We here at Grooby are proud to consider so many of you as our friends and family, and this year we’d like to help spread some holiday cheer.  We recognize that some people will be spending their holidays alone and we want to make sure that anybody who wants, get’s a little love from one of the Grooby Girls.

A number of our performers have asked to get involved with this and it’s open to anyone who would just like to write to our performers and get a personal response.  We can’t guarantee which performer you do get a response from but we will try and make a good match.

Want to participate? See below!

Send us an email at Santa@grooby.com and write a letter to your potential pen pal. Talk about yourself (introduce yourself), tell a story, share something personal or fun or just let them know what you’re up to – no overt sex talk please.   Just remember, just as much as you might need some holiday cheer, they might need some too!  So be kind and write in the spirit it’s intended.   If you want to send a PG photo that’s cool also!

Neither the Grooby Girls or you will have your emails addresses shown, as all letters will come through our Santa Express Mailbox!

We look forward to hearing from you – and if anyone is feeling particularly lonely or despondent over the holidays, hit us up on one of our social networks or even via the above email, and someone will try and answer you.

Absolutely no spam will be sent. We will not use your email for any other purpose than this event. All email addresses and information will be considered private and destroyed after this event.

Deadline to participate is December 22.  Letters will be sent out on December 24th, just in time for the holidays! 

Participating Performers

**we’ll be updating this list frequently

Amy & Koko

Aubrey Kate

Candy Marie

Eva Paradis

Lana Heart

Luxury D. Love

Tatiana Summer


Kayleigh Coxx

Valerie Paige

Cassie Woods

Becca Benz


Ellie Wizmas