Taking Fantasy Ride for a Test Drive

She’s full of energy, she’s had a recent lube job and her dipstick is showing she’s got enough oil for a good few more miles, the windscreen is polished, the trunk has been emptied and it’s an open road ahead. Are you ready for your test drive on Fantasy Ride? Get yourself oiled up, hop on and get comfortable and when you are ready, put in the key, and turn – it might be tight at first but the engine will switch on with a gentle moan and sigh. This is a comfort ride, not a speeder, start slow and build up, and as the engine gains speed, you need to hang out and make sure the key doesn’t come out. The faster you go, the more she’s going to enjoy it and when you feel her tighten and cum – then you know she’s ready for some more fuel injected right into her.

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