new boobs

Domino’s First Set with her New Boobs! Only at Domino’s Official Website!

Domino Presley was recovering from her recent breast enhancement surgery, but rushed to get this set out exclusively for her site TS Domino Presley. I think they look fantastic, now I’m going to have to divide equal time between drooling over her perfect ass and now her perfect breasts!


Shemale Yum Faces of 2008 #2 : Jezebel aka Ruby

Although first appearing in 2006 in a debut shoot on Shemale Yum, it wasn’t until we got her back for a reshoot with Buddy Wood (it took some time as the previous photographer had soured her against shooting) to realise what a hot and popular model she is. The new boobs didn’t hurt any, that thin long body and legs, strong featured, sassy and a really good sized cock. The subsequent shoots for our fetish and domination site (and this weeks Genie Xmas set!) , by PK Vegas who styled the sets and encouraged Jezebel to be as nasty as she wanted to be, were some of the hottest hardcores of the year.

Jezebel is unique, I can’t think of any other model we feature who looks like her (at a stretch maybe Gianna?) and in 2008 she worked for us not only on Shemale Yum but also on Transexdomination in an awesome scene, where she really dominates her bottom sub guy, Franks Tgirlworld in his unique style and has a yet unseen hardcore, shot in the desert, with Jezebel in army fatigues which is awesome. She also appeared on Bobs Tgirlworld and Shemale Club.

An awesome model but really a phenomenal performer in hardcore scenes and videos. I think we’ll see a lot more of Jezebel in 2009 and I think she has a lot more to offer!