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Not a Paleontologist, But Sure Digs the Bone | Wendy Summers

Maybe Wendy Summers didn’t understand what you meant when you said you “dug the bone,” but I don’t think you’ll turn down an expedition with this darling dino lover.  Explore her mounds and I’m sure you’ll find something rock hard which you would like to study.  Wendy’s “thunder lizard” is going to roar in just the way you love.  Are you ready to taste this beast?


Rub-a-dub-dub with Jordan jay

Nothing beats a red hot bubble bath after a full day of photoshoots. This time Jordan Jay is inviting us into her personal bath to help lather her up. She slides right in while wearing her favorite pair of nude pantyhouse and she’s getting all wet and soapy just for you!


London’s Finest TS Export Sasha De Sade Launches Site through Grooby Network

Los Angeles, CA – London-born TS performer Sasha De Sade announced her official website launched through the Grooby Network.

“I’m so excited to have an official home for all of my videos and photo sets,” said Sasha De Sade. “I’ll be sharing new and exclusive content with you all, and pushing the limits of TS porn. I’ll be venturing into the sensual and sexy; hardcore and kinky, and I’ll be openly exploring all my fantasies, from TS domination to public exposure and sissy submission.” features a wide variety of fetish, hardcore, femdom, and POV content filmed by her pro-domme girlfriend, Mistress Murmur. “She verbally leads from behind the camera in some videos and gets involved with POV strap-on, spanking,  etc. in others,” Sasha explained. “She also simultaneously dommes both me and other tgirls/guys/crossdressers and sometimes ‘forces’ me to top subs in other scenes.”

Fans of Sasha De Sade will appreciate that all of her previous content (dating back to her amateur days) can now all be found in one place, much of it lovingly remastered for an intense visual experience. She also features a variety of different fetishes on her site, including chastity, whore training, BDSM, restraint, sissification, bimbofication, fucking machines, TS domination, and blackmail. These scenes are mixed with more traditional hardcore and solo scenes that follow her adventures around the world, including Tokyo where she’s currently based. Visit to see her latest releases, now all filmed in 4K.

Media inquiries can be directed to

Founded in 1996, Grooby is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, and is the leading producer of trans erotica. Operating over 30 membership sites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines and operates the, which gives models a unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. They are also the host of the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) in Hollywood, CA. For more information, visit

Wendy Summers has “No Worries”

Too many things on your mind?  TS MILF Wendy Summers is going to wipe them all away and replace them with a filthy desire to choke on her thick dick.  You’ll become a mindless cocksucker just so you can swallow her load like the little jizz muncher you are.  So stop resisting and let Wendy wash your cares away with her load.


Red-headed Vixen Jordan Jay Returns!

Here’s a note that Jordan Jay sent me the other day!

Who wants to join me in bed? With my tight suspender girdle on, black seamed nude stockings and killer heels who can blame me for feeling horny! it’s not long before the heels are off and I am getting comfortable with my bra off and hard cock in my hand…come join me xxx



Lazy Day with Wendy Summers

Feeling stressed?  Sexy MILF Wendy Summers has the perfect cure… a lazy day on the couch with her.  She’s got soft cushions you can lay your head against – and I’m not talking about the one on your shoulders.  She’s even got a sweet treat she can feed right down your throat.  So get ready for a lazy day with Wendy!


Wendy Summers – What’s Yours is Mine

When a girl is hot, don’t they always try to claim everything that’s yours? Well with a MILF as sexy as Wendy I don’t think you’ll complain if she decides to wear your shirt. She has you trapped under her spell and she’s going to use that sweet cock of hers in any way she wants. Face facts… Wendy’s going to make you her filthy cocksucker. Isn’t that what you really want?

Signed with Love – Wendy Summers

TS MILF Wendy Summers is a firm believer that the best gifts are from the heart. So this year she made you a Valentine Card all by herself. She is signing it with your favorite penis… er …. pen. With just a single thought of you, her cock springs to life, a monument erected to her lust for you. And before long she’ll write her name in the best possible way. Forget chocolate… she has something sweet for you!


The stunning Domino returns to Shemale Yum!!

Domino Presley Shemale Yum

The stunning Domino Presley is back for another set on Shemale Yum!! Domino is sporting some colorful hair along with that curvaceous body of hers that we all love and fantasize about! With a magnificent cock she loves to play with and voluptuous tits, she has it all! The camera loves Domino and this set is one of her best, so be sure to check it out!!

Domino Presley Shemale Yum Domino Presley Shemale Yum   Domino Presley Shemale Yum





Check out the gorgeous Domino Presley on Shemale Yum today!!

Tub Time with Kylie Maria

WOWZA! This solo scene with Kylie Maria is melting our computer screens as we speak. Wearing a skin tight dress and a sultry that says “fuck me now”, Kylie slips into her bath just to tempt us. We love the way the bright blue water contrasts against her skin, but we especially love the POV suckoff finale!

View the scene its entirety ONLY at Kylie Maria’s Official Website!

Wendy Summers, Rebeka Refuse & Amy Gray

Wendy Summers ThreesomeWendy, Rebeka Refuse & Amy Gray

It’s been said if you want trouble, find a redhead.  If you’re looking for trouble, Wendy‘s kicked it up a notch by hosting Rebeka Refuse & Amy Gray.  When these three fiery redheads get together, you know something hot will happen.  Wendy‘s teaching Rebeka & Amy some of her tricks of the trade for making hot porn, but it won’t be long before these two show Wendy a few tricks of their own.  Care for a front row seat as these girls suck & fuck?


Wendy Summers ThreesomeWendy Summers Threesome

Transsexual Therapist: Helping Your Self Esteem

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Has your game with the ladies been lacking lately? You might need professional help – and luckily, we’ve got a tantalizing therapist to help work you through your issues. She may not be a doctor, and she doesn’t play one on TV (yet), but Wendy has the prescription to ease your troubled mind. Do you know of any other therapist who takes such a “hands-on” approach to treatment? And trust us, the more hands-on the therapy, the more satisfying the results!

Get some private one-on-one time with Wendy Summers!

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Grooby Network’s Kacy TGirl Announces Launch of Affiliate Program


Los Angeles, CA – Grooby Network’s launched its official affiliate program  this week and is now accepting new affiliates. The program aspires to promote Kacy’s solo site while at the same time providing affiliates opportunities to monetize their niche and mainstream traffic.

“I’m excited to work with my affiliates to build relationships that result in the proverbial ‘win win’ situation,” said Kacy TGirl. “I’m ready to work with my affiliates to tweak any aspect of the program to tailor it to their needs. That includes program terms, marketing materials and even site content.”

“I’m excited that Kacy is taking advantage of what the Grooby Network has to offer by launching her affiliate program,” added Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “It’s a great opportunity for affiliates to promote quality work and make some extra money. Basically, as she explained, ‘win-win.’”

Program affiliates receive 50% of initial sales as well as for all recurring billing for the lifetime of memberships referred by them. Affiliates are also provided access to for exclusive content to convert their traffic.

“Currently, we provide ten free hosted galleries and zip packages of exclusive content to assist our affiliates in marketing the site” said added Kacy. is the official site of tgirl entertain and porn performer Kacy. For more information regarding her affiliate program, visit

IMG_9871-copyKacy TGirl


Wendy Summers’ Ball Play!

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Wendy Summer’s got balls, and she is ready to play! Hit the indoor court with this sporty and sexy TS player and get ready for a randy workout you will “love”! Forget Venus, this tennis-loving goddess can handle balls like no other – and, even though she doesn’t have a badminton racquet handy, she’d quite adept at taking on her own hard (shuttle)cock!  If you are looking to improve your game, this tempting tennis pro is your perfect match!

Game, set, match! Wendy Summers’ got some balls!

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Smell Wendy’s Sweet Smell Here!

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Why just rub one out when you can rub something sexy on TS beauty Wendy Summers? This soft-skinned stunner loves to be pampered and she just wants to keep her body as supple and touchable as she can. An innocent post-shower moisturizing session turns sensual as she uses the slick liquid to explore her curves – and by the climax of her experience, she’s making a special lotion of her own!


Wendy SummersWendy Summers