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In what was one of the hottest Femout debuts of the year, gorgeous Chicago redhead Libbey Harper was introduced to the world a few weeks ago. Today, she’s back on Femout, this time to make her hardcore debut! Ever since we saw this cutie, we couldn’t wait to see her getting her sweet ass pounded hard! Here comes Soldier Boi ready to give her what she needs! Watch them fucking until Soldier Boi cums hard inside Libbey’s tight hole!


Meme & Jak

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This cock hungry hottie absolutely loves getting fucked rough and hard. Meme’s sweet ass gets penetrated by Jak, and she enjoys every second of the super hot hardcore banging….. Ladyboy-Ladydoy style!


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Tiny Woods and her Big Dick


Sexy Tiny Woods is a hot slim tgirl with beautiful natural tits, a firm ass and a rock hard cock! Lalo is mesmerized by her throbbing cock and she fucks him as deep as she can! With each thrust, she keeps begging for more.



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Los Angeles, CA – Sensationally sexy new Grooby Girl, Luna Rose shows off her supreme sucking and fucking abilities in this hardcore shot just for Shemale.XXX. Luna is perfect young latina tgirl nympho with perfect perky breasts, a nice round ass, and a tasty cock that gets nice and stiff. Watch her suck Robert Axel’s cock until its nice and shiny and wet and then she has him fill her incredible ass in as many ways as he can.

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Natalia Coxx Dominates John Magnum

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John Magnum stops by ” The girls of TranSexDomination thought it was unfair that John Magnum was always the dominant one in all of his scenes. They tried to talk him into doing a submissive scene but he always refused. The girls approached me and told me to be at the dungeon late Tuesday night with my gear set up for a surprise.

Around 11:30pm a car rolled up and a couple girls helped Natalia Coxxx carry in John Magnum’s sedated body. They told me they called Natalia in from NYC and had her approach John at a local bar where they slipped something into his drink and then she lured him out to her car with the promise of a blowjob. Just as she got him to the car he passed out. The girls carried him in and restrained him and then let Natalia do what she does best . . . dominate, humiliate, and decimate men! Watch as he resists everything she does and gags on her cock before screaming out in pain when she forces her hard cock into his ass. It is a war of wills but in the end her hard cock wins out and he blows a load all over himself as she cums on his face and chest!

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Nomi X and XXX Hardcore Action

Black Tranny Nomi XEbony Tranny Nomi X

Nomi X is all professional she is well mannered, punctual and well groomed. I had the pleasure of shooting her for Shemale Pornstar. Nomi X rose to the occasion and turned up the heat from the very beginning even before the camera started rolling she was all over the male model. Nomi X pulled off a double cum shot (Something she says has never happened before). The initial cumshot was huge and I thought that it was the end of the video, but she kept going and after about 2 minutes she blew another load. This was hot make sure you watch the video.

Amiyaa and her Horny Booty Call

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On Shemale Pornstar this week, we have a hot interracial scene that will make your mouth water!

Ebony trannyAmyiaa (who has also been on Transexdomination and Black TGirls) and her boytoy Vic were a couple in the past and this is a private sneak peek into a post break up “Booty Call” between the two of them.  Amyiaa loves to suck cock and she does an amazing job of swallowing Vics huge member to the base.  Watch as she deep throats him in a variety of positions and gets him rock hard before he assaults her tight ass.

Watch her struggle to take his size at first and hear her comment that she “forgot how big it is”  but after working it in she finds the magic balance between pleasure and pain as she twists and turns through an incredible range of sexual positions before losing control and firing off a giant pop shot as she rides all the way down on his cock in cowgirl position.  She then drops to her knees and swallows his cock again and works a huge load up from his balls and all over her face!

Interracial Domination with Ariel Everitts

If you want to see an ebony tranny fucking her guy, check out Natalia Coxx and Jake on Transexdomination VOD!

Poor Ariel Everitts is bound and restrained in the dungeon on Transexdomination. She has no idea what is in store for her. As her Master enters and teases her with the seductive sting of his leather riding crop she writhes in ecstasy and agony . . .begging with her eyes to taste his big black cock. Once he finally allows her orally pleasure him she completely surrenders herself to him.

Completely devoting all of her abilities to please her master. She works hard to fit his thick black cock into her mouth and once he is satisfied with her oral skills he repositions her bound body on the kneeler bench and enters her tight ass.

She struggles to take his cock and to make sure her performance pleases him. Judging by the massive cum load he blasts her with I think she definitely succeeded in pleasuring her master tonight.

Ariel Everitts Interracial Hardcore Scene TransexdominationAriel Everitts Hardcore Interracial Fucking


Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars is an Understatement! These Black TGirls Are Powerhouse Fuckers!

Wendy's Wild Shemales Ebony All-StarsWendy's Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars

Be jealous–I have in my hands Wendy Williams’ newest release, Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars. The release date is Monday August 31st, but you can actually pre-order a copy on Shemale Video Direct now. We’ve definitely got an all-star cast for this feature: Nomi X, Lady Godiva, Sexxxy Jade, Aniyah Red, Alyssia, and Special. For you black tgirl lovers, this might be one you have to add to your shopping list.

Nomi X kick off the DVD. While they catch up together on the couch, she begins stroking the bulge in his pants. To be honest, I wish more girls played catch up that way! I love the way this scene unfolds–you can immediately tell it’s going to be a raunchy interracial scene. It starts off very slow and sensual at first–Nomi really takes her time when she’s sucking her guy’s cock. He’s anxious to be in his mouth and thrusts into her, but she holds his cock while doing this, letting him know that ultimately she is the one in control!  She works his cock over so well that I’m surprised he didn’t cum immediately. He pounds into her magnificent bubble ass and fucks her from behind on the couch. They then switch positions and she rides him, swinging her black dick around like it was a celebration.

Jade’s pink, white, and purple dildo looks like a lollipop. It doesn’t help that she’s sucking on it while showing off that fantastic ass of hers. Wearing a pink see-through tanktop and booty shorts, she almost reminds you of the slutty girl you wanted to fuck in high school. Like  the girl you fantasized about in high school, Jade is pretty raunchy. She fingers her she-pussy with her legs spread wide and teases the camera. She’s just getting ready for the REAL fun. When she shoves that “lollipop” inside of her, she gives an wet moan that will make you shift uncomfortably in your seat and perhaps reach for a tissue. The rest of her scene is one great orgasmic blur.

Lady Godiva looks delicious all wrapped up in that tight red dress of hers. She’s been waiting for her guy all day and when he arrives, she doesn’t want to waste any time. Her guy is a little shy, but she gets him out of his shell (and pants). When she pulls out his dick and begins sucking down on it, you can see her own cock twitching to attention. He eagerly reciprocates and before you know it, he’s thrusting into her while she straddles her her legs in the air. She seems hungry for more of his dick and when he fucks her, her ass bounces like a delicious treat you just want to take a bite out of. In a surprise change on screen, she then pushes her dick into him and holds his waist to make sure she can ram into him deeper. They take turns fucking each other, then she sucks on his nipple until he cums all over himself.

The next scene finds a guy shoving a dildo into his ass while on the couch. You hear a door slam and he immediately pulls it out of him and tries to hide it. Here enters in Aniyah Red and boy, doe she looks fiery mad. “What are you doing?” she scolds him, “you’re not supposed to start without me.” As punishment, she wants him to kiss her and suck her toes. She’s unsatisfied with what he’s doing and then lifts up her long, sheer black dress to reveal a dark chocolate cock waiting to be touched. She reclines on the couch with strict instructions to suck her dick. He gladly obliges and she plays with those perky hormonal tits of hers. When her dick is rock hard in his mouth, she knows she’s ready for the ultimate punishment (or reward, depending on how you look at it). She fucks him like a wet rag doll, his body moving to her every thrust.

Alyssia’s man is a little on the dorky side, but he certainly knows how to work over those big tits of hers with her tongue. She’s moaning softly while he sucks on them, getting louder and louder when he fingers her other nipple. When he sucks on her dick, you can tell he’s hungry for it. Alyssia’s thick cock is hard to handle, but he pushes his mouth down on it as far as he can. She returns the favor and tugs on his fat cock, but it doesn’t take much to get him going. He’s been drooling over her from the very beginning and when he finally gets to fuck her, you can tell he’s enjoying every minute of it.

It’s not hard to see why this ebony tranny is named Special. On the street, she really stands out. She’s tall and slender, with a banging ass and big tits. Of course a guy sees her on the street and knows he must have her right then! She is amused by his forwardness, so she wants to see what he can do. He proves to know how to work a shemale like Special. As soon as he sucks on those plump titties of hers, her massive cock is already rising in anticipation of what’s to follow. What enfolds is a sensual and yet raunchy hardcore scene with him fucking her big ass until she squirts at the end. I can see why they saved this scene for last–it feels the longest and like it’s packed with the most action. By the time Special cums, you feel satisfied and tired like you’ve just cum with her (which you might’ve done anyway).

Overall, a really well-rounded DVD! A good mix of interracial hardcore, black hardcore and solo action.  Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars shows just what kind of power these chocolate beauties have!


Natalia Coxxx – Pro Flogger

Natalia Coxxx is back and showing off a lot more than her perfect body. She leads Vic through his paces as she has his arms shackled to a spreader bar behind his back and a matching spreader bar between his ankles. As if this is not enough she has a leash on his cock and ball restraint. She walks him around the table and forces him to worship her latex clad ass and then pull the skirt down and bury his tongue in her ass. She realizes this incompetent slave will never properly worship her ass so she brings out the flogger and works his ass over good. But the intensity of the ass whipping was nothing compared to the fucking he got afterwards.

Natalia Coxxx is a POWER FUCKER! This girl loves to pound guys into submission and she has the cock, the energy, and the stamina to do it.

Tranny Mistress Natalia Coxxx

Tranny Mistress Natalia Coxxx getting her chocolate dick sucked

Ebony Tranny Mistress Natalia Coxx Slamming her Cock into Vic

Ebony Tranny Mistress Natalia Coxxx Owns Jake’s Ass!

Mistress Natalia Coxx debuts on TranSexDomination with a powerful performance. She told me before the shoot that her goal was to fuck the sub so hard that he had to say “Cut” to stop the action and take a break . . . I thought she was kidding . . . but she meant it. Not only did she mean it but she was more than capable of following though.

Jake is an experienced sub but his ass was no match for the onslaught of her hard cock pounding him without mercy. She forces him to worship her feet and legs before allowing him to worship her cock. Mistress Natalia gets off on making guys gag with her cock and she repeatedly grabs his head and forces her cock back into his throat causing him to gag.

This just makes her harder and more turned on. Eventually she turns him around and starts in on his ass. This girl can FUCK! Watch this scene if you are a real fan of good old fashioned aggressive fucking!!! The facial that glues his eyes shut at the end is a classic too 🙂

Black Ebony Tranny Natalia CoxxxBlack TGirls Natalia Coxxx Lets Jake Suck her Fat Cock!

Mistress Jade is back and feeling Wicked!

Mistress Jade on Transexdomination is a very demanding Dominatrix and she has no leniency for any mistakes or disrespect! Jake learns the hard way that Jade is not like a lot of the other girls he knows. She does not tolerate any lack of respect or poor performance when he is worshiping her body. The consequences are swift and SEVERE! She leaves his arms and neck locked in the stock.

She believes that bondage helps a slave know his place . . . and Jake’s place is with his face between his mistresses legs.

Ebony Tranny Jade letting Jake Suck her TitsEbony Tranny Jade

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