Good Omens

Lianna Lawson and Spite are two earthbound angels with a long history. Spite has joined the other side, while Lianna has tried her best to stay ‘Good’. That hasn’t stopped them from getting into trouble. It’s been 100 years since Spite won a bet, and since then she’s been the keeper of the key to Lianna’s chastity – something she’s desperate to be free of – and is willing to do anything to get out. What a dynamic scene! Lianna starts as a bottom, taking Spite’s hard cock like she has something to prove. From sensual oral to hard anal. But once Spite relents and lets her out of her chastity cage, it’s just began. Lianna takes over and switches on Spite, taking her harder and harder until Spite cums hard while getting fucked on the floor! We think you’ll like this special scene from Moe Scoville and Grooby! Happy Halloween!

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