[Review] Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day is Fan-Fuckingtastic!

I know that I’ve seen Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day way more times than I’d like to admit. It has very high playability.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. You can buy a copy at Shemale Video Direct!

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Saying that Morgan Bailey is having a bad day is an understatement! She’s having a HORRIBLE day! She is awoken by a call from Hazel Tucker (who is eyeing the cute gardener while in the hot tub) who tells Morgan to hurry up and get her ass over.  Well, as morning routines go, Morgan has to take care of some morning wood before getting on with her day. She cums all over her stomach and feels refreshed, but little does she know that there’s a pervert outside her window taking care of his own wood!

She gets dressed and heads over to the repair shop to pick up her car, getting flipped off by a hottie (Amy Daly) while crossing the street.  The three repair men are drooling all over her and offer her the “quick service” to get the job done.  They waste no time stripping her naked and pushing their cocks into her mouth. “This will help me get my car quicker, right?” she asks.

“Oh yeah, sure,” he answers while she’s blowing him.  They lie her down on the hood of the car and fuck her hard, each guy groping at Morgan’s sexy body.  They all jizz all over her face while Morgan jerks herself off, but no luck, they’ll call her later about her car.

Morgan calls Hazel to tell her what just happened, but Hazel is too busy sucking the gardener’s dick! She’s quite talented to have a full on conversation and give good head at the same time.  They hang up and Morgan continues her long walk to Hazel’s house. She encounters a hot blonde, Olivia Love, crying on her stoop. She tells Morgan that her boyfriend hit her and Morgan demands they go back to the house so Morgan can confront him.

“What the fuck? What did you bring her back here for?” the boyfriend says. But before Morgan can even ask, Olivia pulls out a gun tells him to suck Morgan’s dick. NOW. And when a hot blonde like Olivia Love has a gun in her hand,  you better listen to what she says.  The scene progresses into a hot threesome with Olivia, Morgan, and the boyfriend, both of them eager to be pleased. He fucks Morgan’s tight she-hole until he cums and then wouldn’t you know…it was a fake gun and just a play between lovers.  Poor Morgan has been fucked again. Literally!

Morgan digs outta there as quickly as she can in search of a cocktail. She calls Hazel, who’s being fucked by the gardener, and Hazel reminds her to hurry. Morgan slips in to a nearby bar to get a drink and use the bathroom, but while she’s sitting on the toilet, she’s fucked in the face by a mysterious dick! Don’t you hate dark bathrooms?!  Don’t worry, though, Morgan sucks a mean cock, taking the entire length in her wet mouth. She spreads her legs and then sits on the stranger’s cock, her own cock swinging around like a tetherball!  When she leaves the bar,  the hottie from earlier, Amy Daly, asks if Morgan needs a ride.

“Come on over,” she tells Amy. “My friend has a hot gardener waiting.”

“Nah, that’s not really my thing,” Amy shrugs. “And I gotta go to work.”

“Oh okay, well, maybe next time.”  She drops of Morgan at Hazel’s house and Morgan is ready to be fucked!

Hazel smirks when she answers the door. “Sorry, he left already.”

“What?!” I can see Morgan is having flashbacks of her fucktastically bad day.  They decide to end the day with celebratory shots. And more shots. And more shots.  Morgan is bummed that the gardener is gone, but it’s okay, Hazel has got it all under control! She’s ordered pizza.

“But I don’t have any money,” Hazel says.

“It’s okay,” Morgan winks.

Morgan opens the door and lo and behold, it’s Amy Daly, the hot pizza delivery girl. They waste no time to get her inside and in the bedroom and what ensues is just sinfully delightful! If you love some shemale on shemale action, your head is going to explode during this scene. Nothing is hotter than seeing three sexy t-girls seduce each other.

Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day is fantastic and definitely one to add to the collection.

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