Robert Hill’s American TGirl Strokers – Treat Yourself on Election Day!

Robert Hill’s recent release, American TGirl Strokers is cum-filled with sexy tgirls jerking off for the camera. Featuring Lola the Doll, Mandi Boom Boom, Jamie Page, and Vicki Richter (who also directed this DVD), American TGirls Strokers is a perfect addition to anyone who loves solo videos. Each girl is briefly interviewed and the viewer gets a chance learn about their experiences transitioning. This is a chance to get some quality time with these stars.

The DVD begins with an outdoor pool scene where TS Jamie is doing a sexy strip tease for the camera. Wearing only a short black dress and heels, she bends over to show off her tight ass. Then she strips naked and jumps into the pool, enticing the viewer to join her.

In the interview section, Jamie shows off her newest piercings. A sexy Marilyn Monroe piercing and a useful tongue ring. She reveals that it’s perfect for deep throating.

It quickly jumps into a fun scene where Jaime spreads her legs wide on the couch and tugs at her erect cock. She pulls off her clothes, uses her mouth to lube up her dildo, and then pushes that purple beast into her she-pussy. You can tell that it’s a tight fit for her and she has to go slow, but before long she’s using her fingers to fuck herself.

BBW shemale Lola the Doll is originally from South Texas and has a sexy southern drawl when she speaks. She’s big breasted and curvy. After an interview about Lola’s background and transition, the cameraman asks Lola to show what she’s got.

She takes off her bikini top and bottom and immediately starts tugging on her cock. Soon she is using one hand to jack off and the other to shove a glass dildo up her she-pussy. Latina Tranny Lola is sultry and beautiful, definitely knowing how to play up to the camera.

You know, I’m wondering if TS Mandy Boom Boom got her name from her cantaloupe tits or from her perfect dick-sucking lips. The interviewer tells Mandy that she has a small penis, but she doesn’t seem offended. Instead, she calls her dick the “Angry Inch.”

She proves that although her she-cock is smaller than some girls, it’s still filled with juicy cum. While lying on the couch, legs spread, she jerks on her meat while gyrating in the air. Satisfied, she uses her cum as lube and start drinking it up. “Don’t wanna waste any,” she explains.

Finally, we’re treated with a scene from the director, blonde t-babe Vicki Richter. She feels herself up in front of the pool and then spreads out on a lounge chair massage her throbbing she-clit. “Dreams are made of this,” she whispers, reaching down to give a quick pull to her she-cock.

She then sticks a bright red butt plug up her tight she-pussy and begins fingering herself. With the buttplug in place, she jerks off and then gets naked and jumps in the pool to cool off.

God bless, America and their HOT TGirls!

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