Veronica Bolina and the Danger of Misusing “Transphobia”

Many of you may have already seen the shocking images of Veronica Bolina, a transsexual from Sao Paolo, Brasil who has been seen on a number of adult websites. The photos are accompanied by powerful language:

“Transgender woman and model Veronica Bolina was beaten by police in the District of Bom Retiro in São Paulo Brazil, Police then shaved all of her hair off, handcuffed her, stripped her and made her pose for photographers.”

“Police transphobia in Brazil: One picture is worth a thousand words.”

These are shared via social network, with people naturally condemning what seems like another senseless, hate crime perpetrated by the police on a transsexual, in what seems in 2015, like an escalation of violence and deaths aimed at your trans people. In the case of Veronica Bolina though, not all is as it seems and perhaps that picture, did need to be accompanied by some words, to fully explain it.

Veronica Bolina is a model whom we’ve worked with a number of times, always with a fantastic attitude and rather unusually, a Brasilian transsexual woman who was very much into fitness, body building and health, although it did include injecting steroids. It came to a surprise to our producer in Brasil, Louie when he found out she’d started getting involved in drugs such as crack as he hadn’t thought her the type (although he estimates 70% of more of the TS that he works with in Brazil are involved in some form of illegal drugs). Whatever it was – and we can surmise it was the crack, or the steroids – or a combination of the two – or neither, but when Veronica had an argument with an elderly neighbor in the same apartment building, she beat her into a coma and the victim was lucky to survive, although what permanent damage has been done, is yet to be known.


Now if Veronica was a crack using man – or woman – the story would have ended with her arrest and the relevancy of whether she’s been beaten or not, would have been one of police violence, but because she was a beautiful transsexual, it’s now getting circulated incorrectly, as trans-phobia.

From what I understand, and this is from credible sources who know Veronica personally and are her friends, she fought when getting arrested and looking at some of the claims that;

  • “she had her hair shorn” – she’s wearing a weave in her glamour photos.  In the photo, she’s clearly just been arrested and is handcuffed, unlikely they would have shaved her head in that time.
  • “stripped” – as above, that looks like the shirt has been ripped off during her arrest.
  • “forced to post for photos” – these were newspaper photos taken by a journalist at her arrest.

There is some supposition in the above – but they seem far more likely, then a systematic shaving, forced to strip that the Brazilian authorities are being accused of.

Veronica was taken to prison, where it’s told (still probably under the influence) she started masturbating in front of other prisoners who started to beat her, when the guard tried to remove her, she bit his ear (eventually removing a large portion of it, and holding it in her mouth until she was forced to release it.


Veronica is now in prison.

Nobody deserves to be beaten like that and police should know how to deal with this better, but she’s a big, strong, powerful woman – under the influence of crack (and steroids) who has just beaten someone into a coma.  Whether she struggled under arrest – or whether the damage came later as she bit the guards ear, isn’t the relevant part of the story.  The relevance is that not only did Veronica need to be arrested but that it was absolutely irrelevant that she was trans.   She’s is (was at the time) an out of control asshole, who was a danger to others and I’m surprised she wasn’t shot or hurt more.  I’m not condoning that, but we’ve seen it happen in the US as much as Brasil or anywhere else in the world, when police are involved.

I’m not an apologist for the Brasilian police whom, whether through circumstances or not, are violent and corrupt.   I am however, getting tired of the “white knights” or the “cock bandits” who decide that just because it’s a pretty trans woman committing these crimes, that she is the victim – and support her, I’ve been attacked online already for just telling this story.  Anybody who knows anything about my company or myself, knows that we’d be the first to publish, propagate and speak out against any form of hate crime or trans phobic behavior.

There is a danger of using and accusations of  trans phobia when the facts show themselves to be otherwise.  The photos of showing a beautiful, vibrant, transsexual model juxtaposed with a one of her stripped, short haired and beaten unrecognizable make sensational media copy, click bait and for people to rally around but it devalues the fact that many trans women are singled out, beaten, arrested, humiliated or murdered solely based on their trans status.  This was not the case, in what happened to Veronica Bolina.

Grooby and Goodhandy’s Events Present Trans Stars Invasion in Toronto


Burbank, CA – Grooby and Goodhandy’s Events have teamed up to present Trans Stars Invasion at Club120 this Thursday in Toronto. Scheduled to appear are trans stars Michelle Austin, Dicky Johnson, and Tasha Jones.

“We have created a very safe, sex positive, and of course, trans friendly space here. We’re looking forward to this being an exceptional party,” said promoter Mandy Goodhandy. “My business partner Todd Klinck and myself can’t begin to tell you how honored we are to have Grooby involved with this night again. We’re so thrilled to have the talented and obviously sexy star studded duo, Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson, as part of this event. Online personality Tasha Jones has appeared at many of our parties in the past, so it is always a pleasure when she returns with her ‘I am here everyone, come and get it!’ attitude.”

The weekly event was first held at the legendary Goodhandy’s Nightclub in Toronto and has since been re-branded and moved to Club120. Started over nine years ago, it continues to be one of the most well known trans nightlife events in the area.

“Dicky Johnson and myself are very excited about appearing at Goodhandy’s legendary trans club!” stated TS star Michelle Austin. “We are so thrilled to meet our Canadian fans and have some fun with you all. It is always great to be a part of an event sponsored by Grooby they have been great to the trans community!”

“I am so excited to be part of the upcoming event at Club120,” said TS star Tasha Jones. “It is always fun to meet fans that have been there from the start of my carrier. From looking at the guest list so far this is going to be packed event with lots of big name transsexual stars from different walks of life. I got my nipple pasties ready for my very naughty outfit for the night!”

Visit Michelle Austin’s official website at Dicky Johnson’s official website can be found at Visit Tasha’s official website at

Club120 is located at 120 Church Street, 2nd floor, Toronto, Canada. Doors open at 8pm. Cover is $8 before 11pm and $15 after 11pm. More information can be found at

Kennston Productions Launches


Houston, TX – Kennston Productions opens its first solo site on their network Kennston Network with

Kennston Network was recently created to help trans men models create their own solo sites. Kennston has teamed up with Model Centro to help trans men wanting to create their own content. Which gives a unique opportunity to FTM performers who would like to market themselves in a very small but growing niche. Kennston feels that in five years the FTM trans market will grow extremely and there is a need for trans male models to show of their own unique talents.

Dicky Johnson an award nominated FTM performer has appeared in Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman XXX 3 and Trans Men Adventures 2: Men at Work. Dicky wants to change the game for trans men performers by being one of the first FTM performers to launch a solo site. “I have been wanting to create my own site since working with Buck Angel. I never knew how I would do that untill I teamed up with Kennston Network. You see so many trans women with their solo sites and never trans men. My site will include straight and bi sex and welcome you into my kinky world.” Johnson says.

Kennston Network has launched FTM.XXX and plans to launch a few more solo sites this year and another FTM based site. If you are FTM model and would like to create your own brand and be a part of the change visit More info on Kennston Productions visit

Kelly Klaymour Hits the Road!


Kelly Klaymour packs up and leaves the kinky land of San Francisco…back to Kansas City. But she can’t contain her horniness! Watch her make her travels, sneak a little jerking after peeing on the airplane, and finally get home to bust a HUGE [POV] load!



kelly klaymour

kelly klaymour

School’s in Session for Jordan Jay!

jordan-schoolgirl1Jordan Jay

School’s back in session for Jordan Jay this week, except we don’t think she’ll make it to class!  Wearing her favorite pleated skirt and thigh high stockings, Jordan fulfills every naughty schoolgirl fantasy we’ve had since forever ago. She exudes sensuality! We love her banging hot body and how her nipples peek through the opening in her shirt. For more awesomeness, visit Jordan Jay’s Official Website here.

Jordan JayJordan Jay

Krissy4U’s – The Trans Librarian

A Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl PictureA Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl Picture

Krissy4U, Grooby’s favorite sexy librarian, returns this week with another steamy solo scene! She shows off her stockings and high heels–she even gives us a sneak peek at the sexy lingerie she’s wearing under her professional outfit! So next time you’re at the library, don’t be fooled by those cardigans and long sweaters that your local librarians wear. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a delicious treat like Krissy!

Check out more at Krissy4U’s Official Website

A Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl PictureA Krissy4u - Naughty Asian Tgirl Picture

“Darklady’s Carnal Archives & Mesmerizing Hate Mail” Now Available

Darklady's Carnal Archives

PORTLAND, OR — Before GamerGate. Before “Portlandia.” Before hipsters. There was Darklady. Speaking her mind and getting flack for it has become a lifestyle for the opinionated Portlander, who has dug into her archives to find prime examples of rants likely to elicit an emotional response. “Darklady’s Carnal Archives and Mesmerizing Hate Mail,” now available from Knotted Road Press, has it all. Porn, gender identity, leather politics, polyamory, erotica, a forward by Jay Wiseman, and more – including copious examples of negative feedback and even a little bit of love.

This collection of columns from the 1990s and beyond, as well as the hate mail they inspired, will make you laugh out loud, bang your fist on the table, and learn about things you didn’t even know existed. Always strange, even when it’s mundane, this book will keep you in stitches, tears, and rage. Prepare for a roller coaster of a ride.

“Darklady’s Carnal Archives and Mesmerizing Hate Mail” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, CreateSpace, iTunes, and

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Review: The Transsexual Housewives of Hollywood

The Transsexual Housewives of Hollywood

It goes without saying that Buddy Wood is the man when it comes to TS porn movies. He has a gift, and The Transsexual Housewives of Hollywood is no exception. This movie is a creative mix of “reality TV”, parody, and obviously the best part: PORN!!! The movie is sexy, fun, raunchy, hardcore action with a story-line that is both funny and definitely cock hardening. It’s backed by an excellent cast of both new and popular t-girls; including Jessy Dubai, Foxxy, Gianna Rivera, Tori Mayes, Penny Tyler, and Diamond Dixon, with a mix of assertive men and girls and has all the cum bursting action that you’d expect from an excellent hardcore DVD. TS Housewives has it all from cheating couples, home-wreckers, and even a TS housewife fucking her t-girl maid. The theme lends itself to porn by having a cohesive narrative without too much story line that interrupts all the action, making it a DVD you can watch from start to finish, or to watch scene by scene without missing all that makes it great. To say that this movie is uniquely inspired would be putting it lightly, but as awesome as the setup is, the blowjobs, ass-eating, and deep fucking in the film are a thousand times better.

The first scene features lonely and cock hungry housewife Gianna Rivera with her cheating and in demand husband Giovanni. He gets back from a “business trip” and the way she deepthroats his cock and uses a blowjob to lube him up for the ultimate in titty fucking action shows why he comes back to her. Gianna and Giovanni have genuine on screen chemistry which leads to awesome ball slapping action that has her moaning just like you’d expect from a horny housewife. The scene ends with Giovanni blowing a huge thick load right into Gianna’s mouth before he bounces, giving new meaning to love’em and leave’em.

The second scene stars stuck up housewife Penny Tyler who takes advantage of naive but slutty maid Tori Mayes, showing exactly how to treat the help by keeping them on their knees. This scene has a fun, campy intro that really sets the tone of TS housewives, while still teasing by showing off the girls in skimpy outfits. The action really starts with an outdoor sequence with Tori gobbling Penny’s hung cock which leads to ass-eating, and Penny opening Tori’s ass with a dildo. Penny goes full dominant over the submissive Tori by taking her inside the house to pound her ass-pussy with her long thick cock. These two girls fuck in a variety of positions, from doggie to spoon and more, that have them both moaning like sluts and ends with a cum shot all over Tori’s face that’s so epic it gets a slo-mo replay.

The third scene in housewives reinforces the drama of reality TV by showcasing sexually unsatisfied housewife Jessy Dubai poolside drinking and talking shit about her husband Smith, while talking about her desire to feel Gianna’s husband, deep inside her ass. She’s wanted him so long that when Giovanni shows up in her room she’s quick and eager to suck him off. Giovanni goes for Jessy like you’d think any man with a mistress would, and watching Jessy fuck his mouth is only beaten by a hot 69 with two bj pros sucking huge cock at the same time. All of that is just build up to the fast paced, raunchy, hardcore fucking in variety of positions that shows off Jessy’s stunning body. It ends with two hot cumshots, one from Jessy all over her tight tummy and tits and another from Giovanni all over and dripping into Jessy’s round ass.

The fourth scene in TS Housewives adds to the scandalous nature of the characters by having Jessy’s husband Smith sneaking off to fuck his sexy, attractive, mistress Diamond Dixon. The scene quickly shows off Diamond’s round ass and full tits and we see that she is instantly hard, and Smith is eager to please her. Diamond returns the favor sucking dick just like a mistress should; hot, wet and like she can’t get enough and we see her going from deepthroating to doing a few fun jawbreakers. There’s a fun 69 before before Smith works his way to fucking Diamond’s tight ass, all the while the both of them talk trash about his wife. Not only does the scene have great fucking but also incredible angles showing off Diamond’s amazing tits and ass, while she uses that booty to milk the cum right out of Smith. It ends with a him busting a load all over Diamond’s tits which was a perfect finish to some fine fucking.

The fifth and final scene stars the flawless and endlessly sexy Foxxy as the divorced housewife who is definitely not shy about sneaking Giovanni back to her fuck bungalow. These two waste no time getting to the sex, and Foxxy has Giovanni’s cock in her mouth within seconds. She gives him an amazing dripping wet blowjob that looked like she enjoyed giving it as much as he did getting it. Foxxy is one sexy vixen as she bares her magnificent tits and gets her juicy round ass eaten with Giovanni burying his face and tongue right into it. Once he has her wet and ready the sex is mesmerizing, Foxxy looks like she savor every thrust from Giovanni and watching this naughty nympho’s hard cock bounce while he is inside her is a cum bursting sight, for both the viewer and for Giovanni. It’s a perfect ending to an enjoyable and fun DVD.

Overall, I have to say that this DVD is an excellent mix of porn, comedy, and just enough story that I can watch it scene by scene or all the way through, which in my opinion makes it a real gem. I loved the variety in action from scene to scene, with each one having its own feel, while still providing the kind of hardcore action I love to see in TS porn. Each of the scenes pairs the partners together to bring out the best that each has to offer, whether its watching deepthroating, ass-eating, tgirl on tgirl, toys, booty shaking anal, or facials, this DVD has it all. There was just the right amount of fun and laughable parody of housewives reality TV, drama included, and Buddy Wood puts in the right special effects, confessionals, and an awesome soundtrack that keeps this movie lively without taking away from the sex. While it’s hard to pick a runaway favorite scene from this DVD, it’s clear to see why Foxxy won a lifetime achievement award and Jessy Dubai received best hardcore performer at the 2015 Transgender Erotica Awards, all led by a multiple award winning Director. And thats only half of the award winners on this DVD, no wonder it feels like an instant classic.

Wendy Summers the Web Slinger

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Do you like a geeky girl who’s not afraid to let her inner fan girl out?  Wendy Summers is cosplaying this week as Mary Jane and she seems ready for some sticky web fluid to spray all over her.  Are you ready to be her hero?  Just don’t be afraid when she shows you her powers too.  Webs will be shooting everywhere… from her cock.

Click here to visit Wendy Summers’ Official Website

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Grooby Revamps Shemale.XXX Website for All Platforms

Shemale XXX

Burbank, CA – Grooby, the leader producer of trans erotica, recently announced a complete overhaul of their popular website, Shemale.XXX.

“All our sites have been in need of an overhaul and a new CMS to bring us up to date,” said Grooby owner Steven Grooby.  “When we decided on using Elevated-X last year, we knew we had a big job in hand. Shemale.XXX was our natural choice for the first site to change as all the content is already standardized, but even so, there was a massive amount of manpower involved.”

The Shemale.XXX website has been totally re-designed to include enhanced navigation and search functions for greater usability. It can be accessed on any tablet, mobile device, and computer with ease. Multiple billing solutions are also available for customers around the globe.

“I’m extremely happy with the finished website and we’re already seeing increased sales as people find that the site works incredibly on their photos and pads, our billing partners Payze and Vendo have also reported seeing great feedback on this,” added Grooby.  “We hope to get the other sites switched by the end of 2015. It’s a mammoth task considering some of the sites have 1800+ models and 4500+ videos, but I’m looking forward to getting them done.”

Shemale XXX features more American hardcore scenes than any other website with big name performers like Aubrey Kate, Jessy Dubai, Vixxen Goddess, Kylie Maria, Tyra Scott, Honey Foxx, and much more. Visit for more.

Founded in 1996, Grooby is based in Los Angeles and is the leading producer of transgender erotica. Operating over 30 membership websites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines released with Third World Media and operates the, which gives models an unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. For more information, visit

Michelle Austin Films Releases Trans Men Adventures 2: Men At Work

Trans Mend Adventures 2

Houston, TX –  Michelle Austin Films and Kennston Productions team up to bring the award nominated DVD Trans Men Adventures, a sequel: Trans Men Adventures 2: Men At Work. Full of hot hardcore sex between a trans woman and four trans guys.

Michelle Austin Films was formed this year and this is their first release on their label. The successful, award winning transsexual star Michelle Austin is now putting her name behind her products. She will be directing and producing under her new label Michelle Austin Films. It only seemed fit that she paired up with Kennston Productions to bring out her first DVD and future projects.

Trans Men Adventures 2: Men At Work, is an adventure to poke fun at old mainstream porn stereotype scene situations. Mostly comical dialogue, and cheesy scenes including a plumber, handyman, the pizza boy and the pool boy. Last year, Michelle Austin took an adventure for the first time appearing on film with trans guys. The film was such a hit that she decided to go on another adventure with some new guys and two returning guys. The DVD features three TEA 2014 Nominated FTM Performers; Chance Armstrong, Dicky Johnson and Parker Reed. And they introduce the world to new FTM performer Eddie Wood. This DVD is packed with four hot hardcore scenes and one bonus solo of Dicky Johnson. The actual DVD comes with bonus features: Bloopers/Outtakes that will have you laughing your ass off, Star Interviews and Photos.

Directed by Ames Bexxx in his first porn directorial debut. This New York City based photographer turned film maker has made a name for himself in the porn world this past year. By helping film Trans Men Adventures, and being nominated for Best Photographer at this years TEA Awards. “I am so excited thatMichelle Austin gave me the opportunity to direct Trans Men Adventures 2! I love working with her and getting to help showcase FTM performers in the industry!” says Bexxx “I love having Ames on set working with me, because I have taught him what I like. He knows my style and approach, and brings in his own style as well. We mesh well together, and doing the sequel with him was tons of fun!” Austin replies.

The DVD is now available at, and will be available on VOD sites in the coming weeks. The DVD will only have bonus features that wont appear on VOD. You can also get information on wholesale from Kennston Productions at and follow Michelle Austin Films on Twitter

Sparky Snakeden’s T-Time with Danika Dreamz


Grooby to Sponsor Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto

Feminist Porn Awards


Burbank, CA – Grooby, the leader in trans erotica, recently announced its first-time sponsorship at the upcoming Feminist Porn Awards to be held in Toronto, Canada.

“As we’re becoming more of a lifestyle company as well as erotica it’s important for us at Grooby to support and be part of other lifestyles that complement our areas (and vice-versa),” said Grooby owner Steven Grooby. “I’ve heard only great things about the Feminist Porn Awards and we’re looking forward to sponsoring and attending the show.”

“Feminist porn breaks the stereotypes not only of mainstream tropes but also of what kinds of sex feminists like to watch; mild to wild, straight, queer and/or trans, feminist porn is really for everybody!” said Carlyle Jansen, owner Good For Her and producer of the Feminist Porn Awards.

Founded in 1996, Grooby Productions is based in Los Angeles and is the leading producer of transgender erotica. Operating over 30 membership websites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines released with Third World Media and operates the, which gives models an unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. For more information, visit

Grooby also hosts the annual Transgender Erotica Awards held in Los Angeles. Now in its seventh year, the show celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. More information can be found at

The Feminist Porn Awards was created by former Good For Her store manager Chanelle Gallant. The concept was first discussed back in 2006, when the company noticed a huge jump in options the store was able to offer customers. People of all kinds were getting behind the camera to produce direct, and/or star in films that reflected the kinds of sex they wanted to see on film. People of color, trans folks, queers, and lesbians in particular were also directing films that featured their communities with respect and without being fetishized. Gallant suggested creating the Feminist Porn Awards as an event that recognized, endorsed, and celebrated those who were making strides within these genres. Over the years, the event has moved to larger venues to accommodate its growing size. In addition, they have also added a separate screening night that showcases a diversity of the year’s sexy submissions and other hosted events for featured guests. For more information, visit their official website at

Tokyo Angel Yume Masuda

Yume MasudaYumeMasuda3lingerie.hiro.smj.aj019

YOUNG, cute as hell and always horny, 20 year old Tokyo angel Yume Masuda is a glowing little newhalf who is just top to toe adorable in every way. She looks elegant in her pink lingerie and heels, spreading her long legs for the camera with a shy smile on her face. We are completely enamored by this Japanese cutie!

Click here to get up closer and personal with Yume Masuda on Shemale Japan!

Yume MasudaYume Masuda

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Vixxen Goddess and Paris Brawner

Wow – two stunning young Texas beauties with beautiful fresh natural bodies go at it! A smoking hot hardcore with lots of blowjobs and fucking thanks to Paris Brawner and Vixxen Goddess!

Click here to see Paris Brawner and Vixxen Goddess on Shemale XXX!

Vixxen Goddess and Paris BrawnerParis Brawner and Vixxen Goddess

Paris Brawner and Vixxen Goddess