Black TGirls Hardcore

Jada Dickens Finds Her Prince

April 18, 2024|

What does every Princess need? Why a Prince of course. Jada Dickens needs someone to take care of her, to pamper her, to draw her a bath, and to bring her dinner... but a maid could do that. She needs a Prince. Someone who comes into the boudoir and

Feeling Thicky

April 4, 2024|

Dlondonn is a proper thick girl. Every part of her is firm meat. The curves on her are just about perfect and for a man who likes a girl who isn't fat but has the bounce, then she's pretty much perfect. Country Boi is just that man. D's figure

They Call Me Baad

March 20, 2024|

Another stellar scene from one of the prettiest and most popular girls on the site, the divine Baad Girl Ari. She looks every bit the lady you could take to church - sweet and wholesome with that gorgeous smile. But when she gets back home with Country Boi, the

Chole Creamz Needs Her Cream

February 23, 2024|

Chole Creamz is back and I'm digging her look with her hair like that. She's a well put together girl, with nice makeup and nails, and a great 5ft 7 body, with nice curves and great boobs. But she's here for one thing only - she needs to get

Sassy is Da Boss

January 26, 2024|

Sassy by name, sassy by nature. Da Boss by name, the boss by nature. Sassy is in control and King Konda is happy to go along for the ride. She loves to be pampered and adored and King makes sure she feels that way, as he slowly undresses her

Just For Fun

January 12, 2024|

We never know what we're going to get when we put two girls together. Some girls request to work with each other saying they're really hot for it, and then they don't really spark, other time we put two cuties together for the first time and they just turn

Eat This Ass

November 17, 2023|

"Come on baby, this ass isn't going to eat itself. My plump booty, has been shaking and wobbling to draw you in, and it's baby smooth. How good does it look? Grab a feel and then spread those cheeks wide and you can get deep down to the honeypot

Riding The Fantasy

October 19, 2023|

Lou Fasa loves big butts. He actually loves big girls, with their large curvy soft bellies, their firm but full breasts swinging, their thick solid thighs and all those curves, and mounds to feast his eyes on, and use his hands to rub all over. But mostly, he loves

No Good Ass Left Behind

October 6, 2023|

April loves to fuck. She's got a big hard cock, she's always horny and although she may be happy enough with a warm wet mouth for a while, she's ultimately going to want to plummet some hole. The feeling as the edge of her cock nudges up against a

The Shar’Daysha Experience

August 10, 2023|

Shar'Daysha was super horny and she's been wanting to do a hardcore with Caramel God, so by the time she got to the shoot, all she wanted to do was jump him! Caramel God decided to tease her a little though, and took it slow - starting with some foot

The Awesome Diamond Jai

July 14, 2023|

How pretty and how awesome is Diamond Jai looking - in this, her second ever hardcore for us (the first scene was in 2020). She's one of those models we've been privileged to watch develop over the past seven years and she just looks pretty and sexier in each set

Caramel God is Balls Deep in Baad Girl Ari

June 30, 2023|

Here is a hot scene! Two twenty-something year olds, horny for each other and ready to make some magic happen. Caramel can't keep his hands off Ari's body, rubbing them over her legs and up to her ass with the denim shorts on, feeling her smoothness against the material. He

Loving Some Amiyah!

June 17, 2023|

Amiyah Love is one hot chick! What a body on her - lean and flat stomach, long legs with nice thighs, big boobs with dark perky nipples and a nice ass that she loves to spread to get fucked. Caramel God is really into her - and as soon as

Ass Up For Fun!

May 19, 2023|

Symen Demon (also known as Petite Goddess) is ready to get her big booty fucked. She puts her smooth ass up high, her tatted butterflies stretching across those thick thighs, and offers her sweet hole to her man. He can't get his eyes off that ass, jiggling, rolling and inviting

Nubian Barbie & Caramel God!

November 8, 2022|

It's time for some hardcore! Super sexy Nubian Barbie is back on Black TGirls in a brand new hardcore exclusive and she can't wait to feel Caramel God's big cock deep inside her! Right from the start Barbie is all over his cock! After she gives him a nice blowjob,

10 Years Of Erika Black

October 25, 2022|

A very special milestone in the history of Black TGirls & Black TGirls Hardcore this week; as we celebrate 10 fantastic years of Washington D.C beauty Erika Black..... "It's hard to believe it's been 10 years since Erika debuted on BlackTgirls with then Grooby producer Remy.  Since 2016 she's been

Lewenskii: Full Of Cock

October 12, 2022|

Lewenskii needs filling up. She's running on empty and it's been weeks since she's had enough cock to satisfy her (well, there is rarely enough cock to satisfy her - but at least to keep her ticking over). She doesn't care where that cock starts, in her hands or between

Jordan Gets Fucked!

August 17, 2022|

Needed some good hardcore action? has got you covered! This latest update brings beautiful Jordan Malanii Monroe together with strong male talent, Country Boi! Jordan's little hole is just the right fit for Country Boi, and they spare no time in exploring each other's pleasures. Join now for this

Malibu Barbie Takes it Raw!

August 10, 2022|

Malibu Barbie returns and she's brought along her boytoy for fun. BBC Slim is the guy's name, not because his cock is slim, but he certainly is! Malibu B was clearly hot and horny right away, and goes straight to work on that big cock, getting it between her lips

Sexy Shar’Daysha Gets Fucked

July 6, 2022|

The best hardcore is here! Find all you could possibly want on! This time, we get to see the ever-so-lovely Shar'Daysha taking a sensual fucking from Country Boi! Her moans tell us everything we need to know about her lust to be filled, join now for exclusive access! See

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