Natasha Guedes’ hot debut on Frank’s TGirl World!

Natasha Guedes Frank's TGirl World

Natasha Guedes is a dark-haired vixen who makes a memorable debut on Frank’s TGirl World! Natasha has a truly luscious body, highlighted by her gorgeous natural breasts, amazingly tight ass, and big hard tgirl cock! Watch as Natasha strips down to reveal her sexy body and then stroke her meaty tgirl cock and cum just for you! Natasha is the real deal and we look forward to seeing a lot more from this stunning lady!


Natasha Guedes Frank's TGirl World   Natasha Guedes Frank's TGirl World

Jaz Rose cums for you on Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday!

Jaz Rose Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday

Jaz Rose is another Femout grad and rising star who shines brightly as she is featured in this week’s edition of Cumshot Monday on Grooby Girls! Jaz is an exotic vixen with her dark hair and sexy smile to along with her gorgeous natural breasts, luscious ass, and big hard tgirl cock! Watch as Jaz gets naked in the shower and then she strokes her meaty tgirl cock and shoots a big creamy load just for you!


Jaz Rose Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday   Jaz Rose Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday

Being transgender in today’s America


Looking back at 2017 it’s difficult to see it as anything but a disastrous year for the transgender community, and to feel a great deal of trepidation about what 2018 has in store for us. As a community we certainly faced many challenges last year and it’s easy to get caught up in all the negativity and feel a sense of hopeless or frustration seeing so much of what we gained under previous administrations being undone by Trump, but there is reason to be hopeful.

The election last November was a historic day for the transgender community as seven openly transgender candidates won elections across the nation, winning seats on school boards, city councils, and in a state house. Voter turnout was strong and Americans sent a clear and loud message that the Trump Administration’s agenda of hate and discrimination is not working and is not endorsed by a growing number of Americans. Democrat Danica Roem became the first openly transgender candidate to be elected and seated to a state legislature when she beat 26-year incumbent Bob Marshall for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates. Marshall is well known for his anti-trans beliefs, having proposed a bathroom bill last year to restrict access to public bathrooms for trans people, and continually mis-gendered Roem during the campaign. Ms. Roem was sworn into office this week. Andrea Jenkins became the first transgender woman of color to be elected to public office as she won a seat in the Minneapolis City Council to represent the city’s 8th ward with a convincing win, getting more than 70% of the votes. And there is every reason to be hopeful that in this year’s mid-term election the Democrats will continue to gain more seats in Congress. Trump’s dismal approval rating, along with the large number of Republican House members opting not to run for reelection, have paved the way for a major shakeup in the House. Gaining control of the Senate is more of a longshot, but still within range. This is why it is so vitally important for trans people to register and vote; we need to make our voices and our votes heard now more than ever.

Another major victory was achieved when the courts, and public opinion, ruled against Trump’s proposed ban against transgender people serving openly in the military. After several courts ruled against the ban, and many military leaders spoke out against the ban, Trump finally gave up the battle. But what Trump did accomplish was to draw public attention to the many transgender service members who, as District Judge Kollar-Kotelly noted in the first of several court rulings against the ban “have and continue to serve with distinction.” Trumps attempt to drum trans service member out of the military backfired and only served to strengthen the resolve of those who serve and those who support them.

Illinois recently became the second state to ban the “trans panic” legal defense, after California led the way and banned it in 2014. While this is certainly a positive step to have another state ban this barbaric legal defense, it’s disheartening that there are still 48 states in America where it is allowed. But momentum is building and activists are mounting legislative campaigns to follow suit in seven other states this year.

In a move that was bizarre even for Trump, he tried to ban the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from using the word “transgender” but once again public outrage forced him into backing off from his demand. Last December The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration banned the CDC from using seven words — “fetus,” “transgender,” “diversity,” “science-based,” “evidence-based,” “vulnerable,” and “entitlement” in any documents used to prepare the agency’s budget. This sparked immediate outrage from across the nation and sent the administration backpedaling in an attempt to ease the uproar. This was yet another blatant attempt to erase the trans population from existence, but once again the action was rebuffed by outraged Americans.

These are but a few examples of the gains we’ve made the past year, and I’m sure I’ve missed some. It’s easy to overlook the good things that are happening when we’re bombarded daily with so much negativity, but they are there if we look. And I think we all, myself included, need to refocus on the positives and not dwell so much on the negatives. We also need to find the resolve to keep fighting and not give in, and to work towards creating more positive outcomes. The reality of the world we live in today is that is we choose to do nothing we are in effect endorsing the Trump administration’s agenda of hate and discrimination, and I don’t think any of us are okay with that.

Collectively and individually we are stronger than we realize. I just read a post on social media by a friend about what she has had to endure during her life, and she has had deal with some horrendous situations and a lot guilt and self-doubt. But she fought through it and survived and is stronger because of it. It pains me that so many in the trans community have had such difficult and challenging lives, but the positive side of that is it makes us stronger and better able to survive the difficult times we face later in life. And we as a nation and a community are facing one of those difficult times now. But make no mistake, we will prevail. The transgender community is going to be thriving long after Donald Trump is nothing but a distant and unpleasant memory in this nations history. We just have to have faith in ourselves and our fellow Americans that right will prevail, as it always has.

On a personal note, I’m excited to be back writing my Through The Benz column after being on hiatus for a while and thank you all for sticking with me.


Sexy Deja featured in Black TGirls Cumshot Thursday!

Deja Black TGirls Cumshot Thursday

It’s like Déjà vu once again have the lovely Deja return to Black TGirls, this time featured in Cumshot Thursday! Deja has it all with her gorgeous breasts, killer ass, big hard tgirl cock! Watch as Deja  strokes her meaty tgirl cock and shoot a big creamy load just for you!


Deja Black TGirls Cumshot Thursday   Deja Black TGirls Cumshot Friday

Russian babe Victoria Mazhevski cums on TGirls XXX!

Victoria Mazhevski TGirls XXX

Russian babe Victoria Mazhevski returns to TGirls XXX for her fourth scene, and she just keeps getting better! This buxom blonde has it all with her seductive smile, voluptuous breasts, curvaceous ass, and big hard tgirl cock! Watch as Victoria strips down to her sexy red lingerie and then strokes her throbbing tgirl cock and cums just for you! This is one hot set that will surely leave you satisfied!


Victoria Mazhevski TGirls XXX   Victoria Mazhevski TGirls XXX

Sexy Stella Marie’s breathtaking debut on Femout XXX!

Stella Marie Femout XXX

Stella Marie is a sexy brunette who hails from Kansas City and she makes quite an impression with her debut set on Femout XXX! Stella has gorgeous natural breasts, a luscious ass, and a big meaty tgirl cock she loves to play with! Watch as Stella shows she’s a natural in front of the camera as she strikes all her poses and then strokes her throbbing tgirl cock and cum just for you! We see big things in Stella’s future so be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming scenes from her!


Stella Marie Femout XXX   Stella Marie Femout XXX

Cumshot Monday with Amanda Taylor on Grooby Girls!

Amanda Taylor Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday

Rising star Amanda Taylor rings in the new year in style with the first edition of Cumshot Monday on Grooby Girls! Amanda was one of the hottest models last year, and with good reason when you see her gorgeous natural breasts, her amazing ass, and big hard tgirl cock! Watch as Amanda strikes all the right poses and strokes her meaty tgirl cock and shoots a big creamy load of cum just for you! This is an amazing start to another year of bringing you the hottest tgirl models and best cumshots anywhere!


Amanda Taylor Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday   Amanda Taylor Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday

Candy Licious’ sweet set on TGirls XXX Cumshot Friday!

Candy Licious TGirls XXX Cumshot Friday

Candy Licious kicks off the years first edition of TGirls XXX Cumshot Friday with a sweet set that will leave you wanting more of this sexy lady! Candy looks smoking-hot in her knee-high boots and sexy lingerie which shows off her gorgeous breasts, luscious ass, and big hard tgirl cock! Watch as Candy strips and strokes her meaty tgirl cock and shoots a big sticky load on her sexy tummy!


Candy Licious TGirls XXX Cumshot Friday   Candy Licious TGirls XXX Cumshot Friday

Cumshot Thursday with Chyna on Black TGirls!

Chyna Black TGirls Cumshot Thursday

It’s time for the first Black TGirls Cumshot Thursday of 2018 and we present the one and only Chyna! Chyna is like a fine china you take out on special occasions, and she is looking more beautiful that ever with her voluptuous breasts, luscious ass, and magnificent tgirl cock! Watch as Chyna strips and strokes her meaty tgirl cock and shoots a big load of creamy cum just for you! We’re happy to ring in the new year with this amazing set and look forward to bringing you another year of your favorite models cumming just for you!


Chyna Black TGirls Cumshot Thursday   Chyna Black TGirls Cumshot Thursday

Kelly Clare to Sponsor 2018 TEAs

Los Angeles, CA – TS performer Kelly Clare announced her sponsorship of the 2018 TEAs. Her website,, is also nominated for Best Solo Site.

“I’m honored to support and sponsor the TEAs for the first time this year,” said Kelly Clare. “It’s been a few years since I’ve attended and I’m excited to see how much the shown has grown since then!”

“We’re really appreciative of Kelly’s support and enthusiasm for the upcoming TEAs,” said TEA Executive Producer Kristel Penn. “The success of the show is completely dependent on our sponsors and it says a lot to see Kelly and others in our community pitch in to make the TEAs what it is today.”

Visit Kelly Clare’s official website at Fans can also follow her on Twitter at @KellyClareBabi.

The 2018 sponsorship packages are now posted on the website here:

Sponsor and media inquiries can be directed to Kristel Penn at

The 2018 TEAs are a three-day event held in Hollywood, CA, kicking off with an official pre-party at the Bardot on March 9, a daytime fan convention at the Avalon on March 10, and ramping up to the awards ceremony on March 11 at the Avalon. The awards will be hosted by viral sensation TEA Lifetime Achievement recipient TS Madison.

More details about the event will be released in the months to come. Visit their official website at

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TS Star Jacquie Blu Returns as 2018 TEA Sponsor

Los Angeles, CA – TS performer and producer Jacquie Blu is proud to announce her sponsorship of the 2018 TEAs.

“I am extremely happy to sponsor the TEA Awards again this year,” stated Jacquie Blu. “I was only an attendee in 2016, but I was a sponsor and had two nominations in 2017. This year I am making a contribution once again to help show my appreciation and support for all that you do and for the industry that I love so much.”

“I met Jacquie a few years ago when she was a TEA attendee and loved her upbeat energy,” added Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “I’m really grateful for her generosity and kind heart I think the TEAs are better for it.”

Jacquie Blu moved to California from the east coast a few years ago to pursue her dream of model and adult filmmaking. After moving west, she started collaborating with photographer Al Tom (of Altomic Visuals) and thanks to his incredible work was able to launch her official website, The site has nearly a dozen very large photo galleries over 20 video scenes for fans to enjoy. Some are BDSM scenes with Mistress Cyan at the Sanctuary LAX, with more on the horizon.

In 2016, Jacquie Blu started working with Dr. Susan Block, who is a well-known sex educator, sex therapist, and author. They produce a weekly talk show, all related to sex, kink, and the Bonobo Way. Their guests consist mainly of porn stars, Doms, Dommes, artists, authors, and more.

“I cannot describe the intense feeling I get when I realize that I am actually fulfilling a life-long passion and desire,” added Jacquie.  “To all my followers and fans, thank you all so much and I love you all. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.”

In early 2017, Jacquie Blu started her own production company, Blu Dreamz, where she produces, directs, edits, and stars in numerous scenes with performers like Kristen Kraves, Natalie Chen, Lana Solaire, Chloe Wilcox, Riley Reyes, and many others.

Recently Jacquie became the Managing Editor for a new online TS magazine with the All Pleasure Network.

TEA media and sponsorship inquiries can be directed to

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The exquisite Carrie Emberlyn returns to Grooby Girls!

Carrie Emberlyn Grooby Girls

Carrie Emberlyn rocks in the new year with another smoking-hot set on Grooby Girls! Carrie has it all with her tight body, amazing eyes and that sexy smile to go with her gorgeous natural breasts, killer ass, and big hard tgirl cock! Watch as the January Model of the Month strips down to revel her luscious body and then stroke her meaty tgirl cock until she cums just for you! The girl is a rising star and we look forward to seeing a lot more from her!


Carrie Emberlyn Grooby Girls   Carrie Emberlyn Grooby Girls

Grooby Announces New Initiative to Remove Unwanted ‘Hate’ Tattoos

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby announced their new initiative for trans performers wanting financial assistance to have their “hate” tattoos removed or covered up.

“Over the years we’ve had models come to shoots with tattoos that they tried to hide from us or were ashamed of,” said Steven Grooby. “We’ve usually left it to the producers’ discretion and either turned away models or covered the tattoos up. Many performers we work with come from estranged backgrounds, and I’ve never been from the school of thought that people can’t change. I believe in the importance of giving people a second chance. We have people who are having problems getting work either in the industry or outside of it from a mistake they made many years ago. If this can help these individuals move forward, then I believe it’s a good initiative.”

Kristel Penn added, “Those interested should contact us directly. Everything here is confidential and our offer to help remove/cover your tattoo does that oblige anyone to work for us in any capacity and does not suggest we will have work for them. This is just a gesture of good faith and one we hope helps those who take part in it.”

Those interested should contact Grooby is also looking for tattoo artists who want to work together on this initiative.


Founded in 1996, Grooby is the leading producer of trans erotica. In addition to operating over 30 membership sites, the company produces nearly 50 DVDs a year and hosts the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) held in Hollywood, CA. More information about the event can be found at

In 2017, the company took over the editorial content for Transformation, the world’s most popular transgender lifestyle magazine. For more information, visit

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Nikki Montero to Sponsor 2018 TEAs

Los Angeles, CA – is proud to announce their returning sponsorship of the 2018 TEAs. The site is run by multi-year TEA nominated performer, Nikki Montero, who is up for the 2018 Best International Model.

“2017 has been a big year for me,” said Nikki Montero. “I’ve been shooting Human Fountains and T-Girl Bukkakes to make a difference in T-Girl porn. I’ll be flying all the way from Chile to attend the TEAs and look forward to seeing everyone!”

“Nikki has been a longtime supporter of the TEAs and always brings such positive energy when she attends our event,” added TEA Executive Producer Kristel Penn. “The success of the TEAs is because of our community and people like Nikki who sponsored the event when it was still growing and continue to do so now. Her support and generosity are very much appreciated.” is a site created and starring Nikki Montero and the beautiful Asian ladyboys of Thailand and the Philippines. Montero visits the Thai ladyboy bars in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket to bring fans some hot and heavy hardcore action straight from her hotel room.

The 2018 sponsorship packages are now posted on the website here:

Sponsor and media inquiries can be directed to Kristel Penn at

The 2018 TEAs are a three-day event held in Hollywood, CA, kicking off with an official pre-party at the Bardot on March 9, a daytime fan convention at the Avalon on March 10, and ramping up to the awards ceremony on March 11 at the Avalon. The awards will be hosted by viral sensation TEA Lifetime Achievement recipient TS Madison.

More details about the event will be released in the months to come. Visit their official website at

A Message for 2018 – Steven Grooby

Thank you for continuing this incredible ride with me!

Grooby started in 1996 as a pet project, and each and every day I look forward to coming to work (it’s helped that most days my office is 50 ft from my bedroom) and seeing what the morning’s emails have brought and what I have inline for the day. The content of the overnight communications often dictates the direction of the day, but opening those morning emails always brings something new – sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes exhilarating and other times frustrating but never the same.

I appreciate how incredibly fortunate I am to have a job that I love doing – but with that role comes responsibilities. Responsibility for the 15 full-time staff, and 15 producers working with us. Responsibilities to try and make sure we get as much work and income to as many models as I can (with over 1500 shoots across our networks in 2017). I have responsibilities to the members to provide them with what they are paying for, responsibilities to the individual sites to make sure they’re able to keep running and fulfil their remit and responsibilities to the company, to make sure that we can keep it running, keep turning a profit, keep reinvesting in new ideas and projects and keep the ride going.

2017 has been a bit of a rocky ride. At the start of the year, website sales were down for everyone and we saw sales dip on previous years. We decided to take a long look at how we do things and have made some changes to the sites, both in technical areas (faster servers, 4k video) but in content by trying our ‘Cumshot Specials’ and increasing the scene quality – and that along with a myriad of other tweaks have brought sales much closer to what we were expecting. We had a very successful transition from ‘Shemale Yum’ to ‘Grooby Girls’ and more recently, ‘Shemale.XXX’ to ‘Tgirls.XXX’ and a few smaller domains – it was a lot of hard work, but worth it. We launched which seems to be doing okay and we’ve a good base to continue to grow this side of the business and our has launched recently – instead of paying up to 65% to outside VOD companies, 100% of the spend comes back to us, so we can reinvest in new productions. Other highlights, were our best Transgender Erotica Awards to date, running the editorial content for Transformation magazine which I think our designer Dev and Kristel have done an amazing job on

2018 is looking to be a challenging year. The adult industry has legal issues to deal with in the UK and the US, with a UK law coming in April which everyone must prove they are over 18 before getting access to sexual material – and the US bringing in some new billing laws, I’ll be staying on top of these, don’t worry! We also have the repeal of net neutrality and it appears some big providers in the US have already started traffic shaping and we’re going to have to work with that to ensure our speeds don’t suffer. I believe we’re going to see even less companies producing trans content then previous years (there was a small spike in 2017 as a handful of mainstream companies seeing the ‘trans trend’ in the media, tried to make content but if you look, that’s mainly dropped off) and I think we’re going to see a lot of models getting disillusioned over trade/self-produced content.

My (and Grooby’s) roadmap for 2018, includes working more with independent producers both by creating a forum at which is for models, producers, affiliates and other business only to discuss, promote, network and work out issues away from the public as well as finally launch T.Porn properly, allowing models to sell their content which the maximised their sales on elsewhere, directly to us. We are also producing better communication tools between the models, the company and the producers to ensure that models know exactly what to do, what to expect and what their expectations are, when they come to work with us. On a production front, we’re going to have two ‘partner-type’ websites starting this month – but then start looking at expanding into different niches, under the Trans umbrella. Different niches, and fetishes, or styles – which I’m excited about.

I’d like to end this letter where I began. With a thank you for being with us, in whatever capacity. I do appreciate that you do have choices and I do my utmost to try and do the ‘right thing’ both ethically, morally and as a business person in running this company. Those criteria don’t always match exactly but I do try and mitigate them where I can.

I wish you all the most health, luck, well being and respect for 2018.

Staying Grooby,

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