Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 33 Will Blow Your Mind (and Load)!

Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 33 is the latest installment in the series from Evil Angel. There’s a good mix of Brazilian and American girls, all equally horny to perform for the camera. Adryana Suzuki, Raissa Prado, Aline Santos, Shakirah, Kimber James, Alessandra Ribeiro, and TS Jesse are featured in seven scenes that blow your mind (and probably your wad).

Brazilian tranny Adryana Suzuki runs a tight business at the car garage. Looks like Raissa can’t afford all the repairs done to her car, so she calls a friend to ask for help. While in the middle of her call, Adryana figures out how Raisaa can pay her debt and runs her fingers along her thigh underneath her skirt. Adryana’s assistant can’t keep his eyes off of Raissa and starts grabbing her ass from behind. Adryana takes control of the situation, naturally, and shoves her throbbing she-cock into her assistant’s mouth. Raissa takes the cue and wraps her lips around his cock while playing with her own pussy. You can hear the moaning echoing through out the garage as the threesome gropes and sucks on each other. Adryana is set on invading Raissa first and mounts her from behind to fuck her. Her assistant shoves his dick into both of their mouths and they take turns sucking it while Adryana fucks her. Raissa cries out as if Adryana is splitting her with each trhust.

Aline Santos has a playboy bunny trampstamp and a great ass to match. While on the street, she flaunts her curvy body and lets her guy take a grab at her soft tits. He asks if she has milk and she replies, “of course!” Aline is a horny little tranny who needs TWO men to satisfy her sexually. She leads the guys to the bathhouse where she wastes no  time sucking their dicks. For those with an ass fetish, this is the scene for you. When Aline said she had milk, she wasn’t exaggerating. After one guy squirts some juice into her, she shoots it out of her ass, pulling her cheeks apart so it can squirt out.

Alessandra Ribero comes sauntering in the room and immediately you can feel your cock going stiff. She is bulging out her tight latex panties and you can see her nipples getting hard as she’s being fondled. This Brazilian t-babe has a really great, fat, un-cut cock and that sticks straight up as she gets horny. She pulls at her small tits and bring her guy’s cock into her mouth, sucking furiously as if to drink all of his cum. When she can’t handle it anymore, she lies on her back and spreads her legs wide for him. He thrusts into her bareback while she tugs on her own meat. He squirts some milk into her she-pussy, anxious to see her shoot it out. An explosion of milk comes out of her as she exhales in pleasure and he licks it off her ass.

TS Jesse is dressed up like the hot, gothic nurse you’ve always fantasized about. She pulls down her fishnets so Christian can deep throat her cock. He gags a little, but is satisfied that he can shove his mouth down so hard on it. She asks him if he wants to suck her cock more, but it’s not even a question! He jumps right back on and slurps greedily on her thick meat. They’re soon interrupted, though, by Christian’s girlfriend (Cayden Moore) waiting at the door. Cayden is clearly surprised (but a little fascinated) and after taking Christian on the side, she returns riding him on his back ready to watch him suck nurse TS Jesse’s dick. Cayden is turned on seeing her boyfriend suck Jesse’s rod and she wants to know what it tastes like too. Like a good nurse, Jesse her assistance and fucks Christian while he eats Cayden’s ass. Jesse is pulling into Christian so he can feel how deep she can go while Cayden fingers herself next to her lover. In this threesome, nobody gets left out and everyone is satisfied!

Superstar Kimber James gives her playful smirk when her scene begins. Holding her favorite stuffed animal, Kimber looks shy, but a part of her is aching to be touched. With her swollen breasts exposed, her guy rubs her nipples gently. She pulls out his cock from his white BVDs and he thrusts into her as if fucking her she-pussy. Pulling up her schoolgirl skirt and exposing her “You are my Sunshine” panties, he pulls them down to suck Kimber’s massive cock. “Suck it,” she moans as he slurps her up. Kimber’s cock is so big that he’s able to rub its head around her own hole.

Kimber is the sweet girl next door, but she fucks like a pro. She tugs on her dick while riding his, gyrating her cock around as if fucking an imaginary pussy. He pounds into her, and with each thrust her cock jiggles around: swollen and wanting to be used. She finishes him off and lets him cum in her mouth. It drips out, but as always, she’s smiling.

Shakirah is a slender asian shemale with small, natural perky tits. From New Jersey, this barely legal tranny exudes sexual energy. Christian cannot contain his excitement when he sees her. As soon as she unzips his jeans, you can see his cock head wanting to come out. She has a hard time taking his cock into her tiny mouth. She struggles a little, but wraps her lips around his dick as best as she can. He lubes her up, only to fuck her himself. He lifts her leg up high so he can fuck her deep as she begs him to fuck her. She rides him and you can hear the sound of him plunging his dick into her. They’re both really horny for each other and can’t get enough. He lifts her off of his cock to show the camera her gaping asshole, pulsating from just being fucked and cum together soon after. The perfect ending to this raunchy adventure!

Rogue Adventures 33
is a great title filled with orgasmic moans, shemale milk explosions, and hot hardcore action. There is such sexual chemistry in each scene that you feel as if you’re a fly on a wall, watching two people who love fucking each other.


Joey Silvera's Rogue Adventures 33Joey Silvera's Rogue Adventures 33

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