat, but when she slips it off, Mr. Christianson is blown away by what he sees: Betty has a smokin’ hot body. Wearing black sheer lingerie, I swear you can see Mr. Christianson’s eyes bulge out of his head in disbelief. He really takes his time with her, as if afraid of rushing into things and scaring her off. He pulls down her lingerie and sucks on her nipples. She returns the favor by sucking his hard dick, massaging his balls in her mouth.

He fucks her on the bed, caressing her body gently while thrusting his cock inside of her. He bends her over and fucks her from behind.

The scene ends like how every job interview should…with a cumshot all over Foxxy’s face as she sucks him off!”

“Guess I did the job right,” she smiles.

Mr. Christianson calls his father to praise his choice and suggests Betty might be perfect for a special project.

She decides to call of her tranny friends to discuss this special project, but finds that Brazilian babe Andrea Mel is currently indisposed with a guy. Andrea is just too busy tonguing her guy to be discussing anything other than getting fucked. She pushes his head down and he greedily sucks her cock, taking her inside of him as deep as he can.

She pushes him down on the couch and rips of his clothes, immediately sucking his throbbing cock. She strokes herself off at the same time, never letting an opportunity for pleasure to go to waste. She turns him around and bends him over, eager to fuck him. She thrusts slow at first, but begins to speed up as he moans louder and louder into the couch cushion.

They trade places and he bends her over doggie style to fuck her. He really lays into her, pounding so hard that it echoes in the room. They cum together, sitting side by side, while jerking off. They spill their milk all over their naked bodies, but are too overwhelmed with pleasure to notice.

Like a good friend, Betty recommends her pal Morgan to Mr. Christianson. Morgan is sitting on the couch looking all leggy and hot, wearing pink fishnets and thigh high boots. In walks Mr. Christianson to see if she lives up to her reputation.

She wraps her lips around his cock and sucks him off while playing with her nipples. Mr. Christianson gently tugs on her cock and strokes her hair affectionately, quickly bringing Morgan’s cock to attention.

He fucks her on her back, legs in the air, thrusting smoothly into Morgan’s tight she-pussy. He flips her over and fucks her on the couch, while steadying themselves on the floor. He really plows into her and Morgan just spreads her ass to welcome him in.

The highlight of this scene is definitely when they’re lying on the couch together and Mr. Christianson bangs her from behind. He’s careful not to thrust too hard (and knock her off the couch) and makes sure he holds her to keep her close.

Betty is waiting for her friend to arrive so they can discuss this mysterious special project, except Brazilian tranny Carla blows her off to blow someone else!  Looking seductive in red lingerie, her cock is already hard when we see her. Her guy is all over, groping her at every opportunity he gets, and I can’t say that I blame him. Carla is sexy and I love how her tits bounce as he fucks her.

He stops for a moment to lick up her she-pussy juices, then pounds into her harder than ever!  He pulls out and she fucks him from behind, teasing him by thrusting slowly. When he finally can’t take it anymore, she rolls him over on his back and fucks him with so much force I’m surprised they didn’t break the couch. He cums all over his stomach while she’s still fucking him, so she then pulls out and finishes herself off, giving him a nice, wet kiss.

All this waiting has made Betty horny. She’s done waiting for her friends and has decided to take advantage of the swanky hotel room. She performs a steamy striptease for the camera, showing off that damn perfect ass of hers.

While sitting spread legged in her chair, she drips lube over her cock and she-pussy. She slowly slides in one finger, the massages her cock and balls with her other hand. She pulls out her pocket rocket (which I thought was a pen at first–oops) and inserts it in her she-pussy. She plays with it for a bit and then moves into a more comfortable position to jerk herself off. She cums all over her hand and then shows it to the camera, rubbing it all over those supple breasts of hers.

All right. You’ve got me convinced, Betty. Best. Assistant. Ever. EVER.


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