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Casey Kisses shines in Cumshot Monday on Grooby Girls!

Casey Kisses Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday

It’s Monday and you know what that means: Cumshot Monday on Grooby Girls! And this week the luscious Casey Kisses is featured in a set so hot it will eclipse your wildest fantasies!  Casey has voluptuous breasts, a gorgeous ass, and a truly magnificent tgirl cock that has to be seen to be believed! Watch as Casey strips off her leather and fishnets and strokes her throbbing tgirl cock and shoots a big load of cum just for you!


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Are “you guys” being overly sensitive?


We in the transgender community have a lot of things to be concerned about in these troubling times. Our state and federal governments continue to attempt passage of legislation which takes away our rights and makes it legal to discriminate against us. Bathroom bills continue to be proposed in state after state. Federal protections for transgender youth have been done away with, leaving them more vulnerable and at even greater risk of bullying. Transgender murders and suicides continue at a horrendous rate. Trans people still have high rates of unemployment and poverty. We have a president who is systematically taking away our rights, such as declaring he will reinstate the ban on trans people serving openly in the military, and who is sorely lacking in moral character by failing to stand up to and condemn the violence and hate carried out by the white supremacists and neo-Nazis. We have a nation which is divided and coming apart at the seams.

And in the midst of all these pressing issues, there are an increasingly large number of people in our community who would rather worry about petty things, which, in the large scheme of things, aren’t really very relevant. And more importantly, they divert our time and attention away from the issues which are important. One of my pet peeves is people who get very offended when they are part of a mix-gender group of people which gets referred to as “you guys.” I completely understand that some people are sensitive to being triggered by certain things, such as being mis-gendered. No one, including me, likes to be mis-gendered, and especially when it’s intentional and meant to be hurtful. But the term “you guys” is generally considered to be gender-neutral. There is a big difference between being called a guy, which is gender specific, and being among a group of people which is addressed as “you guys.” We need to use common sense and have some level of comprehension as to how the comment was said and the intended meaning. Someone can be called a lady, but based on the context of how it was said along with the tone of voice and whether it was said sarcastically, it can be said as an insult and to be demeaning.

Some words, such as dude, guy, lady, gal, girl, boy, etc., refer to specific genders and are pretty much universally accepted. “You guys” is generally accepted as a generic mixed-gender colloquialism. Very few people these days refer to a mixed gender group as “guys and gals.” Just doesn’t happen in today’s society and with how the English language has evolved. Should we be in an uproar because we still continue to use the words “manhole cover,” “freshman,” and “mankind?” Again, where do we draw the line? Should we start a petition to change the name to “womanhole covers?” I personally think that sounds like a bad idea!

My point, is that sometimes we lose perspective, and maybe get a bit overly sensitive. Let’s not jump down someone’s throat over an innocent comment when there was no malice or ill-intent behind it. The English language is always evolving and words take on new meanings, but we still have to use common sense and take into account the context of how something was said, along with body language and tone of voice. Let’s not stress over the little things when we have so many important issues which need our attention.

And with that I’m going to thank you guys for taking the time to read this and go to bed now!


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The New Grooby Girls: An Interview with Steven Grooby

On August 15, 2017, we rebranded our flagship site,, to This is a big day for Grooby and we’re excited to share the news with the world. The Grooby staff have been hard at work to ensure the switchover is seamless for our customers, but please be patient with us as this is a massive project.   

People looking for the official press release can click here, but we wanted to talk more about the rebrand in a format we felt was more our style. In this interview, Steven Grooby and Kristel Penn chat about the history of Grooby and its place in trans porn, the new site and what will happen to the original site, and the future of the company.  

Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @GroobyGirls and @Groobydotcom for more updates.

Kristel Penn: By the time I joined the company ten years ago, was already established as the site for trans porn, especially for performers looking to make their big break in the industry. Can you speak a bit about the origin story of Grooby and your flagship site? First of all, does the name ‘Grooby’ have some kind of personal significance to you or is it just a made up word?

Steven Grooby: Have you only been with the company for ten years, it seems longer?  Grooby is just a made up word, because ‘Groovy’ was unavailable.  I got tired of people asking me what it meant, so I started calling myself Steven Grooby,  so it’s become very personal to me. I love the word.

KP: I bet it seems longer because of all the white hair I’ve probably given you by now! Although the Grooby brand is now exclusively associated with trans content, most people would be surprised to know you owned a number of non-trans sites back in the day.

SG: As domain names were so expensive in 1996 (and I was broke) I bought ‘’ as a domain to cover a number of AVS sites I had in different niches, so the sites were,,, etc. When it was clear the ‘shemale’ niche was rocketing above the other niches and I decided to create a unique site for that, I settled on the name ‘Shemale Yum’ as something catchy. It doesn’t actually mean anything other than the general idea that ‘Yum’ means (tasty, gorgeous) and ‘shemale’ was the go to word, for the little amount of transsexual porn available on video and magazines at this time.

KP: When you created ‘Shemale Yum’ in the late 90s, what was trans porn like back then? Were there a lot of other sites creating trans content exclusively and were terms like ‘Shemale’ and ‘Tranny’ commonplace then?

SG: There were a few minor sites when we started but the newsgroups were all ‘shemale’ and the other porn available on VHS were often ‘Shemale’ and ‘Tranny’ titles.  The first other websites I saw were and Planet Shemale.  We actually started coining ‘Tgirls’ earlier than anyone else in porn, and have really been instrumental in that usage.

KP: It’s kind of cool to see how much the term “tgirl” is used now, both in and out of porn. I’ve also heard performers say they’re a “Yum Girl” which I’ve seen use interchangeably with “Grooby Girl.”

SG: ‘Shemale Yum’ is the home planet. All other sites are spin-offs from it. It’s the website that most TS models in the industry first appear on. Since 1997, it’s been featuring new models and existing stars. It’s the first place models like Vo D’Balm, Domino Presley, Foxxy, Natassia Dreams, Kylie Maria, Morgan Bailey, Bailey Jay, Jessica Foxx, and probably over 1800 other performers were photographed here first. came from Shemale Yum, as did; almost all other sites we run owe their success to Shemale Yum. Everyone knows the name and the brand.

KP: How funny – all these years, I actually thought was launched at the same time as! I find I still learn something new every day at work.  What about you? In your experience of being in the industry for over 20+ years, do you think the social consciousness in society (non-porn) mirrors the social consciousness within the adult community?

SG: I think the transgender porn industry has done more to bring more girls to be authentic to themselves and embrace their gender earlier, than any other industry.  Media is still catching up, almost every portrayal of a trans person is still problematic and doesn’t show them as more than a misinformed stereotype.  

KP: I agree, there still isn’t a lot of diversity in mainstream media when it comes to trans people – which means those few representations tend to either be too “ideal” or too much of a two-dimensional stereotype. Either way, lack of representation misses the nuances of what it means to be trans.

SG: Sites like Shemale Yum started showing models that were outside the stereotype norm of a ‘shemale pornstar’ very early on, inviting models from different backgrounds, body shapes and sizes, ages and stages of transition. We showcased diverse models and in turn, I’ve been told many times, that girls who saw these diverse models who were more authentic, were encouraged to make the first steps themselves.

KP: Because Yum also features performers who are earlier on in their transition alongside some of the biggest names in TS porn, I think many apply to the site when they want to make their big media debuts.  

SG: I truly believe with no hyperbole intended, that we’ve been responsible for many girls being able to be true to themselves.  While many may find this problematic because of their own issues with the porn, there are few other outlets that have allowed girls social interaction and a platform to be themselves.

KP: I often get frustrated by the misconceptions about porn outside of our industry, and in particular, misconceptions about Grooby as a company. I’ve heard some out crazy, outright lies about us and it still makes me mad! I don’t know how you stay so calm. Perhaps I’ll be calmer 10 years from now.

SG: I’ve been in this industry longer than most, and at Grooby we’ve evolved and changed. In the early days, when I was younger and traveling the world, the ego did overtake a bit too much and I recognize that.  We did always believe in treating the models with respect and manners, which is why we’ve seen producers come and exit the company rather rapidly if they didn’t fit our ethos.   

I stand by everything our company does – and with the people we work with in the US and Europe, we’ve created a company that the employees are genuinely proud of.  We always try to do ‘the right thing’ and we’ve evolved from being just a porn delivery company, to an adult entertainment media lifestyle company with more than just porn.   

KP: I’ve been particularly proud of our evolution into a lifestyle company, with the creation of TAIF (Trans Adult Industry Foundation), handling the editorial content for Transformation Magazine, and the educational workshops we’ve been hosting in non-porn specific places on destigmatizing porn and its consumption. Despite that, however, I notice you are still confronted on social media on a somewhat regular basis (although, it seems with less frequency these days).

SG: I’m probably the easiest target in the whole adult industry as I engage people on social media, and because like the entrepreneurs I admire, I believe in being the face of the company. The attacks on us, or on me personally, by a small group of people I find amusing, the only issue they can find were on the site name – or that fact that I’m a ‘white’, ‘cis-gender’, ‘male’.  I’ve seen interviews where people have claimed to have been instrumental in the name changing of the TEA’s and I’m sure there will be a few here also. Only last week, a cam performer claimed the reason we changed the TEA’s was because of sponsorship money, which was absolutely false.

KP: Do you have to fight the urge to respond to every untrue claim? I know I do.

SG: When you’ve been at the top of the game as long as have, you expect to be sniped.  We just take it as it is,  make the statements why we are doing what we do, stand by it and if people want to discuss it, then by all means. But nobody other than the Grooby staff members have had any input on any name changes we’ve ever done.  That’s the fact.

KP: I bet some will be shocked by the name change.

SG: Never say never (and I never did!).

As you know, this wasn’t an overnight decision. It’s been a planned and protracted timeline that’s taken us to the renaming of the site and a lot of work to get ‘GroobyGirls’ built into the brand it is now.

KP:  Yes, this was definitely a decision that took quite some time to solidify. I’m glad we waited until we could get all of our ducks in a row. I think this rebrand will feel very fitting to our fans and performers. It won’t take a lot of energy to make that switch over in someone’s head.

SG: Yes, and also, change is good, and we’ve changed our company and sites constantly over the past 20 years, but simply renaming a brand that has as much worth as ‘ShemaleYum’ wasn’t something that could be done without having a proper plan in place, and that plan was to build ‘Grooby’ and ‘GroobyGirls’ into the brand, to be bigger than the individual website names.

The tshirts, calendars, all the merchandise, the hashtags, and the naming of more new products with ‘Grooby’ such as and have all been to make ‘Grooby’ the searchable word, and the key to this has been to get ‘Grooby’ into the more general usage that it has become.

KP: Just to reference a point people generally bring up when it comes to keywords/search terms used in porn. You mentioned before that words like “shemale” are the most searched for porn than other related terms.

SG: Yes, most research shows that it is – and for search engines, people looking for transsexual porn will use that. We dropped using the word in all our editorials and previews years ago and worked on making ‘GroobyGirls’ a bigger descriptor. If you look now, where used to rank 1st page on a search for ‘shemale’, it doesn’t feature at all now – so for us, the search engines on that word are now irrelevant. But ask practically anyone who is interested in transsexual porn to name the biggest TS porn companies and Grooby is going to be within the first names they mention. We can spend more time and energy on more specific search terms and reaching new audiences through the branding.

We’ve had to recognize that the word ‘shemale’ can be considered offensive by a lot of our models, and even though they’ve continued to work with us, our aim has never been anything but to show them the utmost respect and to create an environment and company which they will to love to work in. is the perfect fit for the new site.  Through our marketing and merchandising and lots of effort that name has become synonymous with trans girls who work in, or want to work in adult entertainment.  Across social media you will already see girls calling themselves ‘Grooby Girls’ and anybody with a passing interest in trans porn, know’s what ‘Grooby’ is.
We’re the first site not to have to use any descriptor in our title other than ‘girl’.  Which is exactly what our models are.   Gorgeous, interesting, fun, sexy, powerful girls.  They’re Grooby Girls.

KP: So why did you go with GroobyGirls?

SG: When you and I sat down to go over new names for ShemaleYum all those years ago, the one thing I absolutely did not want, was to do what I think everyone would have expected, to change it to ‘TgirlYum’ or something else using ‘transsexual’, ‘tgirl’ etc. I wanted something that defined the models less in the typical descriptor words, yet defined them within another.

KP: I do remember those conversations quite vividly! We brainstormed for what felt like hours, not coming to an agreement that felt like a good fit, tabling the project for a bit, and then returning back to it again.

SG: Using our brand name (as a company that specializes only in the transgender field) is what defines the type of model and they are all girls, so ‘GroobyGirls’ is the perfect website. Fans should be in no doubt what sort of content we feature, and models are already happily wearing and promoting our ‘GroobyGirls’ shirts and brand.

KP: What has been the most difficult part about this switchover process?

SG: Keeping it a secret. Apart from only a small handful of Grooby staff, absolutely nobody had any idea we’re about to do this. So it was difficult and I think that makes it more exciting and for me more fun.

KP: This morning our staff coordinated and triple-checked with each other before making the switch over to ensure we timed everything right. Do you think this is going to make a difference in sales for us?  How do you think the members will react?

SG: It’s good to make changes and keep things fresh. I don’t think this will affect the sales immediately either negatively or positively but it’s going to help with the continuance and building of the Grooby brand. I think the members will mostly be nonchalant, they come for the models and not the name. We have amazing support from them, but if this does help some people decide to join when they previously had an issue with it, then all the better. The main effect is going to be for the models. Many haven’t had a problem with the name but many have, even though they’ve understood the why’s and history of the site. This should hopefully resolve any of those issues and I believe by just being ‘Grooby Girls’ it’s something they can continue to be proud of and stand by.

KP: What’s going to happen to the old site?

SG: We’ll have to keep it up as a redirect but simply when people type it in, they’ll be redirected to the new We’ll work with affiliates and sites on changing their branding and links. It’s a long process – we aim to get the ‘previously known as’ off the site within 12 months and the Shemale Yum brand will fade organically.

KP: What about all the logos on the photos and videos on existing content?

SG: It would be financially impossible to change all of them – and they are of that time. Everything going forward will be branded

KP: Grooby owns and operates over 30 membership sites. Do you plan on changing the names of any of our other sites that have the word “shemale” in it?

SG: is the biggest and most important of our sites, and this site had to be first otherwise we’d look hypocritical. We’d also look hypocritical if we didn’t re-brand the other sites and we’ve plans for all of them, we just ask people to be patient. Most of our sites already use ‘tgirls’ (a word which we helped define) or ‘transsexuals’ but for the rest we’ll change, we’ve an amazing domain for Shemale.XXX so watch for that.

KP: Do you think this will encourage other sites to change their name from ‘Shemale … ‘  or other similar rebrands?

SG: I have no idea and I don’t really care. We make decisions for our company. We’re the most recognised brand in the world for trans porn from a business, fan and model perspective. We’re proud of our standing in the community and the support we both give and get with the trans adult community and the wider adult business community. As I stated, this has been a long and planned path to get to this position and we still have some way to go. What ever other companies or sites do is entirely up to them.

KP: What do you see ahead for Grooby?

SG: Grooby is going to continue to capitalize and build on our brand but stay specialized only in the transgender field.  We’re going to look at more reaching out into the community and continue to work on getting our foundation,, to continue doing good work in the wider trans world.  

KP:  I’ve also been researching additional organizations where TAIF can donate money to. I’d like to also encourage people to email us suggestions of organizations who might benefit from support from TAIF.  Any insight on what’s ahead production wise for us?

SG: On the production side, we are always looking for new opportunities.  Our recent deal to do the editorial content for print publication, Transformation, is very exciting and we may look at more ideas like that.

In the immediate future to celebrate and commemorate the changing of the site name, we have new tshirts, embroidered patches, and stickers going out to all the models – and the much anticipated annual Grooby Girls Calendar will be out soon.

KP: And also, the super secret Grooby Staff Calendar with cover model Steven Grooby.  And me is Miss September.

Grooby’s Rebrands to

Grooby, the leader in trans erotica, announces their flagship site,, will be switched over to effective today.

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby announced their flagship site,, will be rebranded as starting today.

“Change is good, and we’ve changed our company and sites constantly over the past 20 years,” said Steven Grooby. “Simply renaming a brand that has as much worth as ‘ShemaleYum’ wasn’t something that could be done overnight and without having a proper plan in place, and that plan was to build ‘Grooby’ and ‘GroobyGirls’ brands, which we’ve spent a number of years doing. We’re now in the position where they can replace the original website name.” launched in 1996 and is the world’s longest running trans adult website, featuring an unprecedented mix of newcomers and top stars annually.  Many of the most popular TS performers today had their first shoots on ShemaleYum, including Vo D’Balm, Domino Presley, Kylie Maria, Wendy Williams, Bailey Jay, and over 1850 different trans women. launched in 2011 as a promotional site for Grooby models. Each year a limited number of t-shirts are released to the models and fans.  Other GroobyGirls merchandise has included calendars, playing cards, towels, stickers, and tattoos.

The company currently operates over 30 membership sites and produces approximately 50 DVDs a year. Visit the new site at

When asked if Grooby had plans to change the names of any of their other sites, he stated, “ is the biggest and most important of our sites, and this site had to be first otherwise we’d look hypocritical. We’d also look hypocritical if we didn’t re-brand the other sites and we have plans for all of them, we just ask people to be patient. Most of our sites already use ‘tgirls’ (a word which we helped define) or ‘transsexuals’ but for the rest we’ll change, we’ve an amazing domain for Shemale.XXX so watch for that.”

Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn added, “Grooby has been a longstanding ally of the LGBTQ community and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. I’m really excited for this rebrand, especially for our community. Whether you know our company personally or not,  I believe people will see this change is a more accurate reflection of our company ethos.”

Existing affiliates will not need to change their links. Interested affiliates can contact directly.

All press inquiries can be directed to


Founded in 1996, Grooby is the leading producer of trans erotica. In addition to operating over 30 membership sites, the company produces nearly 50 DVDs a year, and host the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) held in Hollywood, CA. For more information, visit

Naomi shines in Cumshot Monday on Shemale Yum!

Naomi Shemale Yum Cumshot Monday

Cuban bombshell Naomi returns to Shemale Yum for this week’s installment of Cumshot Monday! Naomi has a killer body with her voluptuous breasts, curvaceous ass, and big hard tgirl cock! Watch as Naomi strips off her sexy orange fishnet body stocking and strokes her throbbing tgirl cock and shoots a big load of cum just for you!


Naomi Shemale Yum Cumshot Monday   Naomi Shemale Yum Cumshot Monday

So you want to be a model for Grooby?


One of the things I get asked about frequently is how to become a model for Grooby. You can read about the process of how to apply by reading Steven Grooby’s blog post here and filling out the online application form here.

There is still a big misconception among trans women who want to mode is that they have to be tall and thin with big boobs, which is not the case at all. Grooby makes an effort to shoot models of all shapes and sizes and looks. Modeling is more than just about looks, it’s about personality, confidence,  desire and what you bring to the table. But before you apply make sure this is something you really want to do and that you understand the potential ramifications of having your pictures on a porn site, because once those pictures are out there for everyone to see there is no turning back. Make sure you’re okay if your friends and family find out, and how this may affect potential employment opportunities for you in the future. I thought long and hard about whether to do my shoot and had some major concerns, but looking back none the of the things I was concerned about turned out to be an issue. And the modeling opened the door to a lot of opportunities for me.

So now that your application has been accepted and Grooby wants to do a shoot you’ll be contacted by the Grooby photographer assigned to do your shoot to schedule the date, time, and location. You may also receive instructions and tips on how to prepare for the shoot, what to expect, and what to do and not to do, such as don’t be drunk or high for your shoot and don’t bring friends with you. One of the things which will really help is to practice ahead of time what you’ll say during the videos. It helps a lot to know ahead of time what you’ll say so you don’t have to wing it as you go. Practice sounding sexy and seductive, and try to remember that you’re talking to the people watching your video, not the camera. You can also learn a lot by doing a bit of research online about how to be successful in your modeling career. Another great resource is to talk with experienced models and get their perspective. There are a lot of models who are more than happy to help and answer any questions you have.

As the shoot gets closer start getting things ready and schedule what day you’ll do your nails and hair, and when to shave. Shave early enough so you avoid razor rash. Take time to choose your outfits, shoes, and accessories. Having the right outfits and accessories and making sure your makeup, hair and nails look good is one of those things which make a big difference in how well your set does, and it also says a lot about you and your work ethic. Be sure to have everything packed and ready to go ahead of time and that you give yourself enough time to get to your shoot location. The last thing you want to do is have to rush and stress out about being late, because you won’t be relaxed for the shoot. Again, don’t drink, get high, or bring along a friend. Make sure to bring your government issued photo ID and another form of ID, as it will be needed when you sign the legal paperwork.

So now you’re at your shoot and you’re ready to go. One of the biggest mistakes a model can make is to think they know it all and not listen to their photographer and the directions they are giving you. Grooby photographers are all very experienced and among the best in the business, so listen to what your photographer tells you; they are professionals who are good at what they do and know how to get the most out of you. It’s natural that you may be nervous if it’s your first shoot, but again, your photographer will get you to relax.

Grooby modeling Through The Benz

And for goodness sake, smile or at least look like you’re having fun!! It blows me away how many sets I see where the model is not smiling and looks decidedly unhappy. I get that sometimes the model is going for the seductive look which does not need a big toothy smile, and that there are a variety of smiles ranging from baring all your teeth to a more subtle, shy smile. But time after time I see models who look unhappy, like they’d rather be getting a root canal than doing the shoot. And that is not a look which will gain you many fans. It’s understandable that you might be nervous, but hopefully you will eventually relax as the shoot goes on, and at the very least you can put on a fake smile. I can’t stress the importance of learning to relax and have fun, because if you’re tense it will affect not just your smile but your body language and your poses will look awkward and uncomfortable. Believe in yourself that you can do this! Nothing is sexier than confidence!

But ultimately it’s up to the model whether or not they will smile. But, the bottom line is that this is a business and we are creating a product that needs to please our customers, and frankly, when I look at a set where the model isn’t smiling and looks unhappy, I immediately lose interest and move on. You don’t want to lose fans and customers because you didn’t smile.

The actually shoot is just one part of the process; after the shoot is done and you’re waiting for your sets to be released you need to spend time on social media working to build up your fan base. Set up social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and start networking to gain followers. Follow people in the industry, and that will get you moving in the right direction. And again, there are a lot of good people who are willing to help if you’re not social media savvy.

Another good way to get your face and name out there so people know who you are is with Grooby Girls, which is a site set up for models to promote themselves and for fans of Grooby Girls to see their favorite models. One of the main ways we get to promote ourselves is with Grooby Girls shirts, which are given to models after a shoot and also available for purchase online.

You’ve gotten the opportunity to do a shoot with Grooby, and it’s up to you to make the most of it. The exposure from modeling for Grooby can open a lot of doors and lead to opportunities both in the industry and outside the industry. It’s up to you to decide what direction you want to go and what you hope to gain from it. Success is different for everyone; some people want to be famous pornstars while others want to work behind the scenes, or even pursue a career in an entirely different field. Modeling is like anything else in life; you get out of it what you put into it. So enjoy the experience of getting to be a model and have fun!


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It’s not often you see a deal like this for Bob’s TGirls so jump on this one while you can because it’s time-limited too! Exclusively for our Grooby friends, right now you can score 35% at the infamous Bob’s TGirls site! This deal ends on 8/25!

The eponymous Bob is a serious connoisseur of tgirls and likes nothing more than getting them together with his famous fucking machines, either rigged up to fuck the girls relentlessly or to give them a non-stop cumshot-coaxing fleshlight session! There’s not many sites that offer fucking machines but Bob loves to fire his machines up and his transsexual models love it!

This offer gets you a huge 35% off your first month, meaning it’s only $23.40 to see the whole site with plenty of dildo action and of course the wonderful Willie the Fucking Machine!


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Miss Capone’s break-out set on Shemale XXX!

Miss Capone Shemale XXX

Miss Capone is looking hotter than ever in her brand new set on Shemale XXX! Miss Capone has voluptuous breasts, am amazing ass, and a big hard tgirl cock! Watch as Miss Capone strips off her sexy jeans to reveal her luscious body, and then stroke her throbbing tgirl cock and cum just for you!


Miss Capone Shemale XXX   Miss Capone Shemale XXX

Sweet and sexy Alina debuts on Femout XXX!

Alina Femout XXX

Grooby Newbie Alina makes her debut on Femout XXX with a set that will leave you wanting to see more of this sexy lady! Alina had perky natural breasts, a gorgeous ass, and magnificent tgirl cock that she can’t keep her hands off! Watch as Alina strips and strokes her throbbing tgirl cock and cums just for you!


Alina Femout XXX   Alina Femout XXX

Transformation Magazine’s Coveted Sexy Swimsuit Issue Now Available

Transformation, the leading trans magazine in the world, announced their 5th Annual Sexy Swimsuit Issue now available for purchase at

Los Angeles, CA – Transformation Magazine’s famous summer issue (#102) is now available for purchase at, with trans performer Sunshyne Monroe as its cover model.

“Issue #102 celebrates Transformation’s popular annual sexy swimsuit feature,” said Transformation’s Editor Kristel Penn. “It was a tradition we wanted to continue and thought it would be fun to give an extra incentive by turning it into a contest. We received submissions from people from around the world, from both performers and non-performers. Beauty comes in many forms and we wanted to showcase that here. Likewise, we thought Sunshyne Monroe, affectionately nicknamed ‘the Body,’ would be perfect as our cover model.”

Transformation hosted an open competition and encouraged people to submit their best swimsuit photos for a chance to be featured in the magazine and cash prizes donated by Grooby. With nearly a hundred entrants, the editorial staff selected a handful of submissions for the coveted photospread feature and awarded Tatiana Summers as the grand prize $500 winner, with runner-ups Shiri and Sasha de Sade taking home $200 each.

“It’s hard to believe that the swimsuit theme issue we developed spur of the moment has already reached its fifth year and is still going strong, continuing to be our most popular issue of the year,” stated publisher Hanna Rodgers. “I wanted to give tgirls an opportunity to show off their beautiful bodies, to celebrate all shapes and sizes and levels of transition in order to inspire everyone in the community to be proud of who they are. I’m extremely pleased that Kristel has kept the tradition alive and has made so many improvements to Transformation overall; the magazine just keeps getting better and better with every issue, and our fans are loving all the changes.”

Penn continued, “My goal for Transformation is to retain its unique intersectionality. It’s a lifestyle magazine for experience-rich lives – we don’t shy away from nudity, sex and sexuality, kink play, and other topics that are relevant to the LGBTQ community. We aim to be a resource with a wider reach than just adult content.”

Transformation #102 is their celebrated Sexy Swimsuit Issue with TEA nominee Sunshyne Monroe gracing its cover and includes their 5th annual Sexy Swimsuit Spread, Reader’s Letters, centerfold Jenna Tales, an exclusive interview with kink photographer and educator Lord Morpheous, Bad Dragon toy review with Natalie Mars, advice columns from Aunt Randi and a licensed therapist, and much more. Issue #102 and previous issues can be purchased at

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