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Grooby Spotlight Presents: Trans6uals from Deadgirl Productions


Chatsworth, CA – TWM has begun shipping Trans6uals, the very first release from Grooby’s new label, Grooby Spotlight. Trans6uals is Deadgirl Productions inaugural title directed, produced, and stars 2015 TEA Best Solo Site winner Jamie French with a powerhouse cast of performers.

“Jamie French has a true passion and understanding for the craft of filmmaking and has done an outstanding job with this first title”, said Grooby owner Steven Grooby. ” Trans6uals is very different from what we usually do. When we had the idea of inviting other producers to release under ‘Grooby Spotlight’, I felt this was the perfect title to launch. Trans6uals is one of the most exciting releases I’ve seen in a long time and believe it’s going to be one of the biggest trans titles of the year.”

Deadgirl Productions director and producer Jamie French added, “I’m proud to be the first production to be featured as part of the new Grooby Spotlight line of DVDs, distributed by TWM. “Trans6uals features Kelly Klaymour, Stefani Special, Eva Cassini, birdmountain, Jade Downing, and myself in an hour long, six way, t-girl orgy. The DVD is packed with content, including each performers in their own solo scenes, behind the scenes bonus footage, animated photo sets, and links to additional productions.”

TWM sales manager Dave Peskin said, “Pre-orders started coming in back in February when the press release about this new label and title was announced. We didn’t even have the artwork finalized at the time. That was the early indication ‘Trans6uals’ would be an absolute winner and perfect start for the new Grooby Spotlight label.”

The DVD is scheduled to arrive in stores Monday, May 4th and can be purchased at the Grooby Store.

Media inquiries can be directed to Kristel Penn at

For sales inquiries contact or (877) 313-3937, ext. 104.

All T-Girls Volume 1 on DVD Available for Purchase!


CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Grooby Productions and Third World Media have started shipping “All T-Girls Volume 1,” which will arrive in stores Nov. 17, 2014. Order your copy at the Grooby Store.

Directed by Radius Dark (2015 Transgender Erotica Awards nominee for Best Photographer, Best Director and Best Scene Producer), “All T-Girls Volume 1” features four transsexuals in the industry exploring each other’s bodies.

The title, which stars Chelsea Marie, Nina Lawless, Miranda Meadows and Michelle Firestone, also includes an unprecedented four-way hookup.

The box cover teases the action: “These girls show off how naughty they can be with each other behind closed doors. Each scene is high energy and sure to excite and delight in a smoldering sex crater of T-girl -on-T-girl goodness.”

“This superstar cast [are] all incredibly hot, fast chicks with hard cocks,” CEO Steven Grooby said. “Your transsexual fantasies come true!”

“The box cover looks amazing, and ‘All T-Girls Volume 1’ features an all-star T-girl cast,” TWM Sales Manager Dave Peskin said. “Previous 2014 Grooby titles such as ‘Shemale Secret Service,’ ‘Black Tranny Jizz Jam #3,’ ‘The Tranny Chaser #2: Confessions of a Poolboy,’ ‘6th Annual Tranny Awards,’ ‘The Winners’ and ‘Shemale Japan #4’ continue to re-order like a salesman’s wet dream.

“’All T-Girls Volume 1’ already looks to be what could be our biggest selling title to date.”

For sales inquiries contact Peskin at or (877) 313-3937, ext. 104.


Buy Canada T-Girls #3 at the Grooby Store!


Third World Media and Grooby Productions have teamed up for another great release!  Canada T-Girls #3 stars some of the finest t-girls up north: Sumaya, Blair Ryder, Phoenix Mary, Tasha Jones, and Tila. You can buy a copy today at the Grooby Store!


Shemale Japan #4 DVD Now Available for Pre-Sale

Shemale Japan #4

LOS ANGELES, CA  Grooby Productions and Third World Media have started shipping “Shemale Japan #4. The DVD can be purchased directly at the Grooby Store.

Directed by Hiro from Shemale-Japan, the title will hit the streets on Monday. This DVD features Japanese new-halfs — the Japanese word for transsexuals or ‘futanari’ in Japanese anime — at their best in cosplay, uniforms, dominant agressive TS, softcore nude modeling in five hardcore sex scenes. This DVD features scenes from Rise Kaneshiro, Miran, Chuling, Rui Matsushita, and Komachi Hanamikoji.

According to CEO Steven Grooby, “We have videographers who are part of the Japanese new-half scene and they get un-precedented access to these elusive tgirls. This title features the prettiest t-girls from the land of the rising sun.”

For sales inquiries, contact or (877) 313-3937, ext. 104.  The DVD can also be purchased directly at the Grooby Store.

Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok 3 Now Available for Purchase

Shemale XXX Goes to Bangkok 3

Chatsworth, CA – Grooby Productions and Third World Media have started shipping Goes To Bangkok #3 which is on sale at Shemale Video Direct now.

According to CEO Steven Grooby, “Directed by Frank from Frank’s TGirl World, this DVD definitely encapsulates Frank’s distinctive style, and features five scenes with ladyboys: Alice, Benz, Emma, Game and Wan.” Director Frank added, ‘ Goes To Bangkok #3 follows the adventures of Christian as he travels through Bangkok in search of the horniest shemales in town”. “If you like seeing sexy ladyboys getting fucked by a horny American like Christian, this title will definitely deliver the goods.”

Grooby Productions’ previous release, Buddy Wood’s The Tranny Chaser #2: Confessions Of A Poolboy, was called the most awaited transsexual release of 2014 by Apache Warrior at X-Critic, and is currently the #40 Bestseller at Adult DVD Empire. Sales Manager at Third World Media David Peskin added, “We expect the same great thing’s in this latest installment of the Goes To Bangkok series.”

For sales inquiries, contact or (877) 313-3937, ext. 104.

Grooby Productions is a company founded in 1996 and based in Los Angeles, CA, producing transgender online adult entertainment. It established itself as one of the pioneer companies of online adult transgender entertainment with its website Shemale Yum, “the first transsexual pay site with original content.”

The company owns a number of transsexual adult websites and produces its own DVD line distributed by Third World Media, as well as having other interests in forums, blogs and social networking within the transsexual niche genre including the Tranny Awards.

It has been called as “one of the most popular adult industry companies in the world” and according to AVN Business, the company “has established itself among the Net’s foremost purveyors of transgender erotica.”

Review: Tranny Chaser 2: Confessions of a Poolboy

Tranny Chaser 2

Tranny Chaser 2: Confessions of a Poolboy is director Buddy Wood’s highly anticipated newest release. This movie stars Jessy Dubai, Kelli Lox, Nelly, Roxxy Thorns, Sienna Grace, and Smith as the poolboy. Featuring five hardcore scenes with some of the industry’s hottest new talent, I loved that Buddy Wood’s trademark humor is found between scenes. Before I forget, you can purchase it at Grooby TV for download.

So, Smith is a poolboy. Oops, poolman. Nobody calls him a poolman, but considering how much action he gets, I think he deserves the title. He enjoys his job because the hours are easy, the pay is decent, but mainly because he gets to meet lots of girls. His newest client is the beautiful Kelli Lox, who runs a boarding house for special girls. Kelli needs her pool cleaned twice a week and hires Smith to keep those chlorine levels high.

The first scene begins with the sexy Jessy Dubai lounging poolside. She slips off her heels, adjusts her bikini, and dives right in. They make small talk, with Smith watching as she touches herself.

“Have you ever played with a girl like me?” she asks coyly.

“No,” he responds, tentatively reaching over to stroke her off. He leans over to taste her cock and she thrusts slowly into his mouth while moaning. This sets the stage for the following scenes, as Smith encounters sexy t-girl after t-girl.

They decide to continue things in the bedroom, with Smith eager to take off her clothes. She rides his cock hard, spreading her ass cheeks to go as deep as possible. Jessy is a girl who knows what she likes in bed and she’s unapologetic about getting it. Watching her bounce that round ass of hers on Smith’s dick is simply mesmerizing. My favorite moment is watching Jessy jerk herself off while Smith fucks her. She really gives her cock a good tug.

Smith can’t wait to get back to the house to see who might be waiting for him during his next shift. Roxxy Thorns is stroking off in her bedroom while Smith cleans the pool outside. She can see him from the window and she likes the idea that he can see her. She comes outside to tease him, slips down her bikini bottom for him to suck her off. There’s no hesitation this time! Smith dives right in and to get things started.  Roxxy is confident in bed and shows Smith exactly what she likes. She wants to make sure she’s being pleased and Smith is happy to comply.

The next scene opens with Sienna Grace lying in bed naked. She starts her mornings like usual, jerking off under the covers and touching herself. She gets out of bed, and slips on a bikini to go relax by the pool, but then notices something curious outside. Smith sees her from the corner of his eye and comes to her bedroom window to say hello. She rubs her sizable bulge and lures Smith into her room for some x-rated fun. He takes his time with her, tonguing her throbbing she-pussy as Sienna Grace lifts her legs for him to get a better taste. I found this to be a very sensual scene, even when they are fucking. Smith and Sienna both take their time with each other, savoring each moment.

Nelly is hanging outside poolside when during Smith’s next shift. She likes the idea that he can see her, so she pulls out her cock and begins stroking herself in plain view. Smith goes about his business, but soon Nelly gets his attention and he makes his way over. They go back to Nelly’s room and Smith wastes no time getting her naked. He greedily sucks her cock while massaging her nipples, but all we can really focus on is the sound Nelly’s moans. There is much urgency in this scene, a contrast to his scene with Sienna. It seems like Nelly and Smith can’t get enough of each other, especially watching her slurp up his cock in her mouth.

It makes sense that the final scene is with the lady of the house, Kelli Lox. Smith definitely loves his new gig by this point and is excited to see who he might encounter next. While cleaning the pool, he gets distracted by thoughts of naked t-girls and he goes over to the window to sneak a peek at who might be inside. Unfortunately, Kelli Lox catches him in the act. She threatens to call his boss and he begs her not to, offering to do anything to avoid getting him in trouble.

She thinks for a moment, smiles and answers, “You’re going to suck my dick, poolboy.”

Smith shrugs and then pulls down Kelli’s bikini bottoms and starts sucking on her throbbing she-cock. She takes him inside and gives him a cock sucking of a lifetime, taking the entire length of his dick in her mouth. She rides his dick hard and you get a great close up of her magnificent ass. They fuck in a variety of positions on Kelli’s couch, with Smith ramming deep into her.

I’d say it’s a cumworthy ending to Buddy Wood’s latest  effort. AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT GROOBY TV!


6th Annual Tranny Awards: the Winners DVD on Sale on Monday!

6th annual tranny awards

The Tranny Awards are now over, but the fun doesn’t end! Check out our latest title, 6th Annual Tranny Awards: the Winners! These steamy scenes will most definitely prove why these lovely t-girls deserve their Tranny Awards! Everyone’s a Wiener! Starring Venus Lux, Khloe Hart, Gina Hart, Eva Cassini, and Penny Tyler and directed by Tranny Award winner, Blackula.  Pre-purchase your copy today at Shemale Video Direct!

The 5th Annual Tranny Awards: the Winners DVD Now on Sale!

Grooby Productions and Third World Media team up again for another great release! The 5th Annual Tranny Awards: the Winners DVD features handpicked hardcore scenes featuring five of the Tranny Awards’ biggest winners from this year, like Foxxy, Jessica Foxx, Wendy Summers, Jesse Flores, and Jane Marie. These steamy scenes will most definitely prove why these lovely t-girls deserve their Tranny Awards! Everyone’s a Wiener!

Release date is today so pick up a copy at Shemale Video Direct!

Black Shemale Superstars Edition – A Must See for Black Tranny Admirers!

Black Shemale Superstars Edition is a must-see for any black t-girl admirer. The latest effort from Grooby Productions and Third World Media, this DVD features five hardcore scenes with five of the sexiest ebony t-girls we could find. In order of appearance: Kourtney Kisses, Yandie Lee, Amber Skye, Nodi Nadia, and Natassia Dreams.  All right, let’s get right down to business…

Kourtney Kisses is a great choice to kick off the DVD. She’s sexy and a fresh face in the industry. She’s wearing a see-through fishnet dress and waiting patiently for her boyfriend to come home. She asks him about his day, but clearly he has other things in mind than small talk.  He slips off her skin-tight dress and leads her into the bedroom, sits her on the bed, and then proceeds to suck her off.  After a slurp worthy 69-session, he spreads her thighs and fucks her from behind.  He takes his time with Kourtney, savoring each thrust and grabbing her ass as he fucks her. When he’s ready to cum, he pulls out and they both jerk off in front of each other. She cums first on herself and then he blows his load all over her tits.

Yandie Lee’s boyfriend is unhappy with her father, but Yandie is determined to make things right. She tells Lucky that she has a great gift for him and calls him into the bedroom.  She’s lying in bed wearing red lingerie and she wants to show him the day is not ruined.  She straddles him in bed and blindfolds him, teasing him with her magnificent ass. He then pulls down her lacy red panties to suck her off!  He then bends her over on his sex cushion and plows into her from behind.  Overall, this is a really steamy hardcore scene.  She was definitely able to turn Lucky’s frown upside down (and hard)!

Amber Skye is having a really great date and what’s the best way to end a date? Well, with hot sex of course! After dinner, they go back to Amber’s place to get down to business.  She gobbles down Lucky’s cock and he helps guide her mouth up and down.  My favorite part of this scene is when Lucky first slides his cock inside of Amber Skye. Her she-hole is so tight she needs to guide his cock inside of her. He’s tentative fucking her at first, careful not to go too fast, but soon they get into a rhythm and she moans loudly in pleasure as he thrusts.

Nodi Nadia is relaxing poolside with Christian. She’s thinking about sunbathing, but Christian thinks that eating her out sounds like a much better plan. He shoves his face between her ass cheeks and tongues her she-pussy. He slides off her swimsuit and she knows that he means business. He greedily slurps up her cock and she thrusts into his mouth.  She wants to suck him off now, though, and grabs his dick and pushes it in her mouth. She tries to deep throat his thick dick, lubing it up with her saliva.  He bends her over and fucks her from behind, using her ass to balance himself as he thrusts.  He fucks her good and she gets a little bit of sun on her back too! A win-win situation for all.

The final scene is a steamy hardcore with Natassia Dreams (who looks like quite a dream in this scene!). This scene doesn’t waste any time, with Natassia front and center sucking Wolf’s cock for the camera.  She and Wolf 69 each other, with Natassia on top, and she bounces her cock in Wolf’s mouth as he slaps her round ass. There’s actually a lot of ass slapping in this scene and I can’t blame Wolf—I mean, have you seen Natassia Dreams perfect ass?  Even though Wolf fucks Natassia doggie style from behind, she definitely also controls the action too, pushing her ass into Wolf’s hard cock.  If you are a fan of hot interracial action, Natassia and Wolf are two performers who look great together on camera.

Overall, I thought this was a great DVD for any black t-girl admirer. With a mix of directors used, viewers are able to enjoy a variety of different and yet cohesive cinematic styles.  Grooby has handpicked some of the best models right now, well known and rising stars that will definitely make you hot.

Purchase your copy today at Shemale Video Direct!

Can You Handle the Heat at Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet?

Check out Shemale DVD Review for reviews of your favorite t-girl DVDs! Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet is a delectable treat for the senses!  Starring Adriana Lynn Rush, Sofia Ferreira, Natalie Foxx, Gaby, and Valerie Alamond, Blackula has handpicked some of the hottest performers in the industry for five steamy hardcore scenes.  Blackula’s cinematic style is unmistakable—everything is shot with equal beauty and sensuality. He really gets in there, in the middle of the action and you always feel like more than a fly on the wall in his scenes, you feel like a participant.

Let’s get started with my scene by scene review:

Adriana Lynn Rush is the current Tranny Award winner for Bob’s Tgirls Model of the Year and a fantastic model to kick off this DVD. This scene already starts with a lot of heat, with Christian pushing Adriana against the wall as they make out. He is hungry for her and pulls out her cock from her panties and sucking on her uncut cock.

While still standing, Adriana turns around and offers her perfectly round bubble butt to Christian. He bends down and tongues her, preparing her she-pussy to be demolished. He takes her to the bed and she rides him hard while letting her own cock brush up against Christian’s body.

Gaby is just perusing a magazine in bed when her boyfriend Smith comes home. He asks her about her day, but you can tell he has something else on his mind. He makes it quite known that he doesn’t want to talk, he wants to use his mouth for something else as he kisses her.

They 69 each other, while Gaby throats Smith’s cock in her mouth.  She then bends over and he slowly inserts a glass dildo in her she-pussy as he simultaneously strokes her cock.  He lays her on her side and fucks her behind, while you get a perfect view of Gaby tugging on her own cock. Smith decides to help her out and strokes her off while he thrusts into her until their milky climax.

Natalie Foxx is looking quite wild in her animal print bra and panties. She’s taking a nap and you can immediately tell that Christian is getting antsy waiting for her to wake up. He seems a bit annoyed to be waiting for so long, but he quickly changes his tune when she comes over and sits in his lap.

She takes off her bra and sucks him off, so he returns the favor and slips off her panties and starts tonguing her wet she-pussy. She rides Christian’s dick hard as he plays with her nipples. He takes his time fucking her and it’s done very sensually. He wants to make sure she can feel his cock going deep inside of her.

Sofia Ferreira has got Wolf craving some she-pussy. She teases him as she straddles him and he takes the opportunity to slip down her lingerie and suck on her sweet nipples. Wolf really pounds Sofia’s sweet she-pussy as she moans in pleasure with every thrust. Her hard cock is swinging around wildly too and it’s mesmerizing.

The highlight of this scene is the close-up Blackula does as Sofia jerks herself off to cum. Wolf is slowly thrusting into her. These close-ups are one of Blackula’s cinematic trademarks and it works well here because you feel like you are lying with her, anticipating her orgasm.

The bookend of this DVD is fantastic scene with Valerie Alamond and Wolf. Valerie asks Wolf to come to bed, but he tells her to wait a minute because he’s reading. She’s not having any of it and she asks why he’d prefer reading his book over fucking her. She’s very convincing, obviously, because he puts down his book and takes her to the bed for some playtime.

Wolf pays great attention to Valerie’s smokin’ hot body, eagerly sucking on her cock as he fondles her breasts. This is a perfect climax and ending to the DVD, Valerie has great stamina as she gets fucked by Wolf.

Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet is a great DVD for those looking for a steamy introduction some great new talent. All five scenes are stellar and I guarantee you’ll feel stuffed after watching it!


Buy Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet at Shemale Video Direct Today!

Grooby Productions and Third World Media have teamed up again for their latest DVD release: Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet! Starring Adriana Lynn Rush, Sofia Ferreira, Natalie Foxx, Gaby, and Valerie Alamond in five delicious hardcore scenes. If you like your t-girls served hot and sexy, Blackula’s Hot Tranny Buffet will leave you stuffed! By the way, Adriana Lynn Rush also recently won the Tranny Award for Bob’s Tgirl Model of the Year. She’s a fantastic performer and in her steamy hardcore scene, you’ll see why she was added to this hot tranny buffet!

You can purchase your copy at SHEMALE VIDEO DIRECT TODAY!


Pre-Order Canada TGirls DVD at Shemale Video Direct Now!

Pre-order your copy of Grooby Productions and Third World Media’s latest release, Canada T-girls! Canada T-Girls features the hottest models from our neighbors up north! With a stellar cast, Danika Dreamz, Angee Diamond, Sumaya, Dita Dior, and Sweet Valerie star in five steamy hardcore scenes, including a memorable threesome with Danika Dreamz, Sweet Valerie, and Christian. These t-girls are so hot that you’ll want to pour sweet maple syrup all over their naked bodies!


Grooby, Third World Release Shemale Pornstar: All New Los Angeles T-Girls on DVD

Burbank, CA – Grooby Productions and Third World Media announced their newest DVD, Shemale Pornstar:  All New Los Angeles T-Girls.  The title is the newest release for the popular DVD line and can be ordered through distributor Third World Media.

Shemale Pornstar: All New Los Angeles T-Girls was shot entirely in California by directors Buddy Wood and Blackula and features a stellar cast: Neveah Sky, Yazlene Reyes, Venus Lux, Gaby, and Nelly in five steamy hardcore scenes.

Grooby Productions owner Steven Grooby said, “Our Shemale Pornstar titles are some of our biggest sellers usually because they’re all-American models and featuring some of the newest transsexual talent.  This release sees some of the best up and comers and all from California.  Venus Luxe and Naveah Sky debuted in 2012 and have gained a huge following in a short time and the other models are always fan favorites. We’re expecting this DVD to be one of our biggest sellers of the year.”

Grooby Productions and Third World Media partnered together in 2010 to co-produce, distribute, and sell the Grooby DVD line.  Shemale Pornstar #3 is the latest in this series, followed by recently releases  Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok #2, Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemales, and Domino Presley: Transsexual Goddess.


Grooby and Third World Media Release Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok 2 on DVD

Burbank, CA – Grooby Productions and Third World Media announced their latest DVD, Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok 2. The DVD is the second release from Grooby’s new series and be purchased through their official store,

“Our first release, Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok, did so well that we wanted to issue a worthy follow-up,” said Grooby Productions owner Steven Grooby. “Once again we sent Frank and Christian to Bangkok in search of the hottest ladyboys. I was really pleased with the scenes they brought back for me. I think any guy who has wanted their own Bangkok adventure will love this title. It’s definitely  a worthy predecessor to Shemale.XXX DVD line.”

Shot entirely on location, Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok 2 is directed by Frank of Frank’s TGirl World and follows the adventures of Christian in Thailand. The DVD features five hardcore scenes with some of the most popular ladyboys in Bangkok: Nay, Q, Sai, Monica, and Ronnie.

Grooby Productions and Third World Media partnered together in 2010 to co-produce, distribute, and sell the Grooby DVD line.  Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok 2 is the latest in this series, followed by recent releases Domino Presley: Transsexual Goddess, Blackula and the Wolf: House of 10,000 Shemales, and Amy Daly the Translesbian 2.

Pre-Order Your Copy of Domino Presley: Transsexual Goddess

Domino Presley: Transsexual Goddess features handpicked hardcore and solo scenes featuring Tranny Award Winner and two-time Shemale Yum Model of the Year, Domino Presley. There’s even a steamy solo scene with Domino jerking herself off with a fleshlight. This is also the first DVD with Domino and her new boobs! Stay tuned for our scene-by-scene review!