Kimber Shines in her Latest DVD, Transsexual Superstars Club Kimber James 1!

Kimber James DVDKimber James DVD

Transsexual Superstars Club Kimber James I is all about Kimber James obviously. This is the Ultimate Kimber DVD (next to Buddy Wood’s Kimber James DVD–which came first). This DVD has six scenes (four hardcore scenes, technically five since there is POV fuck scene, and 1 solo scene).  I was excited to watch it–I’m a big fan of Kimber’s and I will repeat what I’ve said about her in the past, despite her size, she can really take a dick!

The DVD kicks off with a hot POV fuck scene. Kimber is sitting in bed with her guy, her gigantic tits practically falling out of her bra. She strokes her guy’s thighs and admits that she’s really horny. She slips out her bra and begins fondling herself, then unzips his pants to suck his hard cock. You’ll feel as if she’s wrapping her juicy lips around your own with each magnificent slurping sound! She turns around to ride her man’s prized cock, his dick so big that he has a hard time thrusting deep into her tight she-pussy. She’s spreading her ass cheeks wide, determined to take his entire length inside of her, moaning in ecstasy! To gain momentum, he flips her on her back and pounds into her, pulling out for a cumtastic grand finale!

Next up is Kimber and Brynn Tyler. Kimber looks fantastic with dark brown hair, like a slutty little vixen wanting some trouble. Blonde GG babe Brynn Tyler comes over and they have an intense makeout scene–the stuff dreams are made of! What could be hotter than two goregous girls all over each other? Brynn is all about enjoying Kimber’s hot body and she takes her time touching her, caressing her perky nipples and flicking her tongue on them.You won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the television when watching this scene. And here’s the twist: Brynn fucks Kimber with a huge strap-on! Kimber rides her like a champ, pushing that dildo up her she-pussy so deep! You can see the pre-cum just oozing out!

Christian wastes no time feeling up Kimber, clad in a skin tight black bikini. You can already see the outline of her hard-on through her bikini bottom!  He worships her body, spending extra time on those delicious tits of hers. Kimber loves his tongue bathing her nipples and her erect cock is definite proof of that! She then sucks on his thick dick, greedily slurping him up! They 69 each other and Christian can hardly contain his moaning as Kimber inhales his cock in her mouth. To reward her, he thrusts his huge cock in her tiny she-pussy, going deeper and deeper with each push. Kimber’s cock is rock hard and slapping against her stomach as he fucks her, all while they tongue each other. He turns her over to fuck her from behind and he takes her time pounding her. His thrusts go faster, deeper, and finally he cums all over her round tits, dripping down to her thighs.

New guy Lobo is absolutely fascinated with Kimber’s tits. He just can’t get enough of her, saying they’re “big and round and tasty.” He loves playing with her nipples, gently pinching them and pushing her tits together (every guy’s dream)!  She sits down on Lobo’s lap and they stroke cocks together, before she rides him like the horny cowgirl that she is! She bounces on his dick so hard that you think he might split her into two, but you know that our girl Kimber can take a cock! Kimber’s hard cock is swinging around like a clock hand and she’s moaning wildly. What a great raunchy hardcore scene!

For all you fetish lovers, there’s an interesting stocking play solo scene with Kimber. She’s dressed as a slutty secretary (my favorite kind!)  wearing a pair of thigh high hot pink striped stockings. She’s wearing a pair of black lace panties and she pulls her cock out to give it a good tug. She strokes her cock while playing with her nipples, but she soon decides she needs some help. Enter Kimber’s trusty pink dildo. She pushes it up her she-pussy while she jerks herself out, massaging her balls. This is one of the shorter scenes, but if you love seeing a hot girl stroking herself off as the slutty secretary, you’ll be pleased.

Last, but not least, is a hardcore scene with Kimber and her hung friend, Maui. Talk about Maui Wowie, when she takes out his cock, you can tell it takes her breath away. She’s happy to suck on his cock, getting it ready for the pleasure it’s about to give her! He tittyfucks her as she pushes her breasts together to give him lots of friction. He thrusts into her, giving her a sneak peek at what’s to cum. When she finally lets him thrust inside of her, you can tell she has to take deep breaths! She’s never had such a huge cock inside of her before! He lets her ride him, so she can control how deep his cock goes. But soon enough, she’s pushing herself down on it as deep as she can! They change positions and by the time he cums all over her, he looks like he’s about to explode! It’s really the perfect way to end the scene, sweaty and overwhelmed with desire.

Overall, I was pleased with Club Kimber James I. The fact that they’ve numbered it makes me hope there will be more of Kimber and that tight body of hers in the future!


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