Photographers Wanted

We’re looking for photographers in ANY area APART from the following: New York, Boston, Portland/Seattle, Toronto/Montreal, DC/Philly, Baltimore, Atlanta, Florida, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Los Angeles/San Diego, Brazil, Argentina. If you are in any other area and interested in being a photographer, please read on…


You need to be working with a good quality digital camera at least 5mp and able to shoot at high resolutions, have a portable set of lights and a DV camera (takes mini-DV tapes).

What’s in it for you?

Apart from the opportunity to meet and work with all these great girls? We offer competitive rates of pay and on-going work. If you shoot enough girls in one location for us, we’ll close off that area so only you can work that patch. Most of our photographers have been working with us for years, you treat us right and it comes back to you!

The Job

To be able to meet and make connections with TS models on your own, whether through the internet, newspapers, the street or your own contacts. To take good quality, well lit photos and video clips for the internet. To present yourself and the company in a good image. We expect photographers to work exclusively for us within the US but may make exception elsewhere. Photographers are responsible for getting ID’s and legal paperwork from the models and sending it to us. The ability to either FTP the images or cut to CD and mail in to our office with the tapes and paperwork.

If you think this is still something you’re interested in, please send your full details, location and if possible, sample photos to with the subject line “Photographer.”