The Power of Pride: Portland Pride 2017


Portland is one of the most welcoming and accepting cities in the Pacific Northwest, if not the country. Portlanders are known for their friendliness and not being judgmental. And we’re not afraid to speak up and make our voices heard when we don’t agree with something, as shown by the many anti-Trump rallies in the past months. Unfortunately, Portland is not immune from hate and violence, as shown by the recent murders of two men who came to the defense of two girls who were the target of racial slurs aboard a MAX train. But as a trans woman Portland is one of the places I feel most safe, and where I don’t have to fear being trans or to hide who I am.

Portland Pride Through The BenzThis past weekend was Portland Pride, which is a time to celebrate diversity and who we are. But Pride is so much more than just a celebration; it’s an opportunity to bring attention to the LGBTQ community and educate people about who we are and the challenges we face. And this year’s Pride was even more important and meaningful because of the discrimination and hate which has been on the rise since Trump came to office. Pride gives us the opportunity to show that we will not be bullied and we are not going away. As the saying goes, we are out and proud. I did have concerns about going to Pride this year because of the increased violence against the LGBTQ community and all the pro-Trump supporters who have been out in force in Portland. But as I mentioned earlier, this year’s Pride is special and I was damned if I was going to let anyone scare me away from attending.

The Trans Pride parade was on Saturday and it was such a wonderful experience. After a week of chilly, rainy weather the sun finally reappeared and it was a gorgeous day. Mother Nature was showing her Pride spirit too! The march isn’t just about showing who we are, it’s about the comradery and support of being among such a huge gathering of our community. The past year has been trying for all of us, facing a daily onslaught of hate and legislation designed to take away our rights, so Pride is a time when we can get a break from all that and feel good about ourselves. And being there amongst people who understand and are so supportive is very powerful and affirming. To have people showing their support for us, whether it was a sign or a smile or just cheering, means a lot. It gives me hope at a time when feeling hopeful can be difficult, and it reinforces that we’re not alone. There are people who care and who are fighting for us as allies.

Portland Pride Through The Benz

One of the moments which touched me the most was when a saw a couple about my age holding a sign that said “We Love Our Trans Child” because so often we hear of parents disowning their child when the child comes out as trans. I went over and talked with them for a while and it made my day to hear about how they accepted and support their daughter and how she has grown and how happy that makes them. There is hope. And that is the power of Pride, to connect with people and share stories and give hope and support.

Portland Pride Through The Benz   Portland Pride Through The Benz

There were demonstrators there, but not as many as I had anticipated, or maybe I just didn’t see them thanks to the efforts of the Portland Police Department. And a big thank to a group of amazing people who are here to take care of us year after year, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who acted as a barrio between us and the demonstrators and blocked them out with big LGBT flags, along with the Raging Grannies, who’s beautiful voices drowned out the hateful chants of the demonstrators. The Grannies touched my heart is many ways, and I would honored to join their ranks some day.

Portland Pride Through The Benz   Portland Pride Through The Benz

It was heartening to see all the people who turned out for the parade to participate or to cheer us on, and to see all the LGBTQ flags flying from buildings downtown. It was a wonderful and positive experience that I won’t soon forget. Pride is a wonderful reason to feel good about ourselves, which is something that is all too easy to forget to do, especially these turbulent times we live in.


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OC Pride Scheduled Events Every Day this Week!

OC Pride invite’s you to the Orange County ‘As One’ LGBT Pride Parade & Festival on Saturday, June 24th 2017!

Come and CELEBRATE the ACCOMPLISHMENTS, DREAMS, LOVE, and HOPE of the LGBT community as we take over the streets and expand with tons of great surprises in-store!!! This year we will be shutting down both 3rd and 4th street between French and Main; successfully doubling the size of the festival! Join us as we kick-off the week long celebration with the Official OC “As One” Pride Week starting on Monday, June 19th with nightly PRIDE events all across Orange County!

The Official OC “As One” Pride Week

MONDAY……….(June 19): Bowling Night at Bowlmor Lanes – OC Pride Week
TUESDAY………(June 20): Ms. OC Pride’s Pajammy Jam Bingo – OC Pride Week
WEDNESDAY…(June 21): To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar – OC PRIDE WEEK
THURSDAY……(June 22): The PROM: Standing Proud! – OC Pride Week
FRIDAY………….(June 23): Weekend Kick-Off Party at Tin Lizzie Saloon
SATURDAY…….(June 24): The 2017 Orange County ‘As One’ LGBT Pride Parade & Festival and The Official OC Pride ‘As One’ Closing Party
SUNDAY………..(June 25): Laguna Beach and the Boom Boom Room Beach Party – OC Pride Week Finale for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Main Stage Entertainment 

12:00pm – OC Pride Rainbow Dancers
1:00pm – MenAlive – The Orange County Gay Men’s Chorus
2:30pm – AMET Ricky
3:30pm – Mr, Ms, Miss Gay Pride Orange County Crowning
5:30pm – CALI X AURAS
5:45pm: Lucky Madison’s Flirt Show
6:30pm – Adam Barta
7:00pm – Adore Delano
7:30pm – Katya
8:00pm – Dev
9:50pm – Christina Voss
9:00pm – Lee Dagger of Bimbo Jones
11:00pm – DJ SRO
12:30am – Nytrix

We’re ecstatic to be once again back on the Historical Yost stage for this year’s 2017 Orange County “As One” LGBT Pride Festival’s Main Stage where we’ll be having HEADLINER after HEADLINER after HEADLINER strut their stuff and entertain you like you’ve never been entertained before. Kicking-off this year’s “As One” Main Stage will be our Official OC Pride Rainbow Dancers and Host; the one-and-only Dita Vodka! The celebration doesn’t stop there, this year’s Main Stage will be Hosted by not one, not two, but THREE amazing hosts! Keeping the love alive well into the night will be our Celebrity Grand Marshals of the PRIDE Parade and Host of the “As One” Main Stage – Billboard Top 20 Dance Artist, Adam Barta, and Logo’s very own Prince Charming – Robert Sepulveda Jr!

There’s bars filled with liquor, TWO dance stages, and the sexy Official OC Pride Go-Go Dancers! VIP Wristbands are available – with limited quantity available. VIP Wristbands come with Meet and Greets with the Main Stage Entertainment, VIP Sponsored Goodie Bag, Free Drinks, and access into the VIP SkyBox Lounge located directly above the Main Stage giving all the VIP Wristband holders THE prime spot to view all of the actions with their private 2-teird balcony. Reserved tables with bottle service is also available if you’re looking to PRIDE with style! Please email our OC Pride VIP Concierge at to reserve your table today!


Orange County Pride is thrilled to announce we have partnered up with iHeartRadio and excited to have them be a part of our celebration! Join us and all of your favorite on-air personalities from 102.7 KIIS FM, Alt 98.7 Fm, 104.3 MYfm, KOST 103.5, and PRIDE Radio at this year’s Orange County ‘AS ONE’ LGBT Parade & Festival!

Located inside The Historical Yost; celebrate and dance the day away as OC Pride’s Featured DJ’s spin their flare between the talents sets, our Official OC Pride Rainbow Dancers and the one and only – DITA VODKA get the party started and Sexy Go-Go’s keep the party popping with hosts Billboard Chart Topper – ADAM BARTA, and Logo’s Prince Charming – ROBERT SEPULVEDA JR! Talent Includes: DEV, Adore Delano, Katya, Adam Barta, Robert Sepulveda Jr., Lee Dagger of Bimbo Jones, Nytrix, DJ SRO, Dita Vodka, MenAlive, AMET Ricky, Cali XAura, Lucky Madison’s Flirt Show, Christina Voss, Hector Lopez, PrettiBoiRoq, DJ Startlett, DJ Adam eXcess, and DJ Geoffrey Fox.

VIP Wristband Exclusive Dance Stage with their own private bar. Hosted by the tantalizing entertaining Queen of OC – KUNDA COUTURE and the deliciously sexy – BRAY LOVE! We’ve got the hottest DJ’s from all across Southern California spinning all day and all night long…so long, they’ll be closing out the VIP SkyBox with the Official OC “As One” Pride Closing Party! VIP Wristband holders are invited to continue the celebration well into the night as your Wristband also gets you access to the Official OC “As One” Pride Closing Party! Talent Includes: Kunda Couture, Bray Love, Merle G, DJ Geoffrey Fox, DJ Vanilla Chilla, DJ SRO, DJ Joshie Love, DJ Adam eXcess, Do Not Feed The DJ and DJ Mvrk.

Returning by popular demand, outside in the midst of our fabulous Vendor Arena and surrounded by the cool whisp sounds of a cold refreshing drink being poured into a cup of perfection stands the Garden Stage; hosted by the Diva herself – ALESSANDRA DIVINE, and the intoxicatingly gorgeous – APRIL SHOWERS! Talent Includes: Kenny Nelson, Best Supporting Actress, Tantive, Leonardo Martinez, April Showers, Alessandra Divine, DJ Rubin, DJ Joshie Love, DJ Vanilla Chilla, DJ Siesta Soul, and DJ Geoffrey Fox.

We’ve brought you down from the heavens ladies and right smack down into the center of the action! Rocking all day and into the night, we’ve got special guest performances and some of the hottest Southern California female DJ’s for this year’s celebration and hosted by our reigning Ms Orange County Gay Pride – JAMIE WEISER, and the stunningly funny – ISABELLA XOCHITL! Talent Includes: Kate Brown, Dian Katz, WASI, DJ Mizz Jo, DJ Starlett, DJ Lickerish, DJ Joyful, Isabella Xochitl, and our reigning Ms Orange County Gay Pride – Jamie Weiser *More talent announcements to come!*

The community asked for it, and we like to listen. OC Pride is thrilled to be introducing a new “crowd demanded” Latin Stage, Sponsored by BLEU Night Club; and hosted by the #1 imitator of Grammy Winner Thalia – JESSY CRUZ and our very own Miss Gay Pride Orange County – Bellonce!! Join our sexy GoGo Dancers for the crazy extravaganza with special prize giveaways all day long! Talent Includes: Jessy Cruz, AMY y su Sonora, Beatriz Solis, Monse Nolasco and her Divas, DJ Mario Bross, and our reigning Miss Orange County Gay Pride – Bellonce! *More talent announcements to come!*


Libation Gardens that will allow you to walk around through the Vendor Arena with a drink in hand? Are we serious? Are they happening? They sure are! This year enjoy a cold refreshing drink, whether it’s alcoholic or not, as you visit the vendors throughout the festival. Libation Gardens are not restricted by age and the entire community is invited to visit the vendors throughout the gardens. Visit the Ticket Booths located on either end of the Festival to get your 21+ Wristband prior to making your way to the Libations Gardens as ID’s must be checked here. Festival attendees must be 21+ to purchase and/or enjoy alcoholic beverages anywhere within OC Pride and will be STRICTLY enforced.


Returning this year is OC PRIDE Speaks, located inside The Frida Cinema, where the community has the chance to hear about key detail issues surrounding the LGBT community and what they can do about keeping that smile on their face. Speaks regarding the Transgender community, Immigration Laws & Rights, and Marriage Rights will also be presented. Line-Up Includes: Jaleesa Johnson, Jackie Monahan, Josh Sabarra, Bill Murdoch with the F.B.I, Alexander J. Rodriguez, and more to be announced!


OC Pride is taking over the streets and expanding!!! This year we will be shutting down both 3rd and 4th street; successfully doubling the size of the festival! Come and enjoy all of the great surprises instore. Full list of the 2017 Participating Vendors will be here so you can check them out in advance to make your game plan on how to hit all of your favorite booths strategically all the while keeping the beer full in one hand and some pad thai chicken in the other. Just make sure to time it all correctly with your favorite artists set time on The Main Stage – you wouldn’t want to miss that!

This year we’re ramping up OC Pride’s Food Truck Alley and bringing you streets lined with delicious treats! Full list of the 2017 Participating Food Trucks will be here so you can check them out in advance for all your tasty snacks and meal options. Most trucks accept cash only so come prepared! Food Trucks Include: Okamoto Kitchen, BrewWings, and 3-in-1. A new truck will be announced each Friday leading up to the Festival.

Join us for a day full of family friendly and family FUN activities that embarks the spirit of PRIDE for all ages. Located safely up beyond the rainbow on the Center on 4th’s patio. Bring your whole family to embrace the love, pride, and acceptance that Orange County LGBT Pride is all about and celebrate.

Information taken from Pride OC Website.

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New feature on Through The Benz: Q&A Quickies!


In my on-going effort to keep improving my Through The Benz column I’m excited to announce the addition of a new feature: Q&A Quickies! It’s sort of like an interview but in a more compact format; with short questions requiring brief answers. I enjoy doing the interviews and will continue to do those, but I’ve felt lately that I’ve been in a rut with the interviews and they have not been up to par with earlier interviews. So, I’m working on new questions and areas to focus on in the interviews, and in refining my writing to be more concise because I’ve noticed I tend to be a bit too wordy at times. And who wants to listen to me ramble on aimlessly, right?

Since this is the first time I’ve done Q&A Quickies I felt I should be the guinea pig and go first. Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for questions to be used for future Quickie columns! So, without further ado, here we go!

Bacon cheeseburger or tofu burger?

BB: Easy choice: bacon cheeseburger for sure! Tofu is a four-letter word in my kitchen!
Favorite sex partner: male, female, or trans?

BB: Female or trans. Sorry dudes 🙁
What songs are on your playlist right now?

BB: I’ve been listening to Pat Benatar, the Scorpions, The Beach Boys, and America.
Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

BB: For most of my life I favored milk chocolate, but lately I prefer dark chocolate.
Where would your dream vacation be?

BB: I’d love to travel through Europe and see all the amazing art, along with historical sites, cathedrals, and castles.
How often do you masturbate?

BB: Not very often.
Favorite social media site?

BB: It tends to vary, but right now I’d say Twitter.
Interacting with fans on social media: fun or not fun?

BB: Fun! (usually lol)
Who inspires you?

BB: My mom and my sons.
Should Trump be impeached?

BB: Yes, without a doubt.
Last book you read?

BB: I’m currently reading Family Tree by Susan Wiggs.
Toilet paper: over or under the roll?

BB: Over!! Having it go under is just plain wrong! Lol
Are you left or right-handed?

BB: Left-handed, but I can write with both hands.
How old are you?

BB: I’m 55 years old.
If you could choose not to be transgender, would you?

BB: First reaction was yes, but being trans is such a big part of who I am, so I would say no
Best advice you have ever received?

BB: To be mindful and focus on the present and not dwell on the past or future.
Favorite city?

BB: The City of Angels: Los Angeles. More specifically, West Hollywood.
Favorite fast food place?

BB: In N Out Burgers, but Killer Burger is a close second!
Ice cream, doughnuts, or pie?

BB: Doughnuts!
When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

BB: An astronaut and a baseball player.
Last movie you saw in a theater?

BB: Probably the last new Star Wars movie. It’s been a while! lol
Beach, city, or mountains?

BB: This is tough because I love all three, but I have to go with city.
What age did you know you were trans?

BB: Around age three.
Do you work out regularly?

BB: Yes, I go to the gym most every day.
If you could have dinner with any three people from history who would it be?

BB: Thomas Jefferson, Babe Ruth, and John Glenn
Favorite animal to see at the zoo?

BB: I like the big cats and also the gorillas.
Are you a cat or dog person?

BB: Definitely dog!
One thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

BB: I lived two whole summers in the backwoods of a National Park, far from civilization!
Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future of America?

BB: I want to feel optimistic that we will survive the current regime, but it’s tough at times.
Describe yourself in three words.

BB: Strong, fragile, feeling
Star Wars, Star Trek, or Dancing with the Stars?

BB: Star Wars, always!
How did you choose your model name?

BB: I googled “model names” and then checked porn sites to see the model names. I noticed a lot had car names in them, like Mercedes or Benz, and Becca Benz just kind of came to me.
Mac or PC?

BB: PC. I’d rather have a root canal than be forced to use a Mac!
Do you have a kinky side?

BB: I do indeed have a kinky side! I used to be fairly active in the kink community in Portland.


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Trans* Party TONIGHT as part of LA Pride

Special Awards Recipients are as follows:

Media Award- Gender Non-Conforming BMI Pop Award sensation, song-writer, & activist Justin Tranter whose worked with names such as Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber, Gwen Stefani, Mary J Blige and more. Justin is a board member with GLAAD, and is intentional about using their platform to bring attention to LGBTQ issues, especially those that impact trans people, women, and people of color! Justin’s message challenges the music industry to be more inclusive and embrace LGBTQ+ people.

Visibility Award- GLAAD’s Senior Strategist for Transgender Media, Alex Schmider has worked on campaigns that promote trans inclusion and visibility with Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, MTV, Hallmark, Teen Vogue and more! Alex is an ambassador for Miley Cyrus’s “Happy Hippie Foundation” which focuses on LGBTQ youth and was featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2017!

Spirit Award- Actress & Singer, Alexandra Grey has made appearances on shows like Amazon’s “Transparent”, NBC’s “Chicago Med”, Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”, ABC’s mini-series “When We Rise”, and CBS’s “Doubt” with Laverne Cox. Alexandra’s musical talents have taken her on a 10 city tour and she’s opened up for names like Zara Larsson & Todrick Hall! Despite her difficult journey, Alexandra courageously continued on and currently uses her platform to remind others that it’s not where you’ve come from, it’s about where you’re heading!

Community Empowerment Award- Maria Roman has been a leader in social services for the transgender community in Los Angeles for over 19 years. She is the Current Regent Empress 47 for the Los Angeles Imperial Court System. Maria has won several local and regent beauty pageant titles including Miss Universo 2001,Miss Gay International 2002, Miss LA Pride 2004- Miss LA Pride 2012 ,Miss Queen USA 2004, Miss QUEST 2009, Miss Queen Of the Universe 2013, Miss California Panache 2014. She currently serves as a Los Angeles County HIV Commissioner and works as a Housing Specialist at APAIT, providing housing assistance for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Come join us as we celebrate community!


# # #  EVENT DETAILS # # #

West Hollywood Park
647 N San Vicente Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Event starts at 7pm

Information from LA Pride website.