Have a Smoke With the Smoking Hot Jazmin!


UK TGirls brings back the luscious Jazmin!!! This UK TGirl is tall, thin, and hard all over! Jazmin is well endowed with a delicious uncut cock that she loves stroking for the camera. In fact this model brags that she loves EVERYTHING about pleasing a man, and we’re sure you’re going to be pleased with this scene! Get a cigarette ready, you’re going to need it after this solo scene with Jazmin!



Check Out Pin-Up TGirl Hazel Tucker!

I love this Betty Page look that Hazel Tucker has been channeling for this week’s update. This new ‘do definitely suits her.  She could break a guy’s heart just from a single glance. Don’t even get me started on that perfectly round ass of hers either.  I just can’t get enough of her and if you’re like me,  you want to be surrounded by all things Hazel. Well, if you haven’t heard yet Hazel Tucker has her own solo site! This means ALL Hazel, ALL the time!

Hazel Tucker’s Official Website has a good mix of solo and hardcore sets on her site. Better yet, Hazel really cares about her members and will even fulfill special requests for shoot ideas if you’re nice!


Smokin’ Hot Hazel Tucker

Shemale Hazel Tucker

Hazel Tucker is acting oh-so silly! I think it might be those leopard print sheets of hers making her act that way. She wants to play a little game of “Show me Yours and I’ll show you Mine” and Hazel said she’ll start off. She looks beautiful in her sleeveless hoodie, casually holding a cigarette and offering us a smile.

All American Shemale Hazel Tucker


Shemale Slut Natsuki in Stockings

Japanese shemale Natsuki returns with legs spread and dick hanging out on Shemale Japan. Asian ladyboy Natsuki is a sex fiend from Chiba who works as an ‘Office Lady.’ Although her office frowns upon inter-office relations, it doesn’t stop Natsuki from fucking hot, young co-workers at every chance she gets.

Shemale Natsuki SmokingShemale Natsuki Showing Off her Hairy She-Cock

Japanese Shemale Sakura Gets Plowed in her Asian She-Pussy!

Popular Japanese shemale Sakura returns to Shemale Japan! This time, however, she has a horny guy plowing into her she-pussy! She seduces him with the cigarette between her lips and makes him kiss her delicate feet. He gets so horny that he rips off her clothes, turns her over, and fucks her silly! This is a steamy hardcore that should not be missed!

Shemale Sakura Shoving her She-Pussy in this lucky guy's face!Shemale Sakura Sitting On Her Partner's Rock hard Cock!

Mistress Brownie Returns!

I hope you haven’t forgotten about our ebony tranny Mistress Brownie! She returns to Transexdomination with her last set of this shoot and it ends with a bang! Or a squirt, depending on how you look at it.

Mistress Brownie is enjoying a cigarette before returning inside to get to work. The cigarette helps her loosen up for the camera. It helps her unwind as she wraps her fingers around her veiny black cock. Before she knows it, she’s moaning loudly in ectasy and cum is dripping from the head of her she-cock.

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Smoke Breaks Are Always Hot with Mistress Jules

Mistress Jules is back to finish her cigarette. Looking as hot as ever holding the cigarette between her slender fingers, Mistress Jules knows how to seduce a man without even saying a word. She exhales deeply, blowing smoke in your face.

Normally you’d be offended, but there’s something about a hot asian shemale Mistress in front of you that makes you putty in her hands. You can resist the sexy smirk on her face and before you know it, you’ve cum all over yourself and so has she.

Mistress Delilah Enjoys a Nice Smoke Break

Mistress Delilah looks so seductive as she smokes her cigarette. She holds it between her slender fingers and brings it to her lips to take a long inhale. You tell her to put out her cigarette and that it’s bad for her health, but instead she blows the smoke in your face. She doesn’t care what you think and you can’t help but be turned on by her defiance.

Unwind and Get Off with Mistress Jaime

Mistress Jaime loves smoking cigarettes at night. She loves feeling her lips around the cigarette, sticky and sweet in her mouth. She loves trying to blow flimsy o-rings into the air and especially loves stepping on the cigarette and twisting her heel on it to put it out. When Mistress Jaime comes back in, she’s in a completely different mindset. The smoking has made her feel sexy in her tight pink dress and her cock is already hard by the time she sits down.

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