A Night With Saphira Blu

It’s going to start with dinner of course, as you walk in with Saphira on your arm and heads turn to look at what a lucky guy you are. Some conversation, some wine, some flirting. A touch of the hand, a knock of the knees, and you feel her foot running up the back of your leg. Taxi’ing home she snuggles in close, and your hand finds itself on her leg, stroking her bare skin as she turns to you and you lean in to kiss deeply, your tongue probing as hers gives gently and you both play. As you help her out of the cab, she gives you a glimpse up her skirt, and you just get to see a bulge through her panties as your cock stiffens. “I’m just going to slip into something more comfortable”, Saphira whispers in your ear.

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