Russian TGirls

Agent Orange!

April 26, 2024|

Our sexy girl from Russia returns. Orange haired Lalola is quite striking - her hair gets her spotted from a mile away, but up close we're more interested in that pretty face, those sexy eyes and the big, red, luscious lips. Her boobs are big and perfectly sized for

Lalola Returns!

April 13, 2024|

I wasn't really happy with Lalola's choice of makeup and hair in her last two scenes - so when Fydor asked if she could return, I was very clear only if ... ... and happily, she took note and looks fantastic in what I feel is her best shoot

Cristal’s Hot Lips!

March 2, 2024|

Cristal is back and her larger than life lips, are ready to pout, to purse, to kiss, to nuzzle and maybe to slide you cock in between and feel their soft warmth around your shaft, the lipstick rubbing off and leaving a red smear of evidence, her wet mouth

Getting Nastya In Stockings!

November 18, 2023|

Contrasting lingerie is my favorite, a dark-skinned girl wearing white or in this case, a lovely Russian pale-skinned girl wearing black. The contrast means the lingerie is doing as intended, to enhance the natural beauty and super features of the person wearing them - and Nastya Romanova isn't just

My Latest Kitchen Gadget!

November 11, 2023|

Everyone needs to get one of these for their kitchen! The adorable, and extremely sexy Diana Gordan is back for her third shoot and never looked better. When you get your own Diana Gordan for your kitchen, you'll find yourself spending much more time in there, while you weigh

The Return of Romanova!

November 4, 2023|

Why has it taken so long for Nastya Romanova to get back in our studios? I can only imagine that she's in high demand with those amazing looks, sultry eyes, awesome body and that super cock. She loves posing and spreading those perfect ass cheeks to show that smooth,

Ramovich Is Back!

October 7, 2023|

I love her. She's the best model on the site in my opinion, and I've said how much I think all the sets she does are so awesome, so many times, I'm tired of repeating myself. Okay once more - I love her! It's the eyes, that's where it

Alice In Toyland!

August 5, 2023|

Alice is back and she's got unfinished business. Her hole is well satisfied from the first set but she's really horny now and her cock and balls need some very definite attention. A vibrator under her crotch, and around her throbbing asshole which looks relaxed and used, gets Alice's cock

Liking Lika!

November 5, 2022|

Lovely Lika returns. She debuted late last year in a couple of sets which went down well, so time to have her back in. She's got a great look - feminine but with an air of assertiveness than pulling her hair back and putting on glasses give her. A sexy

Laska’s Monster!

September 23, 2022|

She's so cute and petite that it's hard to believe that the purple-headed monster between her legs belongs to her. Hard, shiny and wanting to be played with - Laska looks at you and dare's you to join her. Sliding your hand over her stockings and to her ass and

Real Life Lovers!

September 22, 2022|

Kristina returns for a cracking hardcore scene. When she contacted our man in Moscow, and said her boyfriend wanted to film with her, he jumped at the chance to capture this authentic and hot hardcore scene. Long, lean Kristine has the perfect body for sex - she loves to suck

Lilian Fucks Sasha!

May 25, 2022|

Two European hotties, one good-ass time! These two horny Russians just made their way onto, and then inside each other! They both love to submit, but that won't stop either of them from pleasuring the other with intense passion. This scene can also be found on our massive multi-site,

Alice In Stockings!

May 20, 2022|

This tempting tgirl comes to you all the way from Russia with another dashing scene for! Alice Blitz is a confident, young blonde that starts out with a rather unrevealing dress before stripping down into something much more provocative. She's happy to play with her hole and show off

Pretty Katana

April 23, 2022|

Sweet Russian hottie Katana just found herself in her second feature. See that slim body move and contour in ways that'll have you reaching for your pants! Her pretty face is worth a thousand smooches, but we know that's not the only thing you'll be imagining doing to this

No Girl Like Kristina!

April 2, 2022|

What a catch! This girl is going to get your cock standing straight up, and it'll only take a single look at her perfect figure. Her name is Kristina, and she's making quite the big impact on The full 4K video gives us a good look at every sweet

Moscow minx Avgustina Kastner

November 20, 2021|

From Russia with transgirl love!! Meet Avgustina Kastner who returns to Russian TGirls to complete her follow-up climax encore. Looking utterly irresistible and ready to lay down the law in her slutty PVC domme gear and fishnet stockings, this twenty-two years young Moscow babe has turned heads over on

Russian temptress Alexandra Ramovich

June 18, 2021|

Easily one of our favourite Russian models out of our man in Moscow Teodor's little black book, it's St. Petersburg beauty Alexandra Ramovich! Deceptively petite, sultry and oh-so-sexy, Alexandra returns to our 13-site for 1-price hub at Grooby.Club to rip up her 8th Russian TGirls exclusive in style. Stripped down

Laska’s Russian Romp

May 28, 2021|

Arguably one of Teodor's hottest discoveries, Moscow bombshell Laska made waves with her first ever Grooby XXX scene this week, as she paired up with muscle stud Maximus and let fly for a popping hardcore scene. Lovely Laska just couldn't keep her hands and mouth off Maximus' big length

Lilian & Lorem: Russians in Love

January 20, 2021|

A very special update coming out of the award winning TGirls.Porn this week, as we proudly present our first ever Russian pairing! Lilian and Lorem are a couple of Moscow minxes who got face down and ass up from the word action and clearly enjoyed every minute of each other's

Russian cougar Naima

November 21, 2020|

We've just had a red hot new addition drop on the world's only site dedicated to showcasing the finest mature transwomen,   Racy Russian cougar Naima works as a beauty salon stylist in her home town of Yekaterinburg. She made her break in the adult biz over on

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