Review: Hazel Does Hollywood Definitely Outshines ‘Em All!

Hazel Does Hollywood from Grooby ProductionsHazel Does Hollywood from Grooby Productions

Hazel Does Hollywood is going to raise the bar for transsexual porn. This DVD unfolds like an actual movie, keeping you glued to the screen. You just won’t know if you should be reaching for the popcorn or the kleenex. Starring up and rising tranny pornstar, Hazel Tucker, she shows us that the t-girl next door definitely has a few tricks up her sleeve!

During the first minutes of the DVD, you see Hazel Tucker with suitcase in hand exploring the city. If you watch the people in the background, there are a lot of guys checking her out, and I mean, who can blame them?

While showing off that hot ass of hers while strolling down the street, a cute guy catches her eye. Hazel tells the guy about how she wants to be an adult actress. She doesn’t know if the guy knows she’s a tranny, but she says it doesn’t matter. They go back to his apartment and you know what’s going to happen next!

“You must have to practice a lot for that,” he answers, right before kissing her.

Through his jeans, she squeezes his cock to let him know exactly what she wants. Hazel quickly proves she can make it on the big screen when wrapping her thin lips around his rock hard cock.

I want to live in that same apartment complex as Hazel Tucker because as soon as she leaves, there’s a blonde bombshell bending over checking her mailbox. She turns and immediately my dick rises to attention because it’s TS Jesse.

This scene was so fucking hot for many reasons. Mainly because seasoned and sexually charged TS Jesse is showing innocent girl next door Hazel Tucker how hot t-girl on t-girl action can be! TS Jesse shows Hazel just how delicious tranny cock tastes. She can hardly contain her moans as she pushes her head down on Jesse’s fat, curved cock.There’s so much slurping and moaning in this scene that inside of your ears will feel wet!

TS Jesse knows exactly what she wants when she begins tonguing Hazel’s tight she-hole. She is just lapping it up with her tongue and you’ll want to have yourself a drink! TS Jesse is gentle when she plunges her cock into Hazel’s she-pussy. She thrusts slowly at first as Hazel tugs on her own cock, but before long Jesse is pounding that tight ass!

Here comes Hazel Tucker, sensually licking an oversize lollipop and looking like the naughtiest good girl you’ve ever seen! Christian’s jaw drops when she walks out and he can’t keep her hands off of her. Like any other sane guy, before long, he’s got her bent over on the couch and ramming her like a jack hammer! Christian’s cock is pretty fat and you can tell Hazel is overwhelmed with pleasure. While he’s fucking her, Hazel is in a constant state of looking like she’s about to cum and it’s hot.

Finally, Hazel gets her chance to show off for Grooby extraordinaire Buddy Wood. He watches her shower and pull on her dick.  Hazel thinks of the perfect way to prove her skills and pulls down Buddy’s pants to give his cock head a litttle love bite! When she pulls his dick out completely, she’s pushing her mouth completely down on it. Hazel spreads her cheeks wide to invite Buddy Wood to fuck her. While on her stomach, he pounds her while the camera focuses on her ass jiggling with each thrust.

But Buddy is not the only guy Hazel wants to prove her skills to. In a variety of scenes, Hazel fucks (and is fucked)!  I really enjoyed Hazel fucking the horny little GG in bed. Hazel shows her how good a tranny cock can feel in her wet pussy. Then the tables turn and the girl puts on a strap on and fucks Hazel!

Some of the coolest scenes in this DVD are the short candid clips between the actual hardcore scenes. I feel like you really get to follow Hazel’s story and adventures. There is so much good stuff, it’s hard to know how to even summarize it. Hazel Does Hollywood seriously raises the bar for quality transsexual erotica. For those who like feeling connected to the hot trannies on screen, Hazel Does Hollywood has you rooting for Hazel Tucker to find her way into the adult entertainment industry with lots of cumtastic orgasms!

Hazel Tucker definitvely proves that a shemale pornstar is born.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the trailer here.


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