Roll Up, Roll Up! It’s the She-mazing Transsexual Midget!

Roll up, Roll up … Grooby Productions website, Shemales-From-Hell presents it’s latest DVD release “The She-Mazing Transsexual Midget” – the true story of a midget in her everyday struggle in the harsh world of porn in Brazil.

Ruby Navarro IS the “The Midget” in this unique and daring film from legendary film maker, Louis Damazo. Ruby insisted on the name of the film being changed from the original title,
“Ruby, A Vertically Challenged, Transgender Person’s View of the Adult Industry in Brazil” to the new title claiming, “I simply am the only She-Mazing small person in the world!”

The movie follows the harrowing tale of Ruby turning up to work as a production assistant on “Fairytale Fuckers” … the naive and nervous Ruby, inadvertently wore a red cape to work which her Grandmother had given for her previous birthday. The crew and the two male performers, mistook Ruby for “Little Red Riding Slut” (to have been played by a female performer) and chased her around the set before capturing her and fucking her … Ruby tried to get away but tripped over her cock which went into one of the un-suspecting male performers asses. Having a sandwich later, she stated, “so that’s a spit roast!!!”

We later see Ruby as she tried to comfort a female performer whose having trouble but when Ruby’s third leg falls out, the porn slut cannot contain herself from grabbing Ruby’s donkey cock and making the most of it…

This feature, has 5 scenes as Ruby blunders through a DVD production and finds herself having sex with two men, another shemale (not she-mazing!), girls and guys – and was awarded with the Grand Prize in Sao Paolo’s Film Fesival “Pequena Máquina Sexo” and was presented with the honor of “Três patas minúsculo Lady” by the Queen’s of Rio.

Ruby Navarro has also appeared on:

Her next appearance will be in “Huge Buttplugs >From Brazil” in which she will star as “The Golden Buttplug” a role she is currently preperationH for.

Order your copy here for only $29.99!

Watch the trailer here!

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