Janira Gets a Mouthful of Her Own Panties!


Janira gets a tasty mouthful of her own panties on Shemale YUM!!! Janira is a tall, leggy tgirl, that’s hard and ready to show off for the camera! Watch this gorgeous brunette strip down and stroke off her yummy shaft! We’d certainly be happy with a mouthful of Janira or Janira’s panties! We’re sure you will too!



All Alone with Domino Presley!

TS Domino Presley

This set catches me doing something I enjoy doing every day: Stroke my juicy cock while relaxing on the couch! There’s nothing I love more than relaxing and pleasuring myself, just a plus that I get to share it with you! I hope you enjoy this erotic set shot by my dear friend Remy X.

Xox, Domino Presley


TS Domino PresleyTS Domino Presley

Hypnotized by Kylie Maria

Kylie Mariah1360i (2)

Kylie, Kylie, Kylie. Can’t you see? Sometimes your body hypnotizes me? This week we’re mesmerized by sexy transgirl Kylie Maria and her stripes! Her thigh high stockings and “fuck me now” look are a force to be reckoned with in bed. She may look innocent behind those black rimmed glasses, but we all know what a vixen she is between the sheets!


Kylie MariaKylie Maria

Sexy and Hung Pety


Ladyboy.XXX has the best girl to share with you today! The gorgeous Pety has a delicious slim body, those soft puffy natural hormone titties, a sexy firm butt and a rock hard uncut cock! Watch the kink come of this innocent looking girl who’s into not so innocent things. Catch this sexy girl masturbating and cumming all with a smile of delight on her sweet face!

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Robbi Racks’ Sissy Toy

h1360i (3)

Grooby Girl extraordinaire Robbi Racks‘ has found herself quite the little play toy. This horny minx has her boy toy wearing the ridiculous little red panties that make him hard. So she teaches him a lesson about getting hard in panties. She makes sure he understands that wearing his little panties means sucking cock and getting fucked by Robbi’s incredible piece of she-meat!

See Robbi’s sexual fantasies cum true as she uses her toy on her Official Grooby Girls site Robbiracks.XXX.

The Heat is on with Wendy Summers!

wendy summerswendy summers

Summer is one hot season and Wendy Summers is even hotter! Crank up the air conditioning because this smoking TS stunner is ready to turn on the heat and give you a show that’s sure to make more than the mercury rise! As she shows off her shapely ass and delicious tits, she’s sure to make you melt. And, don’t worry; if you get overheated, she’s got quite a hose to cool you off!

The Heat is ON with Wendy Summers!

wendy summerswendy summers

Touch It, Baby

Ladyboy Yaya is incredibly sexy, her body is great, she has very soft boobs that feels totally real, yummy ass and a wonderful cock that is big, thick and uncut! Enjoy her cumshot inside!


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Shemale Pornstar Celeste – A Star is Born

I just had a chance to watch our newest release, Shemale Pornstar Celeste, and honestly I was thinking, “it’s about damn time!” Celeste is one of the most popular t-girls in the industry, so I’m actually a bit surprised there hasn’t been a DVD solely featuring her until now.

The DVD starts off with a titillating solo scene! Wearing matching turqoise and lace bra and panties, Celeste leans over so you can get a good look at her tits. She likes teasing the guy, taking her time undressed while touching herself. She has mastered the art of seduction, never giving away too much at once. Like how she slides her panties down and slaps her own ass, Celeste is all about take advantage of each moment.

She reclines on the couch and spreads her legs, using one hand to hold the base of her cock while the other strokes herself off. All lubed up and horny, she tugs on her cock for the camera. Then, my favorite part of the scene, she slides two fingers in her tight she-pussy and opens herself up!  When she cums all over herself, she pushes the head of her cock into her jizz, and then licks her finger with a smile.

The first hardcore scene of the DVD has Celeste wearing some S&M type bondage. Thigh high stiletto boots, matching bra and panties, and a riding crop in hand, she can whip me into place any time. John Magnum is a guy who likes control, though, and handcuffs and gags Celeste to the bed. He teases her with her own riding crop, running it over her erect nipples as she writhes in pleasure. While he jerks off on top of her, he masasges her cock with the riding crop, rubbing the leather against her skin.

Hanging in the the hot tub, Lobo and Celeste heat things up even further by making out, tonguing each other wildly. They go inside the house–Celeste looks so hot in her bikini, although I’m not sad when he slides her top off. Her tits are plump and her nipples are hard; he wastes no time pulling her on top of him. His cock is throbbing, twitching to invade her tight she-pussy, but Celeste takes her time with him, letting him tongue her hole. He fucks her from behind, her ass bouncing off his dick as he thrusts into her. Celeste loves how he fucks her, moaning loudly each time his balls slam into her.

For those who love sex in public places, fast forward to this scene featuring Celeste and Danny Cannon. While leaving a high class Las Vegas club, Celeste climbs into her limo ready for some fun. Although the driver has strict instructions to take her home, Celeste tells him she wants to be fucked. Nervous about disobeying his orders and getting fired by Celeste, he quickly pulls over into an empty parking lot and whips out his hard cock for her. Reclined in the back of the limo, Celeste sucks him off. What unfolds is a steamy backseat fuckfest, with Danny plowing into Celeste in the backseat. Celeste wants more control the action, so they go outside (completely naked) while he fucks her from behind. She then gives him a fantastic blowjob while stroking him off and then after more fucking, let’s him cum all over her sweet ass.

Celeste is the kind of t-girl who always has more than one boyfriends. Guys are always fighting over her and I’m begining to think that she needs more than one lover to even attempt to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite. She wants her two boyfriends to whip out their dicks and compare cock sizes. First she gives each a good tug, but then realizes the best way to compare would be to slide each in her mouth. This exercise is proving very hard to do objectively, her cock getting hard as she tries to make her decision. She decides to give in to her desires and take both boyfriends at the same time.

While sucking off one, the other tongues her she-pussy and massages her cock. She gets fucked on her back while still sucking off her other boyfriend, completely engulfed in pleasure. They switch positions and she gets fucked doggie style, her bubble ass slapping down on her boyfriend’s dick. Her other boyfriend is getting a bit jealous, so they trade off so he can have a turn. This scene is one of the hottest on the DVD (next to the previous limo scene), a threesome where both her guys just can’t get enough. They both cum all over her, dripping man milk all over her smooth body.

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Hazel Tucker and the Little Red Panties

Bow chicka bow bow.  That’s all I can hear as I watch Hazel Tucker undressing in bed for the camera. In this scene, hot all-american t-girl Hazel Tucker struts her stuff in her bedroom, wearing her favorite nighty and red panties.

Hazel Tucker’s Official Website is the only place you’ll see steamy updates like these! It’s all Hazel, every week!


Cum See Amy Tonight at Club Cobra!

Shemale Amy DalyTrans-lesbian Amy Daly

For Amy Daly’s update this week, it ‘s one of her famous Shemale Yum sets. We thought it would be nice to see how Amy got started and what got the guys drooling all over her. It’s crazy to see how much has change for Amy in just a matter of months. I remember first seeing this set and thinking that this girl had something about her that I loved. Fast forward to the present and Amy just gets more and more beautiful.

She definitely has come quite a long way! I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us all.

Amy Daly Panties

And if you’re in the North Hollywood, California area tonight (JUNE 3rd), come to Club Cobra to celebrate the launch of Amy’s website. This is a great opportunity for you to meet Amy in person, score some free DVDs, and snag some of the free site passes we’ll be giving away tonight. For more information, check out the Grooby blog entry here.

Win Something Special from Celeste’s Latest Set on Shemale Pornstar

TS Celeste and her Sexy Panties

Something a little different this week. One of the most popular and talked about transgender models on the internet, the lovely Celeste who has worked with Grooby for many years, has just produced some stunning sets for Shemale Pornstar! Continuing to show only the top shemale models, Celeste is someone who never disappoints. She’s absolutely beautiful but also very highly sexually charged and just loves to show off.

Now is your chance to own a little bit of Celeste … well actually something that was very close to Celeste!

Win the panties from this shoot and a personally signed photo of Celeste – we’ll also throw in the latest Shemale Pornstar DVD from PK Vegas. All you have to do is rebill before April 18th and send me an email to with the subject line “Celeste’s Panties” with your username.

TS Celeste

Japanese Shemale Kaede – Slut in her Skivvies!

Tranny Newhalf Kaede returns to Shemale Japan today wearing a extra girly summer-y matching panty and bra. Kaede is known for her shy personality, but when she pulls up her stockings and strips down to her skivvies, she feels incredibly empowered.  She begins touching the noticeable bulge in her panties and then whips out her hard dick, letting her cock hang out. Swollen and aching to be touched, she tugs on her meat until she shoots out cum all over the bed.

Only the hottest and horniest Japanese trannies on Shemale Japan!

Tranny Newhalf KaedeTranny Kaede Spreads her She-Pussy

Cierra and Her Inner Mistress Come Out to Play!

Mistress Cierra didn’t feel like wearing leather during the shoot. She wants to wear purple and it is not open for discussion. She shows up wearing a very girly purple blouse and quickly I see that even in purple, Mistress Cierra is still very much a mistress.

When she sit down on the couch, she’s confident and sexy. She shows off the curves of her smooth body, teasing everyone who can see her. Keep a close eye on her–Don’t turn your back on her for even a minute.

You don’t know what you’ll miss.

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