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Grooby Releases “TGirl Teasers #6: Redheads” on DVD

Los Angeles, CA  – Grooby announced its latest title, Tgirl Teasers #6: Redheads. The DVD is now available for purchase at GroobyDVD.com.


“For the latest installment of our popular solo series, we decided to feature some of our favorite redheads,” stated Steven Grooby. “Everyone delivers a stellar performance here.”


TGirl Teasers #6: Redheads stars Shiri, Patrice Hepburn, Coco Dahlia, Lady Chrysallis Estrella, Amy Deep, Anastasia Coxx, and Scarlett Valentine in seven solo scenes directed by Buddy Wood, Jack Flash, Omar Wax, and Radius Dark. Purchase your copy at GroobyDVD.com.



Founded in 1996, Grooby is the leading producer of trans erotica. In addition to operating over 30 membership sites, the company produces nearly 50 DVDs a year, and hosts the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) held in Hollywood, CA.

In 2017, the company took over the editorial content for Transformation, the world’s most popular transgender lifestyle magazine. For more information, visit Grooby.com.



Grooby’s “TGirls Porn Volume 7” Now Available for Purchase

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby, the leader in trans erotica, released their latest DVD, TGirls Porn Volume 7, now available at the GroobyStore.com. This edition is the seventh installment of the popular long-running series and features five hardcore UK and US tgirl-on-tgirl scenes.

“TGirls Porn Volume 7 comes from one of our most popular series to date,” stated Steven Grooby. “We’ve handpicked some of our best-selling scenes and I think our customers are going to love this new batch of up and coming  performers coming through the pipeline.”

TGirls Porn Volume 7 stars Natalie Mars, Brooklyn Roberts, Mara Nova, Beth Bell, Maisie Le Fay, Laura Smith, Lady Chrysallis Estrella, Lusinda Divine, Lana Solaire, and Shelbi Trutch. The popular series features authentic trans lesbian hardcore scenes featuring some of the hottest TS performers. Buy your copy today at the GroobyStore.com.

Media inquiries can be directed to kristel@grooby.com.

Founded in 1996, Grooby is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, and is the leading producer of trans erotica. Operating over 30 membership sites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines and operates the GroobyNetwork.com, which gives models a unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. They are also the host of the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) in Hollywood, CA. For more information, visit Grooby.com.


Beth Bell and her 7.5 You-Know-What on Foot Fetish TS

Beth Bell

The stunningly beautiful Beth Bell is showing us her cutie tootsies on our new site, FOOT FETISH TS! She has petite 7.5 feet and we’re in love with her toes too. If you’re a foot fetishest, you’ll love Radius Dark’s great work on our site!


Grooby, Exquisite Announce ‘Radius Dark’s TS Starlets Volume 1’ DVD

Radis Dark's TS Starlets Volume 1

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby and Exquisite announced their latest DVD, Radius Dark’s TS Starlets Volume 1. The title is directed by 2015 TEA Best Photographer Radius Dark and is now available for purchase at the GroobyStore.com.

“These lovely Starlets got what they wanted during these scenes and it showed on their faces,” said director Radius Dark. “From Lexi Barbie getting lift fucked by a strong man, to Evie Eliot getting fucked hard and fast by an Adonis, to Cherry Mavrick throating a cock so big she can’t get to the base! First timers and Utah natives Treasure Barbie and Lusinda Devine massively enjoyed taking it from their tall dream man as well. It was an all-around great time.”

“Grooby had always been the company that has introduced brand new models our websites so I love seeing these girls in their own DVD,” added Steven Grooby. “Radius searches from Vegas to the whole Pacific Mid-West finding some absolutely gorgeous new trans girls. These are truly starlets – watch them shine.”

Radius Dark’s TS Starlets Volume 1 has an incredibly sexy cast of newcomers, including Lusinda Devine, Evie Eliot, Treasure Barbie, Cherry Mavrick, and Lexi Barbie in five delectable hardcore scenes.

For DVD, VOD, Licensing and Broadcast sales/inquiries (Domestic and Foreign), contact Edward Smith at ed@exiledist.com or (818) 576-9464. All other inquiries can be directed to kristel@grooby.com.

at TGirls.com

About Grooby
Founded in 1996, Grooby is currently based in Los Angeles and is the leading producer of transgender erotica. Operating over 30 membership websites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines and operates the GroobyNetwork.com, which gives models an unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. They are also the host of the annual Transgender Erotica Awards. For more information, visit Grooby.com.


Grooby Announces First Ever Trans Foot Fetish Site: FootFetishTS.com


Los Angeles, CA – Leading trans erotica producer, Grooby, announced the launch of their newest membership site this week, FootFetishTS.com. The site features themed content from TEA winner producer Radius Dark.

“A famous man once said, ‘it’s not a foot fetish, it’s a lifestyle. If a woman takes care of her feet, you know she takes care everything else,’” said Radius Dark. “Lots of fans appreciate a lady with beautiful feet, so it’s time to give those fans the beautiful transsexual foot fetish videos that they crave.”

“Feet, feet, more feet, soles, toes, feet and thrice, feet! Frankly I’m tired of getting asked for more feet shots and content for years.The more we show, the more they want!” stated Steven Grooby, “Personally, it’s not my thing but we try to include it on the sites.  Well now I don’t have to worry, I can just point them in the direction of FootfetishTS.com!  Radius Dark is one of our top photographers and he’s produced content with many of the hottest and most sought after transgender models over the years,  I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s going to do with this website and who knows, maybe I’ll be wanting more feet also!”

FootFetishTS.com features scenes that will appeal to dedicated foot fetish lovers, casual admirers, and newbies alike. With intuitive advanced search functionality, users can find content sorted by ethnicity, location, clothing, and even shoe size. The site is also optimized for mobile devices so you can view it nearly anywhere, including when users are on-the-go.

About Grooby
Founded in 1996, Grooby is currently based in Los Angeles and is the leading producer of transgender erotica. Operating over 30 membership websites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines and operates the GroobyNetwork.com, which gives models an unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. They are also the host of the annual Transgender Erotica Awards. For more information, visit Grooby.com.

Reflecting back on the two year anniversary of my shoot with Grooby


Yesterday, September 20th 2016, marked the two year anniversary of my shoot with Grooby for Shemale Yum. It’s hard to believe it’s already been that long, but as I look back over the past two years that shoot was an important event in my life because it led to so many good things happening and helped me in so many ways. I’ve written before about what led me to apply to be a model so I won’t go into that again, but I’ve never really written much about the shoot itself, so what better time than on the two year anniversary!

Radius DarkI was fortunate that I got to work with Radius Dark for the shoot; he was very patient with me and got me to relax and guided me through the shoot. He was the consummate professional and I learned a great deal from him that has helped me to become better at modeling. So thank you Radius, none of what I accomplished the past two years would have been possible without you. When Radius first contacted me he sent a list of instructions and tips which was very helpful. I also spent a lot of time online researching anything I could find about modeling and how to be successful at it; I wanted to learn as much as I could ahead of time so that hopefully I’d feel more relaxed at the shoot. I didn’t realize at that point that the most important thing for a successful shoot is to just relax and have fun, but that would come later as I gained more self-confidence and felt more comfortable in front of the camera.

One of the items on the instructions Radius sent me was to practice ahead of time what I’d say during the videos, so I actually sat down and wrote out a list of things to say! The week before the shoot I went to visit my mom, which is a three hour drive, so for the better part of three hours I practiced talking and trying to sound sexy. But I think I spent more time laughing, thinking about how unreal this all was and the fact I was in my car practicing how to talk dirty! lol

As the shoot got closer I started getting things ready. I’m always very meticulous about planning out everything and making sure I look my best, and I had everything scheduled, such as what day to do my nails and my hair and when to shave. After much deliberation I chose my outfits, shoes, and accessories. Looking back, I was happy with how the blue outfit looked but I wish I had chosen a different outfit instead of the black one. I printed directions to the hotel and familiarized myself with the area. I planned for every little detail and left nothing to chance. Yes, you could say I was a bit anal-retentive!

Becca Benz shoot for GroobyThe big day finally arrived and I packed my outfits, double-checking to make sure I didn’t forget anything, and began getting ready. I rarely wear foundation so I was a bit worried that it would look too heavy, but it turned out fine, and I was pleased with my hair and makeup. So I packed up the car and headed to the hotel. The shoot was in Vancouver, which was just over the river from where I was living, and traffic was light and I managed to not get lost, so I got to the hotel early. The shoot before mine ran long which meant I had to wait for a while in my car, which was not a good thing because it gave me too much time to over-think things. But I managed to stay calm and relaxed; it helped that I brought along a can of Coke with a little rum added, in spite of the fact that the instructions from Radius stated drinking was a big no-no and could result in the shoot being cancelled. But I only had a little to drink, just enough to take the edge off.

Radius texted me when the shoot was finished and said I could come up to the room. When I got to the room the other model was still there, which was totally unexpected and a bit unnerving. I have no idea who she was, I just remember how relaxed she was, which was the complete opposite of how I was feeling! We got all the paperwork filled out and took the ID photos and then he went over how the shoot would go and he gave me some tips and then it was time to get at it! I admit I was a little concerned I might have trouble getting hard if I was too nervous, so I took a Viagra when I got there just to be sure. I’d never taken Viagra before so I had no idea what to expect, but I soon felt this warm sensation and realized I was hard as a rock and ready to go!

Becca Benz shoot for Grooby

Taking a break during the shoot

I was looking forward to the photo part and had fun with that once I relaxed. Radius must have told me a thousand times to lift my head up and point my chin because I tend to look down, which I’d never realized before. He also had to keep tell me to pointing my toes, which was another thing that was new to me. Even two years later I still remember to keep my head up and point my chin and to always keep my toes pointed. I feel very fortunate I had such a good teacher to learn from on my first shoot. Halfway through the shoot I was starving, so we ordered a pizza from Dominos and chatted while we took a break. After a few slices I was ready to get back to work.

The video part were not quite as much fun as the photos because I was so stressed about my voice and worried about not messing up what I wanted to say. We started and stopped several times when Radius had to give me directions or I had a question. I stopped several times right in the middle to ask if I was doing okay which probably drove Radius nuts, and I will always appreciate how patient and reassuring he was with me. The first video I didn’t feel very good about, but I felt better about the second one. I still have never watched my videos and have no plans to do so, because I know I’d be mortified by how I sound and be overly critical about how I did, so it’s just better to not even go there.

So, we made it through the shoot without any major hiccups, and I got cleaned up and then headed home. It was really late and I was beat; I had no idea how physically demanding a shoot could be. But I felt good about the shoot and was proud of myself for doing something that was so outside of my comfort zone and was excited to see where this would go.

Radius Dark and Becca Benz

Then it was just a matter of waiting until my set came out, and working to build up a fan base. I set up accounts on Twitter and Facebook for Becca Benz, and then tried to figure out how to get followers. I was totally clueless about social media and pestered Radius with a bunch of questions, and once again he was patient with me and helped me to get started. I remember when I opened my Twitter account I had no idea who to follow or how it worked, I think I followed a few magazines and stores, but Radius helped me to understand that I needed to follow people in the industry, and that got me moving in the right direction. I was also very fortunate that I got to know a few people early on who helped me out a great deal and without their help I would have been lost. A big thank you to Andy, one of my very first friends on Twitter who was a huge help to me and has been a good friend. And then disaster struck when my Facebook account was suspended for reasons which I was never able to find out. I was so upset and felt that having to start a new Facebook profile would be a big set-back, but I got a new account set up and found many of my friends from the first account and kept moving forward. A special thank you to my friend Christy for helping me through all that and for keeping me from totally losing it.

Becca Benz shoot for GroobySo I worked on building up my fan base all of October and into November and waited for my set to come out. I’m not always the most patient person and there was a certain level of frustration when the release date kept getting pushed back; this was an exciting time for me and I was anxious to start this new career and see where it led me. And then I finally learned when my first set was going to be released; on Black Friday, which I was not very happy about because I felt like everyone would be out shopping which would cause my set to not get as many viewers. Like I said, I can be a bit anal-retentive and at that point I was stressing about every little thing; I didn’t yet have the perspective to look at the big picture and to realize the release date wasn’t all that important. And then after the set was released I kept checking the rating of my set but decided I had to stop doing that because I was driving myself crazy doing that. So I learned to not stress over every little detail and to just focus on the things I needed to do, and I’d say things worked out pretty well. I was selected Model of the Month for December 2014, which was completely unexpected and meant a great deal to me. It still means a lot to me even two years later.

Looking back over the past two years, it’s been quite an adventure and I feel very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people and to experience things which I could never have dreamed of. Doing this shoot opened doors to more opportunities and allowed me to gain confidence and grow as a person, and for that I will forever be grateful to everyone at Grooby and all those who have been part of this journey. And I’m proud of myself for taking a big leap into the unknown and making it work, and for realizing that the only limitations in life are the ones we impose on ourselves. I began a modeling career at the age of 52 and was successful, and hopefully I was able to inspire a few people along the way by showing that age is just a number and that it’s never too late.


Robbi Racks to Host “A Star is Born” Party this Saturday in Las Vegas

Groobygirl Robbi Racks is hosting the next Transsexual Party at the world famous Las Vegas Lounge.  This event is the third event in a series of fund raising parties hosted by Las Vegas  local  TS Pornstars at the only transsexual bar in town, the Las Vegas Lounge.
The LVL recently changed ownership, management and has been remolded.  For the past few years the LVL has suffered and the trans girls that try to support the bar have had little positive influence and their efforts went thankless.  Since the new changes have occurred at the LVL several TS Pornstars, including Michelle Austin, Tyra Scott and Robbi Racks, have been stepping up to show their support for both the new owners and to help the trans girls known to frequent the club showing a sense of support and hope.  Support has been shown through legal assistance, a fully funded name change and gender marker program, health benefits and STD testing.
Saturday evening June 18th, 2016 Robbi Racks is presenting A Porn Star is Born.  During the party the girls of the LVL will compete is a open mic Fake Orgasm Contest of which the winner will recieve an adult video and photo shoot, 600.00 pay for the shoot, and the set will be produced and marketed by Grooby Productions.  The set will be shot by TEA winning photographer Radius Dark.  Announced attendees include GroobyGirls Robbi Racks, Chelsea Marie, Brooke Zanell and Holly Parker along with the co-star of Shemale Cougar Club Shavonna Starr and Sasha Tremayne.
Sponsors of the event include Grooby Productions, Radius Dark, ShemaleStrokers, TSTyrascottxxx.com, and VegasTrannySex Productions.




Radius Dark Appreciation Week!





In 2 months, Radius Dark would have completed his third full year at Grooby and especially at ShemaleYum.com. All our photographers have brought their own unique perspective to the site, both in terms of the models they’ve preferred to work with and the focus of their lens.

Working predominantly San Francisco and Pacific NW areas, he’s been able to work with a lot of ‘alternative’ type models which these areas seem known for – but can easily turn his lens to work with the more established models, completing a recent shoot with the awesome Tyra Scott which went live on Shemale XXX today and mega-star Sarina Valentina, whom you may see appearing here soon.

His first shoot was Kelli Lox, which debuted on the site in January 2012 and from there some of his more notable models have included Gina Hart, Chelsea Marie, Treasure Barbie, Brooke Zanelle, Megan Ortiz, Kitty Doll, Bora Gin, Nina Lawless, Michelle Firestone through to more recent girls such as Lillith Lovett, Sasha Skye, Emy Amethyst, Amy Sun, Chryssi Steele (apologies to the dozens of models I’ve missed).

Those who like foot or leg fetish enjoy his style, but his sets all have something to offer and he’s certainly brought his own style and flair to our site.

So this is a Radius Dark Celebration Week … I hope you’ll join me in thanking him for is great work!

Kicking off proceedings is Virginia lovely Brooke Zanell who smashes her fourteenth SMY exclusive sporting her sexy short blonde cut. Tall and slender with a whopping serving of girlie girth in her underwear, Brooke is an established Grooby Girl who has been keeping us at full attention since 2009.

The devastatingly cute Sasha Skyes is next up and if you haven’t yet heard of this Sacramento sweetheart then yer gonna! A 6ft 1″ delight, incredibly passable with angelic features, Sasha exploded onto our screens in an August début and made some crashing waves in the process. A sure fire ‘one to watch’ for 2016.

South American seductress Meagan Ortiz is a rampant little Radius girl with oodles of sex appeal. Her sixth appearance sees her straddled on a kitchen worktop treating us to some classic upskirt shots before she leads us to the bedroom, strips down and jerks that rock hard totem pole to cumshot completion. What a pro.

We have a fourth set from Taiwanese-American cosplay cutie Lillith Lovett who is looking pretty goddam fuckable in her black babydoll attire. 100% natural with budding boobs and delicious puffy nipples, Lillith is a girl who just loves to let her freak out on film. Some great foot shots for the fetishists amongst us in this scene.

A duo of débutantes next as our quest for the freshest faces first continues – Meet Lady Chrysallis Estrella; a horny redhead with perky tits, a tight little rump and a deceptively large piece of she meat between her legs. Enjoy this Cali newbie as she takes the stage in her intro appearance then check out her Grooby Network solo site here.

Amber Chaos is our second new flavour this week – a unique and alternative chick with a rock/punk edge, pierced nips and a big, bent, pantie popsicle that she knows exactly what to do with. Twitter users wishing to follow this little minx’s antics can do so @TSAmberStarr

Last, but by HELL no means least is a comeback set from a true TS superstar and without doubt one of the biggest names in the biz. Aside from her solo work, Chelsea Marie has been unseen on a Grooby site in over a year, so it’s with great excitement we welcome her fine ass back for this explosive return. Penis pump at the ready, fans favourite Chelsea Marie is back in this sensational scene….

Radius Dark – we salute you sir!


All T-Girls Volume 1 on DVD Available for Purchase!


CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Grooby Productions and Third World Media have started shipping “All T-Girls Volume 1,” which will arrive in stores Nov. 17, 2014. Order your copy at the Grooby Store.

Directed by Radius Dark (2015 Transgender Erotica Awards nominee for Best Photographer, Best Director and Best Scene Producer), “All T-Girls Volume 1” features four transsexuals in the industry exploring each other’s bodies.

The title, which stars Chelsea Marie, Nina Lawless, Miranda Meadows and Michelle Firestone, also includes an unprecedented four-way hookup.

The box cover teases the action: “These girls show off how naughty they can be with each other behind closed doors. Each scene is high energy and sure to excite and delight in a smoldering sex crater of T-girl -on-T-girl goodness.”

“This superstar cast [are] all incredibly hot, fast chicks with hard cocks,” CEO Steven Grooby said. “Your transsexual fantasies come true!”

“The box cover looks amazing, and ‘All T-Girls Volume 1’ features an all-star T-girl cast,” TWM Sales Manager Dave Peskin said. “Previous 2014 Grooby titles such as ‘Shemale Secret Service,’ ‘Black Tranny Jizz Jam #3,’ ‘The Tranny Chaser #2: Confessions of a Poolboy,’ ‘6th Annual Tranny Awards,’ ‘The Winners’ and ‘Shemale Japan #4’ continue to re-order like a salesman’s wet dream.

“’All T-Girls Volume 1’ already looks to be what could be our biggest selling title to date.”

For sales inquiries contact Peskin at davep@thirdworldxxx.com or (877) 313-3937, ext. 104.

at TGirls.com

Double Teaming with Michelle Firestone and Nina Lawless

Looks like double trouble on Shemale XXX thanks to Michelle Firestone, Nina Lawless, and their two horny guys. If you have an insatiable sexual appetite and one tight she-pussy just isn’t enough, this is the scene for you!

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