Grooby Recommends Using CET in Light of TTS New Medical Questionnaire

XBIZ released an article yesterday regarding Talent Testing’s puzzling new medical questionnaire. To note, both Talent Testing (TTS) and Cutting Edge Testing (CET) are considered to be the industry-standard for testing and what we require from our performers.

We highly recommend giving XBIZ’s piece a read [here] before continuing.

To summarize, in addition to a required retinal scan, performers are now required to fill out a Medical History Questionnaire. There are concerns about why the retinal scan is needed. As noted in XBIZ’s piece by multiple performers, we are uncomfortable by the multiple-choice question option that asks which sexual activities the individual participates in.

As XBIZ writes:

This last multiple-choice question, #8, offered the options “Solo,” “Anal,” “Oral,” “Girl-Girl,” “Boy-Girl,” “Crossover,” “Boy-Boy (Top)” and “Boy-Boy (Bottom/Recipient).”

“Not only is question #8 vague,” [Jessica] Drake told XBIZ, “it also certainly stigmatizes and shames other already marginalized groups of sex workers, and time has shown that shame makes people hide their activities even more.”

We are waiting further comment from FSC and Talent Testing, but in the meantime, we are encouraging performers who work with us to only test at Cutting Edge Testing in the meantime.

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Steven Grooby Issues Statement Regarding Production Hold

As many of our models are aware, we had the largest production week planned in the 22-year-old history of our company this past week in Vegas.   Producers were flown in from Asia, and Los Angeles,  I was in from the UK and we had models coming from Chicago, Alabama, Texas, and Oregon as well as local talent.   With 15 VR shoots planned, and a large number of hardcore and solo scenes, we had $40,000 worth of model fees that were earmarked for Grooby and JustVR performers.

Immediately after our first set of the first proper day of filming, we were called about the moratorium and canceled all shoots while we reevaluated what to do, with hotels, flights, makeup, PA’s and other expenses committed to.    I’d like to thank all the performers who were already scheduled and traveling in their understanding of the situation and although their expenses were still covered, as we could only do solo scenes, their expected paychecks were vastly reduced.   I’d also like to thank all the trans performers in Las Vegas for coming through at last minute and working with us on solo scenes,  salvaging some of the budget.

While the events of this week have been costly to us,  they are minor in comparison to what could have happened to our industry, if not for the fast response of the FSC and all the performers they contacted to be retested and we support the FSC in their call for a moratorium.  Although the production ban has been lifted, we don’t feel it’s conducive to the quality of the scenes or the emotional well being of the performers to begin production of our scenes immediately and have canceled the last planned day of shooting.

We fully support and appreciate the work FSC has done this past week to keep our industry safe. We would also like to call for more discussion about on-set and off-set safety, and how to mitigate any further issues of performers bringing health issues into the tested performer pool.   We’d also like to further discussion on trade shoots and educating those performers.

We would like to thank all of the performers working with Grooby for their understanding, and their respect of the current situation and if any of them feel directly, or indirectly affected by the moratorium, or have questions to contact Kristel (kristel@grooby.com) or myself (admin@grooby.com).


Steven Grooby

ADULT INDUSTRY WORKERS: Attend the CA Democratic Summer 2016 Executive Board Meeting June 17-19


JUNE 17TH-­19TH CA Democratic Summer 2016 Executive Board Meeting

We’d like to have a solid group of adult industry professionals (that means YOU!) at each

of the 3 days we are there. We will be addressing several committees regarding the Adult Film

Ballot Initiative, educating legislators, helping the Democratic party understand our struggle, and

smashing their preconceived notions about who we are and what we do!


We need volunteers:

FRIDAY NIGHT 4PM-­10PM (Hospitality suite with drinks and apps from 8-­10pm)

SATURDAY 8:30AM-­10:45PM (LGBT caucus 6pm)



YOU are the experts. YOUR voices have the power to change hearts and minds.

We just have to keep showing up and insisting they listen.

If you would like to join us for any or all of these days, please let us know ASAP

by RSVPing to Siouxsie@freespeechcoalition.com.

#DontHarassCA #UnitedWeStand

ATTN: Performers – Attend the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting on May 31!

Dear All,

In February we defeated a proposed regulation against our industry thanks to YOUR voices. Though the fight is far from over, the testimonies heard in Oakland on February 18th made all the difference for that battle, but the war rages on.
We can’t stop now. 
The State Ballot Initiative “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry” is moving full steam ahead.
We have been hard at work to win this battle for you on many fronts, but once again only your voices will make the true difference.
Why is this important?
The State Ballot Initiative tricks voters into believing that it is about safer sex, but we know THIS IS ABOUT WORKER HARASSMENT.
The state ballot initiative will allow anyone in California to file a lawsuit against you for not using a condom. This means your legal names and home addresses will all become public record. 
We all know, far too well, that there are those who wish us harm.
As you well know, gaining access to the legal names of sex workers, particularly our LGBTQ community members, will have devastating ramifications.
This cannot stand.
We have to work together to ensure this measure does not pass.
What Can You Do?
On May 31st at 10am in Downtown LA –
The LA County Board of Supervisors is holding their general meeting and we will urge them to follow a recommendation by the LA County HIV Commission to take an official OPPOSE position on the proposed initiative.
On June 8th at 3pm in Sacramento –
There will be a hearing on the ballot initiative in Sacramento. We are organizing busses from SF and LA to Sacramento.
 We want as many performers as possible there to show up in solidarity, and if you feel moved to, speak during public comment. Please reply to this e-mail if you are interested in speaking and we will put you on the list. 
Please let us know if and when you are able to join us and we will send you more information.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
2016 is a make or break year and we thank you for all the work you have done, and continue to do. Please know that FSC is always here for you. We care about you and we will always fight for your rights.
We hope to see you soon!
Your FSC,
Siouxsie Q & Eric
# # #
For more information, please contact siouxsie@freespeechcoalition.com. 
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