Minami’s Luscious Shaft!


We’re wet and salivating for Shemale Japan’s newest scene of Minami Minamino!!! We can’t get enough of this sexy little newhalf. Minami has a seriously smoldering stare that burns straight through our pants! Enjoy this amazing solo scene of  Minami playing in a teeny tiny bikini before stripping down and washing off her luscious shaft. Don’t worry this is scene is anything but clean! Enjoy the show!!!



Krissy Works It Out!!!

Our favorite Asian American tgirl, Krissy4U, works it out in one of her latest scenes! Enjoy Krissy in her skin tight pants that leaves just enough up to the imagination! You’re going to love this scene of Krissy, sexy and casual, posing by her car. We love this different side of one of our favorite models!


Solo Scene of Gorgeous Zeena Vega!


Zeena Vega does her second scene for Shemale XXX and it couldn’t be hotter!!! This tgirl is gorgeous! Zeena has immaculate skin which is offset by her striking dark features. She also knows how to work the camera with her sultry stare! Enjoy this scene of Zeena in bright blue lingerie, fishnet stockings, and a smoldering set of heels!



Hardcore Poolside Fun With Kelli and Robert!


Kelli Lox and Robert Axel have some poolside fun on Shemale YUM!!! Kelli Lox is a hot and sassy model who knows how to have a good time! Robert Axel is very happy to oblige! Watch these two gorgeous co-starts get tan and get off in this smoking hot hardcore scene! You’re never going to want summer to end!



The Joy of Dancing


For most of my life I hated dancing. I can count on one hand the number of times I danced prior to my transition, and those were at the insistence of my wife when I was married. But then at the ripe old age of 53 I finally became enlightened and discovered how amazing it is to dance.

Before I transitioned, dancing for me was sheer torture because I felt totally awkward and uncomfortable. Looking back I can see how my gender struggles played a large role in that; I wasn’t comfortable with myself or my body and I just wanted to live in the shadows and not be seen, and dancing put me out there where everyone could see me. I viewed dancing as something very intimate and personal and I envied people who were comfortable enough to be able to express themselves through dance, to be able to show people that part of themselves. But I just accepted that it was one of those things I’d never be able to do and left it at that.

Even the first few years after transitioning I never danced; I was still trying to figure out my place in the world and struggling with a lack of self-confidence. But then I moved to Portland and my life changed in so many unexpected ways. One of my goals in moving to Portland was to develop a social life, so I went out and made friends and found a fun club to hang out at. As I grew more comfortable socially I actually began to loosen up and one thing led to another and I ended up on the dance floor making out with a beautiful woman while we danced. That was an epiphany for me and there was no turning back, especially after I moved to Los Angeles!

Living in Los Angeles has been quite an experience in many ways, but one of the most significant things that happened was that I discovered I loved to dance. Up to that point it was just something I occasionally did, but the clubs in Los Angeles were so much fun and got me out on the dance floor more often and showed me how amazing it is to let yourself go and dance with passion. To have that freedom to just let go is a wonderful thing. I spent an amazing evening dancing with a trans woman I had just met and had what was a very memorable night at TGirl Nights at Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach. And I had some fun nights dancing at The Abbey in West Hollywood, although I’m not sure it actually qualifies as dancing because it’s more like you’re just moving along with the mass of people on the dance floor. But the place I danced the most and is near and dear to my heart is Club Shine in Van Nuys; that is where I learned to relax and let go and enjoy moving to the music. I don’t feel the need to always be up front on the dance floor, I’m perfectly content to hang in the back and just dance to the music by myself. There are moments when it strikes me that I’m happily dancing away and having fun doing my own thing, and how amazing that is; how far I’d come from those days of being too scared to dance and show that part of myself to anyone. It’s moments like those that make all the sacrifices and losses worth it; when I get a glimpse of the person I’ve always dreamed of being and to realize it’s actually happened.

I’ve also learned to appreciate dancing as an art form and enjoy watching those who have dedicated themselves to dancing and to see the results of their hard work. Many of the clubs in Los Angeles feature strippers, which never really interested me all that much, but then I saw Rose perform at Club Shine and I was blown away. I had never seen that degree of gracefulness and athleticism she shows in her dancing, and I was captivated. The way she dances is truly an art form, and I would love to learn to be able to dance like that. And her incredible body provides a great source of inspiration for me to push myself when I work out.

I had been wanting to photograph Rose dancing for a while and finally did it last fall, and got some pictures I was really pleased with. And as for pictures of me dancing, there are no known pictures of me dancing as far as I know, which is probably a good thing!

Rose dancing at Club Shine  Rose dancing at Club Shine

I also watched the show Flesh and Bone, about a ballet company in New York, and fell in love with how graceful and elegant ballet was. Up to that point I had thought ballet it seemed to be so dull and boring, but I just wasn’t seeing the beauty of it. I have a newfound respect and admiration for dancers and the all the time and effort they put in to master a difficult art form and make it look so effortless. Dancing had never interested me at all, in any form, but now I wish I had developed an interest in it when I was younger and could have had the opportunity to learn. I will admit I’ve been working out harder and stretching more and studying dance moves from YouTube, and I’ve been surprised with the results. There is hope! So if anyone out there wants to teach me pole dancing I’ll happily accept!

So, that is the story of how my love of dancing has evolved over the years. While it’s a minor thing in the large scheme of things, it represents something extremely meaningful to me. It represents growth and hope and shows that anything is possible. It shows we all have untapped potential which is just waiting for an opportunity to be expressed.


Grooby, Exquisite Announce ‘Tranny Vice’ Directed by Buddy Wood



Los Angeles, CA – Grooby and Exquisite are proud to announce their latest DVD, Tranny Vice, directed by TEA Best DVD Director winner Buddy Wood. The raunchy and fun film stars Aubrey Kate, Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Sue Lightning, and Mona Wales. It is now available for purchase at the

“I love good cop movies and TV shows from the 70s and 80s,” said director Buddy Wood. “The goal with ‘Tranny Vice’ was to parody all the movies and shows I grew up with while still creating an original story with unique characters in one hot porno. I used girls like Morgan and Domino or Natalie and Sue, who are already friends, so that the rapport would be there and it would be fun for fans to see them as partners. Plus these are all the top performers at the top of their game and the sex is incredibly hot!”

“Morgan Bailey and I are best friends in real life so I had a blast working with her and Buddy on this project,” added multiple TEA winner Domino Presley. “I play a ditzy character, which is not me at all in real life. I have two erotic scenes in the film, one solo and one sex scene. Enjoy watching me stroke my cock and getting my hole pounded by hunky star Robert Axel.”

Tranny Vice is directed by Buddy Wood and features a stellar cast, including Aubrey Kate, Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Sue Lightning, and Mona Wales. The six-scene DVD contains two solo scenes and four hardcore scenes. To purchase Tranny Vice or watch its exclusive trailer, visit the

For DVD, VOD, Licensing and Broadcast sales/inquiries (Domestic and Foreign), contact David Peskin at or (866) 629-4271 ext. 113. All other inquiries can be directed to

About Grooby
Founded in 1996, Grooby is currently based in Los Angeles and is the leading producer of transgender erotica. Operating over 30 membership websites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines and operates the, which gives models an unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. They are also the host of the annual Transgender Erotica Awards. For more information, visit


Wendy Summers’ Ball Play!

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Wendy Summer’s got balls, and she is ready to play! Hit the indoor court with this sporty and sexy TS player and get ready for a randy workout you will “love”! Forget Venus, this tennis-loving goddess can handle balls like no other – and, even though she doesn’t have a badminton racquet handy, she’d quite adept at taking on her own hard (shuttle)cock!  If you are looking to improve your game, this tempting tennis pro is your perfect match!

Game, set, match! Wendy Summers’ got some balls!

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Little Newhalf Nympho: Noa Nishino!


Shemale Japan is always happy to play host to naughty little newhalf nympho: Noa Nishino!!! This little newhalf is utter perfection! She’s as cute, sexy, and scandalous as ever! We’re completely smitten with this adorable model! Enjoy Noa’s white tshirt and gym shorts as she’s plays on the bed for you! We guarantee you’re going to be begging fore more! We would definitely work it out for Noa!



Grooby Announces Change in Schedule for 2017 TEAs

TEA17_Teaser (2)

Los Angeles, CA – Grooby announced a change in schedule for the upcoming 2017 TEAs. The event will still be held during the first weekend in March as originally planned at the Avalon in Hollywood, but is now kicking off on Friday (March 3) with an official pre-party, the second annual TEA Con on Saturday (March 4), and wrapping up with the awards on Sunday (March 5).

“I’m really happy to have been able to make this change,” stated Steven Grooby. “By switching the after-party to a pre-party on a Friday night, instead of the usual Monday, I think we’ll be able to attract a lot more party goers and people flying into town for the weekend. I’m confident there will something going on the Saturday night also, so it’s a three day festival celebrating trans erotica. This will be our should be our best year ever and I hope sponsors and fans can help us get there!”

“In addition to the scheduling shift we’ve done, we’ve also secured the Avalon as the official location of the second annual TEA Con,” added Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn. “I think this is a great space for performers to meet and mingle with their fans, sign autographs, and take photos.”

2017 sponsorship packages will be announced soon at Companies and performers interested in sponsoring are encouraged to email to be notified.

The Transgender Erotica Awards, now in its ninth year, celebrates the accomplishments of the trans adult industry and its performers. From its humble beginnings as an online competition started by Grooby, the TEAs are now a three-day event which includes an awards ceremony, after party, and now a daytime fan convention. Visit their official website at


Pink Von Dee’s Plaid Mini!


Pink Von Dee shows off the shortest skirt known to man on Shemale XXX and we couldn’t be more happy about it!!! Pink Von Dee is a smoking hot model with a punk rocker vibe! You’re going to love this sexy solo scene! Perfect perky breasts, sexy tattoos, and a yummy little shaft to top it all off! Pink Von Dee will definitely rock your world! Enjoy the show!


See Jane Cum!


Jane West heats up Shemale YUM!!! Jane West is a gorgeous blonde bombshell! This model has an amazing figure- big perfect breasts, fit frame, and luscious shaft! All this plus a gorgeous face and sexy tattoos! You’re going to love this amazing scene of Jane giving you every angle of her perfect body before making a mess with a big load of cum!



Luscious Leggy Lucy Blue!


Luscious leggy Lucy Blue returns to FEMOUT XXX for another sexy solo scene! This tall thin ginger is sure to be a superstar very very soon!!! Lucy has a fit long frame, gorgeous natural breasts, and a sweet and sexy smile! Enjoy this solo scene of Lucy in a sheer black dress before she strips down and strokes off for your pleasure! Can’t get enough? Us either!



Thoughts on the party, the business, and personal accountability


The Grooby 20th anniversary party was every bit as wonderful as I imagined it would be. It was nice having so many people there to share in celebrating such a special occasion. But the best part was seeing friends and having the time to talk and reconnect. The night was filled with lots of laughs and hugs and smiles.

We may have been there to celebrate the anniversary of a business, but more importantly, we were there to share this special occasion with the people who made it happen and those we have worked with and for. What made this so meaningful is the friendships and the sense of family among those in attendance. Grooby is much more than just a business, to many of us they are family.

Becca Benz at the Grooby 20th Anniversary Party, Bardot, Hollywood

Courtesy of David Edwards /

It was a blast celebrating 20 years and we look forward to the next 20, but I think we’re all hoping for another party to celebrate the 25th Anniversary!

It was unfortunate that in the days following the party a series of posts appeared on Twitter attacking Grooby Productions and Steven in particular. I won’t address the particulars of what was said or by whom, other than to say that the accusations and comments directed at Steven were without merit and often flat out lies. Grooby Productions is a business and no one is being forced to work for them; if they don’t feel they are being offered reasonable wages or working conditions they have the option to look elsewhere.

The comment made about so many Grooby models being homeless is completely asinine. Homelessness is an issue which affects people from all different backgrounds and walks of life; you will find homeless people who have graduate degrees, who have had successful careers and businesses, and a shamefully high number of veterans. Homelessness is epidemic and an unfortunate consequence of the society we live in and the state of the economy, and what Grooby pays their models is inconsequential to the homelessness issue

Grooby provides opportunities to many people who would otherwise not have any other options. What each person does with that opportunity is entirely up to them. We are responsible for our own lives and what we accomplish, and attempting to place blame on someone who provides these opportunities simply to push your own agenda and get attention is beyond contemptible.

It is beyond me why some in the adult entertainment industry feel the need to bring others down or throw around unfounded accusations; it reflects poorly on everyone and only hurts the industry. And we in the transgender community need to be there for each other and to support one another, instead of fighting among ourselves. We of all people should realize the value of community and supporting each other because all too often we are the only family we have. If we as trans people can’t support each other and trust each other then who else will? Life is too short to be fighting among ourselves when we have so many people who are already against us.


Mayu’s Sensuous Dip!


Shemale Japan is proud to welcome back the delicious and mesmerizing Mayu!!! This model never disappoints but it’s especially alluring to see this natural beauty in a natural setting! Watch the beautiful Mayu post amongst greenery and take a very sensuous dip in a wading pool. Enjoy Mayu’s lovely reflection!



Smell Wendy’s Sweet Smell Here!

Wendy SummersWendy Summers

Why just rub one out when you can rub something sexy on TS beauty Wendy Summers? This soft-skinned stunner loves to be pampered and she just wants to keep her body as supple and touchable as she can. An innocent post-shower moisturizing session turns sensual as she uses the slick liquid to explore her curves – and by the climax of her experience, she’s making a special lotion of her own!


Wendy SummersWendy Summers