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The war against porn…yet again


So once again we have a President and a Republican led Congress who feel the need to declare war against the porn industry. Excuse me, but hasn’t this been tried numerous times, most recently under the Reagan Administration, and haven’t they all failed? Yes indeed. Apparently no lessens have been learned from these past failed attempts. In July of last year Trump signed a pledge promising that as president he would, among other things, consider appointing a Presidential Commission to examine the harmful public health impact of Internet pornography on youth, families and the American culture. Could it be that this new tough stance against porn is to help win points with conservatives who have questioned his ownership of a strip club and being married to a woman who once posed nude for GQ?

Numerous states, including Tennessee, Virginia, and Utah have filed legislation declaring porn a public health hazard. But South Carolina wins the prize for most originality. Legislators there want to require all computers to come with preinstalled porn filtering software, and then charge people a $20 “digital access fee” payable to the South Carolina Attorney General’s office in order to get the filter removed. Wow, that seems a tad bit illegal to say the least. I’d say there would be far more interest in filtering software that would block Trump’s idiotic Tweets that we seem to be bombard with daily.

The war against pornSo now we have hordes of bible-thumping Republicans who are claiming that pornography is a public health hazard. Really? And even more ludicrous, they’re claiming that porn is a threat to the future of society. The Future of Society. Okay, I’ll play along. Please show me some quantitative data to support these claims. Anyone? I wasn’t aware that pornography caused poverty, hunger, mass shootings, unemployment, global warming, terrorism, homelessness, global instability, increased crime, increased the national debt, or any number of other actual problems that plague this country. I’m pretty sure if these same politicians take a look at themselves in the mirror they’ll be staring at the actual cause of these problems. And doesn’t it seem a bit odd that so much time and effort is being spent introducing legislation to wage war against porn and discriminate against trans people when there are much more urgent problems to deal with such as our nation falling apart at the seams because we have become so divided over our President-elect and so many people are losing faith in our government. But sure, let’s waste time worrying about where trans people pee and about porn. I think the Republicans need to take a hard look at their priorities. But then again, this quite clearly shows what the Republicans see as their top priorities: taking away the rights of certain groups of people, and censoring things they don’t agree with. Is it just me, or does this sound awfully familiar, kind of like Nazi Germany? That’s comforting.

The Adult Entertainment Industry is not a public health hazard nor is it corrupting society. Porn is like anything else; a bit of common sense and self-restraint is needed when partaking of it. Same as with alcohol, junk food, gambling, and recreational drugs, which, by the way, are all legal. And if we want to take a look at public health hazards, let’s consider two of the more obvious health problems facing this country: smoking and obesity. Please note that I am not shaming anyone or making judgements about either of these, I’m just using them as examples. Smoking is a known carcinogen and will cause damage to your health. There is enough data supporting this that it cannot be argued or refuted. And last time I checked, smoking was legal. So, dear Republicans, please explain why you aren’t going after the tobacco industry. Could it be that the Tobacco Lobby lines your pockets with obscene amounts of money? Now let’s talk about obesity, which is a national epidemic. Recent reports have estimate that 38% of adults and 17% of teenagers in this country are obese. American’s obesity epidemic is now three decades old and obesity rates continue to climb year after year with no end in sight. The estimated annual health care costs of obesity-related illness are a staggering $190.2 billion or nearly 21% of annual medical spending in the United States. The annual nationwide cost from loss of productivity due to obesity-related absenteeism is nearly $3.38 billion. So obesity is a known health risk and a large burden on the economy and the health care system, yet I have not heard that the Republicans are waging war against obesity. It seems clear that Republicans view pornography as more of a risk than smoking and obesity, in spite of a wealth of data that proves otherwise. Huh. And this makes sense how?

The fact remains that pornography showing consenting adults has been deemed legal in the eyes of the United States judicial system. You can argue the morality of porn if you choose, but defining morality in the legal sense can be a sticky wicket, and the bottom line is that people in this country have the right to choose whether or not porn is immoral and whether or not to watch it. If you don’t like porn then don’t watch it; it’s actually pretty simple isn’t it? This is America where there’s a nifty document called The Constitution that guarantees us certain rights, including the First Amendment which among other things guarantees the freedom of speech. So no one has the right to dictate whether we as Americans can view porn. Of course the Republicans seem hell-bent on rewriting the Constitution so it fits their own warped beliefs, and if that doesn’t work they seem okay with just ignoring it. Welcome to the new America. And if porn gets censored, then who’s next, because it won’t end there. The new slogan of Trump’s America: If we don’t like you we’ll just censor you and legislate you out of existence. Again, it’s hard not to notice the chilling similarities to Nazi Germany.

The war against porn

The Adult Entertainment Industry, and please take note of the word entertainment, provides a product for the entertainment of customers. And judging by the popularity of porn in its various forms and the revenue it generates, I’d say lots of people enjoy their porn and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Porn is a business which is here to stay, and there would be a lot of unhappy people, including a large number of the self-righteous conservatives who hide behind their bibles, who would not be happy if porn were to go away. Let me correct that; even if the Republicans do succeed in regulating it somehow, porn will never go away because there is too large a demand for it. This country runs on supply and demand and the all mighty dollar, and don’t kid yourselves, porn is a big business that generates a lot of revenue. And money talks. Look no further than all the lobbyists on Capitol Hill to see what money can buy.

Trans people who work in the porn industry may as well get a big target tattooed on their foreheads, because we seem to be the number one target of the Republicans. It seems odd that we’re such a threat to them, because we in the trans community are far more likely to be the ones attacked or murdered or discriminated against. These days we have to be concerned for our safety and fear of getting pummeled with bibles from the religious zealots who feel the need to “save us.” Speaking for myself, I’m just fine thank you and don’t need to be saved, especially by people who are so hypocritical and judgmental. I don’t know about your God, but my God is loving and sees people for who they are and how they live their lives. And quite frankly, if people like you are going to heaven, then I have no desire to be there with the likes of you. I prefer to be with people who are accepting and kind and don’t judge or preach, which disqualifies all the conservatives, religious zealots, and Republicans.

And lastly, it is these types of witch hunts which fuel stereotypes and shaming which are all too prevalent in today’s society. Please see my Through The Benz column here from last November which I wrote about shaming and the porn industry. Shaming is used as a means of taking away people’s dignity and it eats away at the core of who we are and makes us question everything. It leads to depression, it leads to suicide, and it leads to hate, especially the worst kind of hate; hating ourselves. Shame kills, and that needs to stop. But sadly, it appears that the culture of shame in America will only increase under the Trump Administration.

Becca-Signature2 to Sponsor ‘Best Solo Model’ Category at 2017 TEAs


Los Angeles, CA – Premier trans escort site is proud to announce their Platinum Plus sponsorship of the Best Solo Model category at the upcoming 2017 TEAs. Previous winners include Domino Presley, Penny Tyler, and Sarina Valentina, to name a few.

“We’re pleased to announce that we’re Platinum Plus Sponsors at the TEs this year and very excited about it,” said Daniel from’s Marketing Team. “We hope to meet up with the best TS performers while we’re in town and are honored to be a part of this wonderful event.”

“This is’s first time sponsoring the TEAs and it’s clear their main goal is to show their support of our show and our industry by choosing our highest tiered package,” said Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “As the sponsor of our highly competitive Best Solo Model category, I see their brand catching the eye of so many of our top performers.” elevates the TS escorts websites to a whole new level of performance and portability. Their site has a cutting-edge design, high-performance features, powerful mobile site, and innovative visual profile display. Customers will also enjoy the high quality photos, interviews, blog section, TS cover-girls banners, and TS stars page.

The TEAs (also known as the Transgender Erotica Awards), now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event that includes a pre-party, fan convention, and awards program.

The 2017 TEAs will be hosted by viral sensation and TEA Lifetime Achievement winner TS Madison in Hollywood, CA. The pre-party will be held on March 3 at the Bardot, the fan convention will be held on March 4 at the Avalon, and the awards will be held at the Avalon on March 5.  The Avalon and its connecting property, the Bardot, are located at 1735 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Discounted pre-sale tickets are available for purchase at

Grooby Network’s Kacy TGirl to Sponsor 2017 TEAs


Los Angeles, CA –  TS performer Kacy announced her sponsorship and attendance of the upcoming 2017 TEAs. The Awards will be hosted by viral sensation and TEA Lifetime Achievement Winner TS Madison.

“I am excited to once again be a part of the festivities,” said Kacy. “Last year my TEAs debut was a bit of a whirlwind. I look forward to being more in the moment as I meet even more fans and catch up with fellow trans performers. The 2016 TEAs helped my career and I’m hoping this year’s events continue that trajectory.”

“I think it’s fantastic that Kacy has chosen to support our show again,” said Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “It was exciting to see her and Jasmeen [Lefleur] make their red carpet debut together.” Porn star Jasmeen Lefleur will accompany Kacy this year as well.

Kacy began her adult video career in 2015 with Her focus in the last year has been promoting and creating content for her official website, “In addition to self producing photo shoots and videos, I’ve been fortunate to get assistance from the incredible production team behind,” said Kacy. “And becoming a part of the Grooby Network of sites has been a huge boost as well.”

Kacy also keeps busy with live cam and phone sex performing as well as modeling for fine art and erotic shoots. Kacy’s exclusive photosets, videos and blog posts can be found at All media requests and inquiries about engaging her should be directed to

Companies and performers interested in sponsoring are encouraged to email for more information.

The TEAs (also known as the Transgender Erotica Awards), now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event which includes an awards ceremony, pre-party party, and now a daytime fan convention. Visit their official website at

jasmeen-kacy-wifey-still-1193-1080 to Sponsor the Fan Choice Award at the Transgender Erotica Awards


Los Angeles, is proud to announce their sponsorship of the 2017 TEAs and the coveted Fan Choice Award. Previous winners include Kylie Maria, Aubrey Kate, Khloe Hart, and Jane Marie.

“We are very excited to sponsor The TEA Awards this year for the first time and look forward to this cooperation for many years to come,” said’s co-founder MikeC.

“We’re thrilled that chose the TEAs as their opportunity to cultivate their brand outside of Brazil,” said Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “Our Fan Choice Award is a big draw for the evening, so I think this is a great way to introduce the performers and attendees to this quickly growing company.”

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, CameraPrive’s team has been deeply involved in the transgender niche for well over 10 years producing content and operating premium  content sites and affiliate programs. In 2013, the company shifted its focus to their live webcam site,, which has since become one of the fastest growing website in Brazil and one of the largest live webcam sites in the region.

“Throughout the years we found ourselves consistently working with Grooby and promoting their wonderful lineup of websites and products,” MikeC added. “We have been looking for exciting opportunities to grow our brand outside of Brazil and to bring more exposure to the transgender community of Brazil. We felt there was no better way of accomplishing this than teaming up with Grooby and sponsoring The TEA Show.”

Companies and performers interested in sponsoring are encouraged to email for more information.

The Transgender Erotica Awards, now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event which includes an awards ceremony, pre-party party, and now a daytime fan convention. Visit their official website at

TS Dating Returns as Gold Sponsor at 2017 TEAs


Los Angeles, CA – Premier trans dating site,, announced their Gold Sponsorship of the upcoming 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards.

“ is thrilled to sponsor TEA Awards once again,” said Risto from TS-Dating. “We visited and also sponsored TEA Awards on 2016 and were impressed with the show and its organization. We very much believe in the cause and are happy to renew our sponsorship.”

“I was very excited to hear that TS-Dating wanted to increase their visibility at our upcoming show after attending last year,” added Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “It makes me feel good about what we’re producing as an event when we see companies who make great strides to be part of it.” is one of the largest worldwide transgender escort and dating site. In addition to escorts and dating profiles, site also offers a lot of exciting features like a forum, news and articles, photo galleries, video section, photo rating, a selection of transgender events, transgender friendly bars and clubs, and much more. started as a small one-man project over 12 years ago and has grown into active substantial community over time.

Companies and performers interested in sponsoring are encouraged to email for more information.

The Transgender Erotica Awards, now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event which includes an awards ceremony, pre-party party, and now a daytime fan convention. Visit their official website at Returns as a 2017 TEA Sponsor


Los Angeles, CA – Multi-year TEA nominee performer Krissy Kyung announced her sponsorship of the upcoming 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards. Kyung and her website,, have been a longtime supporter of the event and have been nominated in years past in a variety of different categories.

“As the owner of my personal site, Krissy4u – Naughty Asian TGirl, I look forward every year to the Transgender Erotica Awards,” said Krissy Kyung. “Sponsoring the show is a way for me  to be more involved in the industry that has given me so much through the years, as well as serving as a great way to connect on a personal level to my fans, who I adore. I’m looking forward to this year’s celebration of the deep pools of talent that are a part of the Transgender porn industry; and of course, getting down to LA for some sunny weather and getting away from the rain here in Oregon ain’t half bad either.”

“We’ve been very fortunate to have Krissy’s support over the years, especially in the past when we were just finding our footing,” added Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “She is one of the loveliest and most hardworking people in the industry you’ll ever meet.”

Companies and performers interested in sponsoring are encouraged to email for more information.

The Transgender Erotica Awards, now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event which includes an awards ceremony, pre-party party, and now a daytime fan convention. Visit their official website at


Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl is a website owned and operated by Krissy Kyung on the Grooby Network. Krissy is as self-absorbed and narcissistic as they come and collects trophies, awards, and men at every chance she gets. Sadly, to date, she has none. Should you wish to donate any of the above to her, she can be reached through her awesome, talented, and brilliant Public Relations Manager, Kristina Kyung at Donate men. Really. Please.


Nikki Montero’s to Sponsor 2017 TEAs


Los Angeles, CA – is proud to announce their first-time sponsorship of the upcoming 2017 TEAs. The site is run by multi-year TEA nominated performer, Nikki Montero, who has been a longtime sponsor of the event.

“Nikki Montero and the team is very happy to announce the re-launch of this Asian Ladyboy website and sponsoring the next Transgender Erotica Awards 2017,” said Nikki Montero. “Our site has sexy ladyboys from Thailand and Phillipines. Lots of fun and porn!”

“We’re so thrilled that Nikki is using the TEAs as a way to promote her new site and to support the show,” added Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “She flew all the way from Chile to attend last year and meet her fans, so I hope to see her lovely self again at the show.” is a new project created and starring Nikki Montero and the beautiful asian ladyboys of Thailand and the Philippines. Montero visits the Thai ladyboy bars in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket to bring fans some hot and heavy hardcore action straight from her hotel room.

Companies and performers interested in sponsoring are encouraged to email for more information.

The Transgender Erotica Awards, now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event which includes an awards ceremony, pre-party party, and now a daytime fan convention. Visit their official website at

Trans Performer Jacquie Blu to Sponsor 2017 TEAs


Los Angeles, CA  – Performer Jacquie Blu announced her sponsorship of the 2017 TEAs to be held in Hollywood, CA.

“I am extremely happy to sponsor the TEA Awards this year,” said Jacquie Blu. “I was only an attendee in 2016, but I wanted to do more. This year I am making a contribution to help show my appreciation and support for all that you do and for the industry that I love so much.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jacquie Blu at the show last year,” added Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “I think it’s really amazing that she’s really jumped right into the industry and feels part of that journey involves supporting the TEAs. I have a lot of gratitude for the performers who are going above and beyond in this way.”  

Jacquie Blu moved to California from the east coast a few years ago to pursue her dream of model and adult filmmaking. After moving west, she started collaborating with photographer Al Tom (of Altomic Visuals) and thanks to his incredible work was able to launch her official website, The site has nearly a dozen very large photo galleries for fans to enjoy; some are BDSM scenes with Mistress Cyan at the Sanctuary LAX, with more on the horizon.

“I have also had the great pleasure to shoot with Paranormal Perversions, which produced an exceptional scene that I am very proud to have been a part of,” added Jacquie Blu. “I will be working with them again very soon, so rest assured that there is more high quality content on the way.”

Earlier this year Jacquie Blu started working with Dr. Susan Block, who is a well-known sex educator, sex therapist, and author. They produce a weekly talk show, all related to sex, kink, and the Bonobo Way. Their guests consist mainly of porn stars, Doms, Dommes, artists, authors, and more. To learn more about Jacquie Blu, visit her official website at

Companies and performers interested in sponsoring are encouraged to email to be notified.

The Transgender Erotica Awards, now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event which includes an awards ceremony, pre-party party, and now a daytime fan convention. Visit their official website at


mollywood-001 to Sponsor “Best New Face” Award at 2017 TEAs


Los Angeles, CA – Longtime sponsor returns to sponsor the coveted “Best New Face” Award at the upcoming 2017 TEAs.  Past winners have included Natalie Mars, Kelly Klamour, Kim Bella, to name a few.

“ is honored to be a part of the exclusive Transgender Erotica Awards once again,” said Shay,’s Marketing & BizDev VP. “Partnering with Grooby Productions as a Platinum Plus sponsor in these highly-recognized and successful awards show is an exciting prospect and we look forward to this cooperation, for the fourth year in a row.

“These awards recognize the best of the best in the trans industry while simultaneously empowering them as a group and as individuals, and our aim at is to support this initiative and make sure the transgender community enjoys these industry awards. In fact, we are happy to announce that a representative will, once again, present one of the prizes at the awards ceremony.”

“ has been a huge supporter of this event since we started and we are extremely pleased to welcome them back as a Platinum Plus sponsor in the highly coveted ‘Best New Face’ category, which I believe is my personal favorite award of the show,” added Steven Grooby. “I’d like to thank them for working so closely with the whole transgender erotica community.”

“ is becoming increasingly popular every year, and we’re excited to tell you that some of the top TS superstar models collaborate with – Bailey Jay, Michelle Austin, Wendy Williams, Nadia, Tyra Scott, and many more,” continued Shay. “These sexy porn stars have regularly appeared live on the site, contribute their personal stories to the Shemale blog pages, and write articles for our magazine!”

The Best New Face Award is one of the big draws of the evening and is often a marking point for the careers of some of the industry’s biggest performers. Scheduled as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the 2017 TEAs is viral star TS Madison. She is also a recipient of the TEA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Companies and performers interested in sponsoring are encouraged to email to be notified.

The Transgender Erotica Awards, now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event which includes an awards ceremony, pre-party party, and now a daytime fan convention. Visit their official website at

About has garnered a reputation as a trendy, popular and successful site for transgender women and the men who love them. Many exciting features are on offer on, including a wide selection of amazing webcam hosts, a large video- on-demand section, a constantly-updated niche magazine, and a list of trans-friendly bars and clubs around the world. is also proud to be the home of some of the biggest TS porn stars in the industry, who appear regularly in live video chats and write frequent blog posts and articles. Current TS porn stars include Bailey Jay, Michelle Austin, Wendy Williams, Nadia, Tyra Scott and many more.

Grooby 20th Anniversary


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Grooby Productions. To mark this special occasion I wanted to do a column about what Grooby means to you; the fans, the models, the employees, the photographers, everyone. I asked you to share your thoughts about what makes Grooby special to you, whether it be the people, the events, the work they do, your favorite memories, or any other thoughts about Grooby. I really appreciate all the responses I received and I enjoyed reading what you had so say. It’s clear that Grooby and the people who work for Grooby have touched many lives and that there is a great deal of respect and love for everyone associated with the comapany. So without further ado, here you go!

Becca Benz

When I think of Grooby I think about the people because to me Grooby is so much more than just a company, it’s more like a family. Grooby has accomplished a great deal, not only in the adult entertainment industry but also in the trans community, and most importantly, they have touched the lives of so many people, myself included. While the bottom line is that Grooby Productions is a business, they care about the people, whether they be employees, models, or fans. I was given an opportunity which opened so many doors and I got to experience things I could never have dreamed of, and it helped me to find myself and to be happy with who I am and my life, and I will forever be grateful to Steven and everyone at Grooby for that. But the best part was the people I got to meet and the friendships I made, which is why when I think of Grooby I think of the people.

Mike Phillips

So, Becca Benz asked me to write a few words about what Grooby means to me. The first word that popped into my head was “More”. Now, of course one can’t speak about Grooby without saying a few words about the beautiful models and the professional manner they’re portrayed within the Grooby Universe. If you’re looking for Transsexual Porn you really don’t need to look beyond the various sites that fall under the Grooby Umbrella. But, there is so much “More” to Grooby.

How about how they support various LBGTQ organizations? What about Team Grooby walking in the 110+ degree heat raising money for the continuing fight against AIDS? Always “More”! About a year ago Grooby not only created Trans Adult Industry Foundation (TAIF) they also announced they will support it with a monetary pledge. This could’ve been just a check but Grooby being Grooby, they wanted to involve the models & photographers, so for every model shoot they contributed a percentage to TAIF. Yes, even “more”

I’ll bring these few words to a close but before I do it would be a crime if I didn’t mention the Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA). Grooby sponsors the TEA, each year in Los Angeles. This annual event was created to recognize achievement in the transgender adult industry.

So, what does Grooby mean to me? That’s simple

More: additional, further, added, extra, increased!

Krissy Kyung

If you were to ask me for a summation of my thoughts on Grooby Productions, its owner, photographers, and staff throughout the years that I’ve known some of them, many positive words would come to mind. It is unfortunate that we cannot always see the unfolding of Chaos Theory when it comes to companies like Grooby Productions, that impact so many different lives on so many different planes, because I think this case would be a fascinating study. What impact can one opportunity given, have on a life spiraling out of control? While I can only speak for myself, I’d bet my last dollar that there are countless other lives whose experiences parallel my own.

The opportunity to shoot for Grooby Productions site, Shemale Yum, came at a time when I was questioning my existence, value, and worth as the struggle to find acceptance in an increasingly complicated world continued to elude me. Today it is almost impossible to imagine a world without the interwebz; but back then, people like myself were often left to feelings of being completely alone in the world – hiding in the shadows of newsgroups, chat rooms, and Geocities. That first shoot gave me the confidence, knowledge, and financial means to set my life on a course that was 180 degrees from the direction it was headed in at the time. I can honestly say that if I had never been given the opportunity to shoot those few scenes, developed a small but loyal fan base, and had the chance to speak with Steven personally in those questioning times, my life would be far, far different from what it is today.

I suppose that in the larger scheme of things, it is rather grandiose to make such a speculation about a company that produces porn as its main business, but that’s really the point, isn’t it? To me, Grooby Productions is much more than just a company producing porn – it is a porn producing company providing opportunities to those who otherwise would have none – and doing it successfully. It is a company with its heart on display, proudly worn on the sleeves of those who represent it, right alongside the best T&A in the business.

Does porn with a conscience exist? Honestly, I don’t really know the answer to that, and I think everyone has to answer that question individually. What I can say with 100% certainty is that Grooby Productions is about as close to a for-profit business run by truly good people as you can get, and I’m so very proud to be a part of the Grooby Girl family.

Thanks Grooby and here’s to 20 more years of being on top!

Michelle Austin

In October of 2010, in my apartment in Austin, Texas I shot my first solo sets for Shemale Yum, and a few months later I was in a moving truck heading to LA to pursue a career in the adult industry and to host the 3rd Annual Tranny Awards (now the TEA Awards). This is my sixth year in the business and my whole journey has had Grooby a part of it.

When I was 20 something I was approached to shoot for Yum, it was early in my transition and I turned it down. Then a 30 something girl who knew herself was approached again and finally did it. Grooby has always supported my journey, supported my body image and helped me form the career I have today. Steven has been a mentor, when they first created the Grooby Network we met in his office in Burbank and he had asked me to be his first solo model on the network. From then on he mentored me and challenged me to make bold moves. My career wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Grooby. The staff has been overly amazing, they have always made me feel a part of the family and to this day support my company and career.

I have many favorite moments but the biggest ones have been with the Tranny Awards/TEA Awards. Since hosting the awards in 2011 (which is by far my favorite moment.), no one knew who I was but that night I entered into a sisterhood. Every year we all get together and love each other. Hosting the awards made me proud and every year I have dedicated my time because I believe in Grooby and the awards and will continue to be a part of it until Grooby stops asking me to. Happy 20 Years Grooby! You have a big place in my heart and thank you for all the love!

Brooke Myers-Zannell

Grooby has allowed an opportunity for trans woman to openly express their creativity through sexual exploration. We have gone from the unheard to being extremely mainstream. Opportunity is arising from all angles, which would not be possible without the presence of Grooby Productions. So I hope to see more growth from this company because that’s what they’re doing growing.

Rusty Eldora

I first saw pictures of a trans woman I think in 2001, when I thought trans women were just an act or fantasy. Slowly over the years I found I was looking at TS porn more often, slowly becoming curious. I felt I really needed to date a TS girl but was quite scared. Finally in 2012 I went on my first date with a tgirl and it was a total shock – she was real, she sounded girl, looked girl, thought girl, in every way really a girl except with a surprise. A number of dates later I found tgirls to be right for me, the best part is their intelligence and drive. Later I realized it takes the strength I noticed to succeed at transition.

My interest kept rising as I read the discussion on HungAngels, the forumn about transsexuals, about the Awards show, and I watched the 2013 show recordings and pictures. One model was from Seattle, DeliaTS which is a friend of a friend and I soon met her, along with Kelli Lox and Stacie Miguire. Stacie and I started dating and we discussed how fun it would be to go the Awards, It was both exciting and scary to be heading to the 2014 TEA show. Stacie grew up in Burbank so it was her home turf, which helped. I had butterflies going into Cobra but soon things felt all right. Once Kelli and Delia both had given me hugs and the girls from the forum seemed to know me it became a very good night. I met both Steven and Scott that night but just talked briefly to them. By the end of the awards we had been invited to a lot of parties and the BBQ, it felt like we were adopted into the family. I attended by myself in 2015, and with a group in 2016. I work as a professional with no association with the industry, yes I advocate for trans women and have a number of tgirl friends but there is no business reason for my involvement, yet I feel honored to be part of the family.

Compared to what I thought from the outside of the Adult Entertainment industry, I see Steven and the companies that sponsor the TEA show to be a very good group of people. Yes they are businessmen, but they really do care about the models far above what is expected. I am in a number of professional organizations and the quality of the Grooby management is as good as any law or accounting firm.

Thru association with Grooby many tgirls find their confidence and become empowered women. Their product is likely the first place most people see photos of trans women and realize their true beauty.

Steven, congratulations on leading Grooby thru 20 years of growth and support for the community. I hope there are many more decades where Grooby is at the TS forefront.

Dan / Sparky Snakeden – Grooby employee

I started working for Grooby because I lived next door to Buddy Wood in San Diego back in 2006. I think I started as a freelance dvd cover designer; it was regular work for me since that’s what I did at a gay porn company at the time. I’ve been friends with Buddy since 2002 when we would go the gay bars and he would find a t-girl and I would find a gay guy and we would kinda play wing man for each other. There are tons of stories from those early day like meeting girls that become huge stars like Khloe Hart, Foxxy, Jesse Flores, and Yasmin Lee. So many models I got to know really well over the years! I guess I could name drop list but that sounds weird.

Buddy moved to LA first and I followed 2 years later when Grooby was moving from Hawaii to LA, so I was kinda was just in the right place at the right time when Grooby needed someone in LA to help them with the move. It was kinda the office bitch type of job, running errands and whatever work they threw at me, so they liked it I guess because I got hired full time.

Years later I then started up Grooby’s cam system meeting even more of the models. Also around that time the first awards show Grooby did at Club Cobra and I made fake giant checks to give the girls on stage; they got the real check mailed, but I am one of the Grooby employees that’s dealt with the what is now called the TEA Show every year from start to present. I think I took like a year and a half break but have been working for Grooby around 8 years. We all know so much about each other, and I hang with Kristel Penn the most because we just mix together like peanut butter and jelly; who knew a gay graphic designer and a lesbian writer would be the dynamic duo of Grooby and that we’d be partnered for the fun Grooby events like dvd premier parties, our 20th Anniversary party at Bardot in Hollywood. I guess by the time people are reading this there will be a room swimming with trans pornstars from over the years with only a limited number of fans tickets available on the, so expect this to be a historic milestone to mark 20 years in a niche that was never taken seriously back then. And look where we are now.

The shorter answer is Groovy + Booby = Grooby

That’s what Grooby means to me.

Dev – Grooby employee

When I first started with Grooby a decade ago, I wasn’t sure yet what my role was in the overall picture. All I knew for sure was I just wanted to help create the best product I could.

One important thing I learned is you don’t have to necessarily see the entire way to get to your destination, as long as you can see what’s directly in front of you, you can always move towards it. We still have a long journey in front of us. Even now, as long as you strive to create the best you can, things have a way of falling into place.

It’s been an honor to work alongside the Grooby team. They’ve been a family to me. Cheers to another 20 years and beyond.

Micha Angela

Grooby. A portal for self-expression that takes a social taboo and made it in to a legacy.

For years the shame and fear that accompanied my dysphoria was debilitating. When my bell had finally rung and I found myself confessing my need for help to the doctors at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, I had no idea that a British guy named Steven, who runs a company in L.A., would be playing such a huge part in my metamorphosis into the girl I have become and the woman I was meant to be.

When the first invitation found its way to me, I didn’t know what to expect. I was honored and apprehensive. I was (am) naive to the entertainment industry and was full of unwarranted concerns. What I found was absolutely contrary to my overactive imagination and turned out to be a family that I didn’t know that I had.

After being outcast, shunned and basically disowned from my family on the East Coast, The Grooby Girl family provided not only a social and economic network, but also an opportunity for spiritual growth and for girls like me, to learn from the best. I honestly don’t know where my transition would be if it weren’t for the awesome folks behind the scenes at Grooby Productions.

Thanks a million, Steven, Kristel, Dan, Dev and the rest of the Grooby crew. Much love.

Al Tom – Altomic Visuals

I’ve know Steven since the early years of Grooby. I’m amazed at how far the company has come and just what he did for the transgender adult market. From just a single website to now hosting yearly awards shows for the adult trans community to helping host hundreds of TS adults sites. I think Grooby has helped show that being a trans person doesn’t mean you’re not normal, but that you are just like everyone else. Society still has a long way to go to accepting all people of color, sexual orientation, gender orientation and religious views. But it’s one small step at a time and I think that’s what Grooby has done. They took that step and filled a niche in the adult market making trans people more visible to the masses. Being visible is a very important first step in helping society become more accepting. So congratulations to Grooby for opening the door for the trans community to come out and be proud of who they are.

Happy twenty years in the business and I wish Grooby the best for the future.

Kristel Penn – Grooby employee

When I started at Grooby nearly nine years ago, I spent my first day as a photo retoucher. I did 8 hours photoshopping out some toilet paper from you-know-where and I was slow. It was one the second day when Steven and I were discussing the newly formed (and not regularly updated) blog that he said, “Wait, you can write? Stop retouching. I want you to do this instead.” It was blogging and website updates at first, which soon expanded into other areas like social media, press and editorial writing, event management, and now marketing, branding,  philanthropy, and education.

My seemingly random climb through the Grooby ranks may seem odd, but it’s more common than you think. We all started with a passion to create a good product and as the company has grown, so have we in different ways. Steven gave me the opportunity to flourish creative writer and thinker, but also encouraged my strong passion to support our community.

I’m really grateful for the opportunities and friendships working with Grooby has afforded me. As Dan mentioned, we’re like peanut butter and jelly, partners in crime, thick as thieves. We work well together and, along with Dev (who does so much TEA prep work with us), work hard to create something memorable each year for the people we care about. We are not a perfect company, but we try in every interaction, every transaction, and every decision to do our best. And when we fail or misstep, we do our best to take it in, process it, and do it better. I’m proud of that.

Alana Lorena de Gracia

This is really a new world to explore but Grooby gives me a lot of interesting things to think about. Like where humanity intersects industry, and how to balance it while remaining successful. Especially how it impacts our community since we are considered more exotic. The keyword struggle for trans vs. shemale is one example. Many of us would like to see the latter go away, and there’s a lot to discuss. Grooby seems to be upfront talking about it, giving me hopes for continuing discussion.

I’ve also seen that they are an opportunity provider, definitely providing opportunities for trans women to help meet financial needs. I would actually like to hear more about Grooby as a platform for expression for transwomen who want to sell and project their image.

Lana Heart

For me, Grooby is the first experience I had with seeing transsexual women. Even though it took several more years, I came to the realization it is possible to live life as who I was supposed to be. I never dreamed back then that I would have the opportunity to be part of this great organization. I’ve seen the ways Grooby reaches out to the community with education and support, it really makes me proud to be a part of it all.

Hanna Rogers – Editor of Transformation Magazine

Taking over the publishing of Transformation magazine a few years ago was probably the single most challenging endeavor I have taken on, and one that I could not have managed without the support of Steven, Kristel, and everyone at Grooby. They have helped introduce me to countless people in the transgender community, shared advice, and are always willing to submit content for features and interviews. I remember being more than a little bit nervous the first time I went to Burbank to meet Kristel and Steven the first time because I felt like a fish out of water while at the same time way over my head, but I was immediately wrapped up in one of Kristel’s famous hugs and all the nerves simply evaporated. I feel truly blessed to call Kristel a friend (and fellow crazy cat lady), she is such an inspiration to me and knowing how hard she works day after day keeps me going, no matter how much I might be struggling with my own workload.

When Grooby invited me to judge the 2013 Tranny Awards (now known as the TEA’s) I was surprised, thinking I was too new to the industry to be of any relevance, but being included in such a way helped affirm not only my place in the community but also continued significance of Transformation magazine. And of course, the TEA Show is one of the most fabulous parties I’ve had the honor of attending and participating in; it has been an incredible experience to be able to talk face to face with so many of the gorgeous tgirls who have been in Transformation who I had only seen in photos up to that point.

As someone who had no real knowledge of the trans community prior to taking over Centurian Publishing and Transformation magazine, watching how fast this facet of the world has changed in the past four and a half years is incredible, and the fact that Grooby continues to expand their brand beyond the adult industry tells me a great deal about the integrity of the company and especially of Steven. The invaluable work they do is empowering and inspirational, much like the editorial direction of Transformation, and I look forward to working together with the entire Grooby family for many years to come.


Michelle Austin Films Releases Trans Men Adventures 3



Houston, TX– Michelle Austin Films and Kennston Productions release the third installment of their critically acclaimed series Michelle Austin’s Trans Men Adventures.

In this triquel, Michelle Austin returns in hardcore action with the hottest and newest trans male adult talent. Staying true to her trilogy’s tongue-in-cheek twist to the stereotypical porn storyline, Austin uses her clout as ‘director’ to seduce and fuck four budding FTM (female-to-male) transgender performers within the scenario of a casting couch. Dicky Johnson directs Austin in straight transgender sex scenes with Oyle (2016 Transgender Erotic Awards, Best New FTM Face Nominee), and newcomers Johnny Deep, Tyler St. Syn, and Israel Hammer.

Dicky Johnson, 2016 Transgender Erotic Awards Best FTM Performer Winner and porn star cum director shares, “I love directing, and I film with what I grew up seeing in porn. I film what makes me hot, and to film Michelle and all the guys in the third installment of Trans Men Adventures has been fun. I enjoy being behind the camera, and you will see me doing more of it.”

Michelle Austin first created Trans Man Adventures because of the lack of adult films featuring trans men and trans women together, i.e. the type of porn she would get off to herself. But with her entrée into FTM porn, she has reenergized the industry, and her work has gained critical attention. In 2015, the first film of the series received nominations for the Adult Video News (AVN’s) Awards, Transgender Erotic Awards (TEA’s), and Feminist Porn Awards. Its sequel, Trans Men Adventures 2: Men at Work also received a nomination for Best Film at the 2015 TEA’s.

“I just want to produce and promote the type porn that I want to see out there. Trans Men Adventures has helped bring my career as a producer and performer to the forefront. Three years ago, I would have never guessed that the series would be so loved by many,” divulges Austin.

Since its inception in 2015, Michelle Austin Films has dedicated itself to releasing transgender titles that feature trans adult actors in a positive light. The company has now teamed up with Kennston Productions to self distribute their line of DVDs. If you would like more information on wholesale purchasing, or if you would like to bring Michelle Austin Films to your store, please visit for more information.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Ladyboy Gold!


We just want to send a big congratulations and happy birthday to our friends over at LadyboyGold for celebrating their 10-year anniversary!


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Check Out the Trans6uals 2 Official Teaser Here!


The official trailer for Jamie French’s upcoming project, Trans6uals 2, made its official debut at the Real Fucking Girls premiere a few weeks ago! But do not fret if you missed it, because here it is! Starring Sarah Webb, Natalie Mars, Shiri Trap, Jamie French, Korra Del Rio, and Kira Crash. Soon will be available for purchase at the GroobyStore, so stay tuned!

ADULT INDUSTRY WORKERS: Attend the CA Democratic Summer 2016 Executive Board Meeting June 17-19


JUNE 17TH-­19TH CA Democratic Summer 2016 Executive Board Meeting

We’d like to have a solid group of adult industry professionals (that means YOU!) at each

of the 3 days we are there. We will be addressing several committees regarding the Adult Film

Ballot Initiative, educating legislators, helping the Democratic party understand our struggle, and

smashing their preconceived notions about who we are and what we do!


We need volunteers:

FRIDAY NIGHT 4PM-­10PM (Hospitality suite with drinks and apps from 8-­10pm)

SATURDAY 8:30AM-­10:45PM (LGBT caucus 6pm)



YOU are the experts. YOUR voices have the power to change hearts and minds.

We just have to keep showing up and insisting they listen.

If you would like to join us for any or all of these days, please let us know ASAP

by RSVPing to

#DontHarassCA #UnitedWeStand

ATTN: Performers – Attend the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting on May 31!

Dear All,

In February we defeated a proposed regulation against our industry thanks to YOUR voices. Though the fight is far from over, the testimonies heard in Oakland on February 18th made all the difference for that battle, but the war rages on.
We can’t stop now. 
The State Ballot Initiative “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry” is moving full steam ahead.
We have been hard at work to win this battle for you on many fronts, but once again only your voices will make the true difference.
Why is this important?
The State Ballot Initiative tricks voters into believing that it is about safer sex, but we know THIS IS ABOUT WORKER HARASSMENT.
The state ballot initiative will allow anyone in California to file a lawsuit against you for not using a condom. This means your legal names and home addresses will all become public record. 
We all know, far too well, that there are those who wish us harm.
As you well know, gaining access to the legal names of sex workers, particularly our LGBTQ community members, will have devastating ramifications.
This cannot stand.
We have to work together to ensure this measure does not pass.
What Can You Do?
On May 31st at 10am in Downtown LA –
The LA County Board of Supervisors is holding their general meeting and we will urge them to follow a recommendation by the LA County HIV Commission to take an official OPPOSE position on the proposed initiative.
On June 8th at 3pm in Sacramento –
There will be a hearing on the ballot initiative in Sacramento. We are organizing busses from SF and LA to Sacramento.
 We want as many performers as possible there to show up in solidarity, and if you feel moved to, speak during public comment. Please reply to this e-mail if you are interested in speaking and we will put you on the list. 
Please let us know if and when you are able to join us and we will send you more information.
United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
2016 is a make or break year and we thank you for all the work you have done, and continue to do. Please know that FSC is always here for you. We care about you and we will always fight for your rights.
We hope to see you soon!
Your FSC,
Siouxsie Q & Eric
# # #
For more information, please contact 
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