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VTS Video Productions Releases “5 Trannies, 5 Cocks”

LAS VEGAS — VTS Video Productions has announced the release of its first full-length feature, “5 Trannies, 5 Cocks,” which is now available on VOD and select online streaming outlets.

Produced and directed by Robbi Racks, “5 Trannies, 5 Cocks” features mature transsexuals Shavonna Starr and Sasha Tremayne, plus TS Superstar Chelsea Marie and is one of the final features with the stunning  TS Holly Parker, prior to her gender reassignment surgery, add in Racks cock and there you have the 5.

Racks said, “I wanted this release to be shot while the sex actually happened, so I asked award winning videographer Damien Cain to set up lighting all around the house and as best he could, catch the action as it unfolded. As the tgirls arrived, Damien went to work, doing a great job of capturing both the action and the essence of this gonzo style party.

“I am really happy that everyone really enjoyed each other which made producing this DVD much easier,” Racks added. “I think the mix of both mature and younger trans girls is going to offer the fans something very different than what they are used to.”

The feature is available at the companies website and


Grooby’s ‘Real Fucking Girls 2’ Now Available for Purchase

Grooby, the leader in trans erotica, is proud to announce the release of their highly anticipated feature movie, Real Fucking Girls 2. Directed by Mona Wales, the title features four hardcore scenes based on the real-life experiences of the movie’s trans performers and is now available for download/streaming at

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby’s highly-anticipated feature title, Real Fucking Girls 2, is now available for instant download and streaming at The title is Mona Wales’ follow-up to the award-winning Real Fucking Girls.

“We are so thrilled to share ‘Real Fucking Girls 2’ with the world,” said director Mona Wales. “This release is just as special as the first, with an all-star cast and a world-class crew. After the success of our first project, we wanted to bring the public an even deeper exploration of female sexuality. With all of our projects, the quality of the sex comes first and these scenes are so hot that they will melt your computer screen. We really cover the gamut with everything from Shiri having sex with a cis girl for the first time to experienced BDSM players Honey FoXXX and Mia Li demonstrating how incredibly sexy consent can be.”

Wales added, “What makes this movie unique is the same thing that made the first: our performers sharing their own stories and fucking the way they want to. From Penthouse Pets to military vets, we have it all.”

“One of the many things I love about this series is its diversity in narrative,” said Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “Here Mona gives our performers a platform to share not only their stories but parts of themselves. They show the viewer there is no one way to trans and I think that’s important in bringing more depth and dimension to our genre. Also, like the first installment of the series, Mona brought Lilith Luxe back to shoot a beautiful companion documentary to accompany the movie. Our performers are candid and sincere about this project and it shows. I’m very proud of what Mona and the Real Fucking Girls family have created for the fans.”

Real Fucking Girls 2 is directed by Mona Wales and stars Honey FoXXX, Jelena Vermilion, Chelsea Marie, Shiri, Natalie Chen, Riley Nixon, Mia Li, and Dee Williams. The four hardcore scenes are based on the real-life experiences of the movie’s trans performers. Purchase Real Fucking Girls 2 directly at the

The first installment of Real Fucking Girls swept at all three major adult award shows in 2017, which include XBIZ, AVN, and the TEAs, and marks the first time this has occurred for a trans movie. One of the original film’s stars, Aubrey Kate, also won awards at all three shows that year.


Founded in 1996, Grooby is the leading producer of trans erotica. In addition to operating over 30 membership sites, the company produces nearly 50 DVDs a year, and hosts the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) held in Hollywood, CA.

In 2017, the company took over the editorial content for Transformation, the world’s most popular trans magazine.

For more information, visit

Grooby’s ‘Bob’s TGirls and Their Fucking Machines 2’ Hits Shelves Today

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby and Exquisite are proud to announce their highly anticipated DVD, Bob’s TGirls and Their Fucking Machines 2. Part of the Grooby Spotlight series, this is the sophomore follow-up to TEA winner Bob Maverick’s inaugural title from earlier this year.

“After receiving such positive feedback from the first DVD, we knew we wanted to see who else was willing to go up against Bob’s infamous Fucking Machine,” said Steven Grooby. “We’ve hand selected a great variety of performers to showcase just how this machine handles against the best of the best alongside some notable newbies.”

The series, created by TEA winner Bob Maverick, is groundbreaking in trans porn for its creative use of a Fucking Machine. Bob’s TGirls and Their Fucking Machines 2 stars Honey Foxxx, Chelsea Marie, Michelle Firestone, Lena Kelly, Oliviah Ovahness, and Bailey Love in six hardcore scenes directed by Bob Maverick. It is available for purchase at

Media inquiries can be directed to

Founded in 1996, Grooby is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, and is the leading producer of trans erotica. Operating over 30 membership sites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines and operates the, which gives models a unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. They are also the host of the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) in Hollywood, CA. For more information, visit


The luscious Chelsea Marie sizzles on Shemale Yum’s Cumshot Monday!

Chelsea Marie Shemale Yum

It’s Cumshot Monday on Shemale Yum and do we have a treat for you! The one and only Chelsea Marie returns looking as hot as ever in her sexy outfit and lingerie! We all know Chelsea has magnificent breasts, and gorgeous ass, and a big hard tgirl cock that has to be seen to be believed, and she can shoot as big a load of cum anyone! Watch as Chelsea strips and strokes her throbbing tgirl cock and shoot a giant load, and then take a taste of her own cum! Yowser!! This is one sizzling hot set and that will leave her fans wanting even more!


Chelsea Marie Shemale Yum   Chelsea Marie Shemale Yum

Jump in the Jizz-cuzzi with the Sexy Chelsea Marie

Chelsea Marie

It is cold here in LA, but fret not! TS star Chelsea Marie promises to keep you warm in the hot tub! In her latest scene on Bob’s TGirls, she’s got her jets all fired up for you. Watch as she strips out of her skimpy bikini to see the heat she’s packing down below. This is a solo scene that will surely get you all riled up!


chelsea_marie8064Chelsea Marie

Chatting with Ms. Unique, Chelsea Marie!


Chelsea Marie is one of biggest names in trans porn and definitely a fan favorite! Known for her colorful hair and many tattoos, Chelsea is the 2016 Transgender Erotica Award winner for Ms. Unique and looks to be a strong contender again in 2017! I had the pleasure of getting to hang out with Chelsea while I was living in Los Angeles earlier this year and really enjoyed getting to know her. I’d always seen her around but I have to admit I was a little shy about approaching someone as famous as she is, but Chelsea is a really sweet and down to earth lady and I’m happy to be able to call her a friend. This was a really fun interview for me because there were lots of messages and chatting going on between us, with me pestering her about the questions and asking her to answer just one or two more, and she was always very gracious and accommodating to my many requests! So thank you Chelsea, I owe you a drink next time I see you! I think we did a really great interview and I hope you like it as much as I do!

You were the winner of the 2016 Transgender Erotica Award for Ms. Unique. Can you tell us what it is about you that makes you so unique?

I think what makes me unique is my personality, I am down to earth and very giving to people. My looks also make me unique; I am always changing hairstyles and covering up tattoos or getting more tattoos. At 5’9” I’m tall and slim but I am trying to change that, so I asked my doctor to give me curves so he upped my hormone dose and told me to do squats with weights, so that’s what I am doing.

Chelsea Marie TEA 2015

What color hair can we look forward to seeing next March at the 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards?

I am thinking all black with a bright color or I really want to back to blonde, but I guess you all will have to wait find out at the TEA show in March!

Chelsea MarieYou have quite a few tattoos, do they have special meaning?

I have always been into tattoo art and fashion, so when I turned 17 I got my first tattoo, which is now covered up by my angel wings. To be honest they don’t really have meaning, I just always wanted to have colorful art on my body as my way of expressing myself. Sometimes I will be in the mood to go get tatted and feel brand new, sort of like cleansing my soul. People may love my tattoos or they won’t, but they are mine and I am proud to walk around covered in ink. Most people will stop me and ask about them, and that always puts a smile on my face.

What was your childhood like and when did you realize you were transgender?

I realized I was trans at a young age, around 8 years old, when I used to play with my brothers and sisters and cousins. I always played with them and I would wear their clothes and they would put makeup on me, and I even had my step-dad at the time paint my toes. But I did boy stuff too; we all used to play football and basketball together but I got picked on by my brothers when I didn’t want to play football; they would say I was a sissy or a girl so I guess in a way they all always knew I was transgender.

When you were that young did you understand what being transgender meant and was it something you accepted right away?

When I was a young boy, girl stuff didn’t matter to me because I played with both girl and boy toys. I didn’t understand what it meant to be transgender until I was about 13 years old when I came across a picture on the internet of a transgender porn model. I didn’t know about hormone replacement until I was older when I saw a doctor for hormones and began therapy to make sure this going to be my life.

Once you realized you were transgender was the process of transitioning difficult to reach the point where you could live full-time as Chelsea?

Transitioning is hard for everyone in our own way since we all have unique lives. What was hard for my transition was just starting hormones and throwing all my boy clothes out, and starting out new and learning how to wear makeup and being confident in public and not being clocked and called sir. But as the years went by and the hormones took effect I learned how to look good and become passable. I was happy and felt this is who I am supposed to be in my life and felt good to be looked at as female and getting called female pronouns. Surgery helped out a lot to and I am wanting to have more surgery, but that will come in time.

Is your family supporting and accepting of you?

My family is very accepting of me; they took it kind of hard when I came out to them, but they got over it. My family is really close and they all live in the same town and I stay with them from time to time when I want a break from California life. Like right now I am staying in my room at my brother’s house taking a break, so I guess you can say this is my family time because I don’t want to have regrets in life and family is a big part of my life. I love them all even if we have our issues, but every family does. It’s how you overcome them to be a good person to others, at least that’s how I was raised. Family comes first.

Chelsea Marie Shemale YumDoes your family know you work in the porn industry and if so, how do they feel about it?

Yes, my family knows I work in the adult industry. I don’t tell them about the movies I’ve done; I’m not like ‘hey Mom I just got fucked on set today by a big dick.” Even though my Mom and I are close I tell my family everything and we talk about sex, but not my scenes. My Father tells me he’s proud of me and how good I am doing. I am happy the way my life turned out even if I am not married or have children. One day Mom!

How did you get started in the porn industry? Was it something you ever thought you’d do?

I didn’t think I could get in to the industry but it’s actually pretty easy to do porn these days, but to be a pornstar you have to work at it and always try to improve the quality of your porn. I was actually going to be in gay porn before but it didn’t happen because I couldn’t make it to the shoot. But when I transitioned I was told by one of my friends I knew from Florida who said I should try trans porn and I did my first shoot for Grooby for Shemale Yum. I was so shy because it was my first time being in front of a camera, but I enjoyed it and it took off from there and here I am today still making films for everyone to enjoy! I am looking forward to working with more pornstars and to be in a gangbang by a bunch of men and them destroying me haha I can dream!

What does Grooby and the people who work there mean to you?

Grooby to me has been my second family; everyone behind the scenes, working on editing videos, the photographers who make us models look like Goddess in pictures and videos, everyone has a part. I was a Grooby fan before I became a model, so I love when we all come together for events and the TEA Show. I don’t always get to chat with everyone at Grooby, but I love you and all the hard work you do!

So what’s it like being a famous pornstar? Is it as exciting and glamorous as people would think?

I never really think I am famous because if I was I would get stopped all the time by people saying “are you Chelsea Marie?” I won’t lie, it has happened, but not that often. I would love to have famous people with money sign me up. For me, people are fun; I always have a good time and have enjoyed getting to know other pornstars and photographers over the years. But porn is work and you have to know your angles and where the lighting are and the camera; that’s why if you ever watch porn we are always flipping our hair out of our face or giving head a certain way. In real life we aren’t worried where the camera is or if the lighting is okay; you just fuck or make love.

What’s the difference for you between fucking and making love?

Fucking is just sex with no strings attached; getting my orgasm and saying bye or just being friends with benefits. Making love is when you love being with that person, you’re not just out for sex. It means more because when I make love I end up falling in love and I want that person to be close with me and share secrets and to have a future with each other. That’s making love.

What’s your favorite part of being a pornstar and your least favorite part?

My favorite part of being a pornstar is getting booked with other pornstars that I like watching because I know I’m going to have a good day and make an amazing film. I also love having fans give me feedback on how they like the work I do or what they would like to see me doing in my next film. What I don’t like about being a pornstar is that some people judge me for it when I work just as hard as anyone else, if not harder.

Chelsea Marie TEA 2015    Chelsea Marie Grooby 20

Do you enjoy being on social media and interacting with your fans?

I love being able to reach out to my fans, because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. I have even become really good friends with some of them over the years. I have fans say to me that I am their favorite pornstar and that makes me feel like this was supposed to happen in my life. So I wanna say thank you to everyone out there for showing me love and voting for me over the years and to those who joined my website and bought my movies. To be honest, I love you all!

When I got into porn it was a way for me to model and work on my beauty and to help people be okay with their sexual desires and know that it’s okay to be sexually attracted to transsexual women. As for me I am gender open; I have always seen the beauty in people no matter what gender they are.

Does being a pornstar make it more difficult to date?

I want to say yes and no because I have had both good relationships and bad relationships; some lasting a few years and others just a few months. It’s all about honesty; if you are honest with your partner and love them and trust them shouldn’t be a problem. You’re not making love to your costar, it’s just work and then you go home to your loved one. If you have an understanding with your partner then I don’t see it as a problem, at least for me anyway. But, I am single and probably going to stay that way. I am going to focus on myself for 2017; I want a few more surgeries so when I am older I won’t have to worry about my looks. I want 1990’s Pamela Anderson’s boobs and a big ass like Nikki Minaj.

Personally, I love your boobs and butt just the way they are, but that’s just me 🙂

Skin City Chelsea Marie

What was it like working with Al Tom on his Skin City shoot?

Al Tom and I have been friends over the years but finding time around our busy lives was hard, but we made it happen. When I saw Brooke Zanell and Holly Parker in their Skin City shoot I knew I had to be in it so I got in touch with Al Tom and begged him to put me in it! haha No, I didn’t really beg, but Al is so much fun and so down to earth to work with. I love seeing his work on the internet

Where would you like to see yourself in ten years?

I would love to see myself still being part of the adult industry; we are a family and I am sticking around for a long time. I am healthy and on top of my career, and the fans seem to love me and enjoy watching me in films, so let’s keep on making porn magic!

Chelsea Marie and Honey Foxxx   Chelsea Marie TEA 2016

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

Wow what a question! Probably that I am really awesome at playing pool and playing video games. Or that I have a sick sense of humor; some people take it the wrong way because I love playing jokes on people, but it’s all in good fun. I get messed with a lot too by friends and family members; my father and I always text funny things to each other.

What is a typical day in your life like?

I would say getting a lot of sleep and then waking up to check emails and texts. I’ll get out of bed and shower and get ready with coffee and do my makeup and then have lunch with a friend or by myself. I’ll do some shopping and then come home and play video games, do some webcaming, and then plan out my next trip. My days aren’t really that exciting and I know my life is slow and boring. Just kidding! I love my life and can’t wait to see what is to come!

What do you feel is the biggest issue facing the transgender community right now?

I think since Trump is going to be our new president I don’t see a change for the better. I think he’s going to make it hard, not just for the LGBT community, but for the hard working people out here. He’s probably going to take a lot of our rights away that President Obama gave us. All this hate in our community and always seeing another trans sister getting murdered needs to stop. I think as trans women we should help each other because we don’t have many options like getting a job or having somewhere to live. When I was just starting to transition I never thought I could get a real job, but now transgender women have achieved their own success and careers, so I think some of these girls including me should always help support our brothers and sisters. Life isn’t always easy, but if you have people who support you then we can stay positive and go for our dreams.

Thank you again for doing the interview Chelsea, it was a pleasure!

Visit Chelsea’s website here

You can follow Chelsea on Twitter at @XXXChelseaMarie


Robbi Racks to Host “A Star is Born” Party this Saturday in Las Vegas

Groobygirl Robbi Racks is hosting the next Transsexual Party at the world famous Las Vegas Lounge.  This event is the third event in a series of fund raising parties hosted by Las Vegas  local  TS Pornstars at the only transsexual bar in town, the Las Vegas Lounge.
The LVL recently changed ownership, management and has been remolded.  For the past few years the LVL has suffered and the trans girls that try to support the bar have had little positive influence and their efforts went thankless.  Since the new changes have occurred at the LVL several TS Pornstars, including Michelle Austin, Tyra Scott and Robbi Racks, have been stepping up to show their support for both the new owners and to help the trans girls known to frequent the club showing a sense of support and hope.  Support has been shown through legal assistance, a fully funded name change and gender marker program, health benefits and STD testing.
Saturday evening June 18th, 2016 Robbi Racks is presenting A Porn Star is Born.  During the party the girls of the LVL will compete is a open mic Fake Orgasm Contest of which the winner will recieve an adult video and photo shoot, 600.00 pay for the shoot, and the set will be produced and marketed by Grooby Productions.  The set will be shot by TEA winning photographer Radius Dark.  Announced attendees include GroobyGirls Robbi Racks, Chelsea Marie, Brooke Zanell and Holly Parker along with the co-star of Shemale Cougar Club Shavonna Starr and Sasha Tremayne.
Sponsors of the event include Grooby Productions, Radius Dark, ShemaleStrokers,, and VegasTrannySex Productions.




Grooby’s “TGirls Porn: Volume 1” DVD Now Available For Purchase


Burbank, CA – Grooby and Exquisite announced the release of their newest DVD, TGirls Porn: Volume 1. The title boasts an all superstar trans girl cast: Chelsea Marie, Sasha Skyes, Cherry Mavrick, Athena Addams, Treasure Barbie, Emy Amethyst, TS Taryn XO, Kaylee Kuddlez, Lexi Cooper, and Sabina Sinn.

“This scene was my favorite because it never felt like work,” said 2016 TEA Stroker of the Year winner Sasha Skyes. “All of the affection was so real and it translated well on camera, I also took anal virginity in my scene so it was extra special.”

2016 TEA Miss Unique winner Chelsea Marie added, “It was a lovely beach day with Treasure Barbie. After we got to really know each other and had some fun ‘girl time.’”

According to CEO Steven Grooby, “10 girls in 5 blazing hot TS-on-TS hardcore scenes that’ll surely make consumers of this release lose all control!”

“TGirls Porn: Volume 1 is the inaugural title in Grooby’s new series featuring hardcore scenes exclusively with trans girls. ‘All TGirls Volume 1’ was our best selling title of 2014 and continues to be one of our best re-order titles. No doubt based on that previous titles success, our Distributors knew ‘TGirls Porn: Volume 1’ is destined to become another boner-fide winner! The numbers out the door already reflect this title will be at the top or very near the top of all upcoming ‘Specialty” best seller charts.” added Exquisite-Grooby sales manager David Peskin.

TGirls Porn: Volume 1 is the inaugural title in Grooby’s new series and features five hardcore scenes exclusively with trans girls. It can be purchased at

For DVD, VOD, Licensing and Broadcast sales/inquiries (Domestic and Foreign), contact or (866) 629-4271 ext. 113. All other inquiries can be directed to

About Grooby
Founded in 1996, Grooby is currently based in Los Angeles and is the leading producer of transgender erotica. Operating over 30 membership websites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines and operates the, which gives models an unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. They are also the host of the annual Transgender Erotica Awards. For more information, visit

About Exquisite
David Peskin took over as the National Sales Manager at Exquisite in September and worked previously with Grooby during his time at Third World Media. He is currently responsible for all sales exclusively distributed by Exquisite, which include Rodney Moore, DD Busty, Mancini Productions, MeanBitch Productions, and X-Rated Films to name a few. Also under the Exquisite Multimedia umbrella are Juicy Distributors, Exile Distribution, and Elegant Angel. Visit their website at

Radius Dark Appreciation Week!





In 2 months, Radius Dark would have completed his third full year at Grooby and especially at All our photographers have brought their own unique perspective to the site, both in terms of the models they’ve preferred to work with and the focus of their lens.

Working predominantly San Francisco and Pacific NW areas, he’s been able to work with a lot of ‘alternative’ type models which these areas seem known for – but can easily turn his lens to work with the more established models, completing a recent shoot with the awesome Tyra Scott which went live on Shemale XXX today and mega-star Sarina Valentina, whom you may see appearing here soon.

His first shoot was Kelli Lox, which debuted on the site in January 2012 and from there some of his more notable models have included Gina Hart, Chelsea Marie, Treasure Barbie, Brooke Zanelle, Megan Ortiz, Kitty Doll, Bora Gin, Nina Lawless, Michelle Firestone through to more recent girls such as Lillith Lovett, Sasha Skye, Emy Amethyst, Amy Sun, Chryssi Steele (apologies to the dozens of models I’ve missed).

Those who like foot or leg fetish enjoy his style, but his sets all have something to offer and he’s certainly brought his own style and flair to our site.

So this is a Radius Dark Celebration Week … I hope you’ll join me in thanking him for is great work!

Kicking off proceedings is Virginia lovely Brooke Zanell who smashes her fourteenth SMY exclusive sporting her sexy short blonde cut. Tall and slender with a whopping serving of girlie girth in her underwear, Brooke is an established Grooby Girl who has been keeping us at full attention since 2009.

The devastatingly cute Sasha Skyes is next up and if you haven’t yet heard of this Sacramento sweetheart then yer gonna! A 6ft 1″ delight, incredibly passable with angelic features, Sasha exploded onto our screens in an August début and made some crashing waves in the process. A sure fire ‘one to watch’ for 2016.

South American seductress Meagan Ortiz is a rampant little Radius girl with oodles of sex appeal. Her sixth appearance sees her straddled on a kitchen worktop treating us to some classic upskirt shots before she leads us to the bedroom, strips down and jerks that rock hard totem pole to cumshot completion. What a pro.

We have a fourth set from Taiwanese-American cosplay cutie Lillith Lovett who is looking pretty goddam fuckable in her black babydoll attire. 100% natural with budding boobs and delicious puffy nipples, Lillith is a girl who just loves to let her freak out on film. Some great foot shots for the fetishists amongst us in this scene.

A duo of débutantes next as our quest for the freshest faces first continues – Meet Lady Chrysallis Estrella; a horny redhead with perky tits, a tight little rump and a deceptively large piece of she meat between her legs. Enjoy this Cali newbie as she takes the stage in her intro appearance then check out her Grooby Network solo site here.

Amber Chaos is our second new flavour this week – a unique and alternative chick with a rock/punk edge, pierced nips and a big, bent, pantie popsicle that she knows exactly what to do with. Twitter users wishing to follow this little minx’s antics can do so @TSAmberStarr

Last, but by HELL no means least is a comeback set from a true TS superstar and without doubt one of the biggest names in the biz. Aside from her solo work, Chelsea Marie has been unseen on a Grooby site in over a year, so it’s with great excitement we welcome her fine ass back for this explosive return. Penis pump at the ready, fans favourite Chelsea Marie is back in this sensational scene….

Radius Dark – we salute you sir!


Bikini Babe Chelsea Marie

chelsea mariechelsea marie

Tattooed beauty Chelsea Marie is ready for summer!  Wearing her favorite turquoise bikini, she shows off that perky little ass of hers.  She’s ready for bath time, so she takes off her clothes and slides into her warm bath. She loves how the water feels against her naked body. Maybe you can be the one to lather her up?

chelsea mariechelsea marie


TS Performer Chelsea Marie Launches Official Website through Grooby Network

ts chelsea marieTS Chelsea Marie

Burbank, CA – Transsexual starlet Chelsea Marie recently launched her official website,, this week through the Grooby Network.

“Chelsea is working closely with our photographer Radius Dark on her site and I think it speaks to the high quality of her scenes,” said Grooby Productions owner Steven Grooby. “Expect big things from Chelsea Marie. She’s one to watch.”

Chelsea Marie made her media debut on Shemale Yum in July of 2011 and quickly established herself as a hot up and comer in the industry. Since then, she’s appeared on numerous Grooby sites such as Shemale Pornstar and Shemale XXX.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own site so I could give my fans a chance to see me as I am in everyday life,” said Chelsea Marie. “I want to fulfill the fantasies they’ve never seen before. I love being the bad girl and I am extremely excited to launch my official site.”

Members can expect weekly updates and HD quality content.  In addition to steamy hardcore and solo scenes, Chelsea Marie’s site emphasizes that fans will have the unique experience of being included in her unique everyday life.  Visit her site at

The Grooby Network gives models a unique opportunity to create their own websites and control their content while using the branding and resources of Grooby Productions. In addition to Chelsea Marie, performers like Khloe Hart, Jamie French, Jordan Jay, Wendy Summers, and Michelle Austin have all launched websites through the Grooby Network.

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