Mistress Natassia Wants to Wrap You Up, Bitch Boy!

Mistress Natassia is tired of just beating on her slave. She wants to find a new way to show him that she is in complete control. She mummifies him in saran wrap, completely binding up his body. Then she takes red lipstick and writes all over his body . . . Whore, Cock Slut, Bitch Boy, etc.

She fucks his throat while he is still bound and then tears a hole in the saran wrap so she can fuck his ass. When she is finally done satisfying herself she walks off with a command for the little bitch boy to get the room cleaned up.

Mistress Natassia also has a new DVD out titled, Natassia The Black Castrated She-Male & Her Strokin’ Friends!
You might be asking, how well does Nastassia Dream’s cock work now that the balls are gone? Works just fine!

This will definitely be the DVD that will have you and your friends talking! Get it today!

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