• 25Apr2012

    This was just brought to our attention. Samara, a model from Canada died in August 2011.

    Samara appeared on Shemale Yum a number of times in 2005-2007 in shoots by Crag Rockheart. She was Lebanese-Canadian and well know in the Toronto scene. She died of a heart attack in her home last August.

    “she loved and touched many other trans women’s lives here in Canada, she was a kind gentle person who was full of so much positivity and the loss of her has shocked and upset all of us who knew her.” – Jizelle

    Samara was 34 when she died of natural causes in August 2011.

  • 20Nov2011


    Once a year The Transgdender Day of Remembrance memorializes those transgenders who have been murdered.

    The statistics speak for themselves, that there is a disproportionate amount of transgenders killed.

    I urge all members of this site to take a look at http://www.transgenderdor.org/ and to see if there are any events in your city. More importantly, if you can educate and normalize transgenderism it may go someway to stop some of these murders happening.

  • 24Feb2011

    We received word on Feb 18th that Cane Carrington had taken his own life, from both his friend and colleague, Remy and a number of models who were also very close to him.

    Cane started as a camera assistant/general assistant with Remy on shoots that were mainly done for Black-Tgirls. His personality and humour put the models at ease and helped the shoots go smoothly. Many of the models became friends with him at this time. When Remy started shooting hardcore scenes for the website, he was looking for a male performer and it seemed a natural choice, for Cane to take. Good looking, in great shape, into the girls and easy to work with he excelled in a number of shoots (many which still have yet to be seen) including ones with Sasha, Unique, Luxury and Sheeba Starr. His scene with Brittany St.Jordan for Shemale Yum, in Dec ’10 was very well received and “smoking hot” as one member described it.

    It came as a great shock to his friends when they heard the news and although many knew that he had troubles, none suspected it was as serious as he took them. Some of his friends left YouTube tributes to him:

    “A few months later it was decided that I would be doing my first hardcore scene and that Cane would be the male talent working with me. The entire production was amazing and working with Cane their was a certain on-set chemistry that made the final product one of the most amazing scenes I could have ever hoped to a part of. I count myself as extremely fortunate to have had to opportunity to not only work with Cane but to have known him as the kindhearted easy going gentleman that made being on set a positive experience for everyone.

    Every death is a tragedy but when it is someone as an all around great person such as Cane the loss is amplified with all of the hope and promise we saw in him. There is no way to express the amount of emptiness that will be left without Cane no longer in this world but instead of focusing on the sadness I would rather focus on remembering Cane being the happy smiling guy on set making everyone laugh and enjoy being around him. “ … Brittany St.Jordan 21.02.11

    Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

    Cane Carrington was 31 when he took his own life.

  • 26Oct2010

    Jezebel Yum, who has previously been known as Ruby or Jenna on a number of websites, including Shemale Yum, Franks Tgirlworld, Bob’s Tgirls, Shemale Strokers and Shemale Pornstar took her own life, on the evening of Monday 18th October at approx. 9.45pm.

    Jezebel was a colourful character and often could be found at various Tgirl nights around the Hollywood and Los Angeles area and with her assertive personality, voracious sense of humour and a few drinks, she was hard to miss. My first encounter with her, she mistook me for somebody else and threatened to slap Bob and I! When the mistake had been rectified she was funny and vivacious and I was lucky enough to meet her a few times outside the realms of the club scene.

    As a model, she wasn’t always the easiest to work with but once on set, ready to shoot she delivered some of the best scenes of recent years. Her debut was in 2006 on Shemale Yum at the age of 21 but it was her work on Shemale Pornstar that produced two particularly good sets, one as a “Genie Jezebel” and the other a military style, desert shoot were very well received. Jezebel had a fairly unique look, or so we thought until she changed it up to peroxide blonde for a while in 2009, which went down very well!

    I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Jezebel was a fairly troubled girl and had a volatile temperment. Whatever decision she made to take her own life on the night of 18th October, judging by comments left, she left a lot of family and friends behind who cared very much for her.

    Jezebel Yum was 24 when she died by suicide.

    Genie Jezebel 2009

    Blondie Jezebel

    Jezebel in 2006 1st shoot

    The tgirl party at Blue Moon Nights, on Thurs 18th Oct, is donating it’s door money to Jezebel’s family to help with the funeral dancers and some of the dancers will be donating their dancer money to the same cause. Updated news on this will be on HungDevils.com

  • 15Sep2010

    The NJ Star Ledger Sept 13th 2010.

    “MAPLEWOOD — The victim of a fatal shooting in Maplewood on Sunday was a woman, not a man, as had first been reported, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office announced today.

    Victoria Carmen White was a post-operative transgender female having undergone sex reassignment surgery, the prosecutor’s office said. Her birth name was James White, the name authorities provided following her death.

    Her birth certificate was legally changed to reflect the new name. Her age was also incorrect; she was 28 years old, not 29.

    White, of Newark, was killed at 5 a.m. in a relative’s home on the 100 block of Jacoby Street. The case is still being investigated, and no arrest has been made or motive given.”

    Known to the internet adult community as model “Carmen” she made her first appearance on Franks Tgirlworld in 2005 and then re-appeared after her SRS surgery, photographing with Buddy Wood in late 2008 for Shemale Yum, who was informed by the model who’d made the introduction, yesterday.

    Candy was 28 when she was killed in the early hours of Sunday 13th Sept 2010.
    There is no further information at this time.

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  • 01Apr2010

    First reported Daily New 31st March 2010.

    “A transgender woman was found dead in her ransacked Queens apartment on Tuesday, her naked body sprawled across the bed, police said.
    Edelbuerto Gonzalez-Andujar, 29, who lived as a woman and went by the name Amanda, had not been heard from since Friday.
    Her friends got her landlord to let them into her Glendale apartment around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

    “We found her on her bed. She was naked,” said Barbara Vega, 35, of Bushwick, Brooklyn. “Everything in the apartment was destroyed. All her Marilyn Monroe pictures were destroyed.”

    Police said the medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. Vega, who believes Gonzalez-Andujar was slain, said she had tried in vain to reach her friend since spending time with her on Friday.

    “She never had any problems with anybody. She was full of life,” she said. “We need to know who did this to her.”

    Gonzalez-Andujar’s friends wailed as her body, covered in a black plastic bag, was taken out of the 62nd St. building yesterday.
    Stephanie Lopez, 19, said she was returning home from school when she saw one of the “hysterical” friends lunge for the gurney that carried Gonzalez-Andujar’s body.

    Lopez recalled that another woman screamed: “No! Why, Amanda? Why?”
    Lopez said detectives asked her whether she had heard sounds of a struggle or screams coming from Gonzalez-Andujar’s first-floor apartment on Saturday.

    Vega said Gonzalez-Andujar’s laptop was missing from the apartment.
    She said cops told her they were analyzing surveillance video taken from inside the building showing a man whose face was difficult to make out.

    “We need to know who did this to her,” Vega said, recalling a vacation to Jamaica the two had taken in happier times. “

    Amanda was one of the first transsexuals I ever met. She’d appeared on Shemale Yum in 1999 and that was the year I went to New York to shoot the first ever Grooby videos with Tony Vee, “Shemale Yum’s New York Transsexuals”. Amanda was on my shortlist along with Lisa Kage, BamBam and Kitty.

    We picked up Amanda at her place and suggested we do some out door scenes. She was immediately into it. For a young, English guy who wasn’t exactly a stranger to traveling and to NYC, Amanda was still, very exotic, very different to the girls I was used to – and very funny and cool. I enjoyed my time with her a lot and the scene stuck out as one of the most memorable I ever shot.

    Frank worked with her in a fantastic shoot in 2005 and of course, she also appeared in a wild scene in Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventure #11.

    Honestly, I know very little about Amanda apart from two brief encounters. The fact that this sort of crime is committed is bad enough but it does touch home a little more, when it is somebody you’ve met and worked with.
    I hope by running this blog and putting this sad news out, people will become more aware of the tragedies that happen to so many, of the girls that we see on our screens each day.

    Amanda was 29 when she was murdered, in the last week of March 2010.

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  • 28Dec2008

    It’s always sad to see one of the angels meeting an untimely death but somehow, around Xmas and the holidays it seems even more poignant and when it is as violent as the murder of Layia Lovely and her boyfriend.

    The fact that the newspaper used mugshots of Layia (under her real name Avery Elzy) and her boyfriend, the unfortunately named Michael Hunt and the subsequent commentary at that papers website revealing their criminal record of theft, drug use and forgery, doesn’t detract from the fact, that they were killed and nobody has reasons yet. It seems a large amount of the TS community that we work with (in the adult industry) do have criminal records and associations with violent persons which is why we tend to see younger people, dying.

    Layia had just worked once with Grooby Productions and I’m unaware of any other sites she’s appeared on. Frank returned to his home city of Indianapolis in July and managed to photograph a few new tgirl models, Layia being one and she featured on his site, Franks Tgirlworld in October.

    When informed of her death, Frank stated;

    “I had just photographed her a few months ago. I remember that she was quiet at first but very nice. She told me she was a hair dresser on the North Side and that she would sometimes hire other TS if they were good with hair. She told me she had a husband and they had been together for a few years and that his family had accepted them.

    She seemed like she really had her head on straight. I really liked her maturity.

    I ran into Layia and Mona Lisa at the Circle in Indianapolis just before I left. They were Downtown checking out all of the motorcyclesas it was the weekend after the Moto GP Race. We chatted for a while and had coffee.

    I am very saddened by this story.”

    The Indy Star:
    Authorities on Saturday released the identities of two people found dead in a Northside home.

    Avery Elzy, 34, and Michael Hunt, 22, were found dead late Friday afternoon in a home in the 5800 block of Rosslyn Avenue. Police say they were victims of homicide.

    Police continued to withhold information about the cause of their deaths pending autopsy results.
    Investigators also said they remain uncertain of the motive.

    Police received a call about 4:30 p.m. Friday, asking officers to check on the home’s residents, who had not been in contact with the caller for two days. The men’s bodies were found inside.
    Anyone with information is asked to contact the homicide branch at (317) 327-3703 or Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS (8477).

    Layia was 34 when she died on Christmas Day 2008.


  • 04Nov2008

    I lost two of my friends Laura and Sylvia Boots on the same day in March 2002 when Sylvia accidentally killed Laura with a pistol. Sylvia had a longstanding feud with another transsexual Tonya. I’m not going to get into all the things Tonya did and had done to Sylvia here. But one Sunday evening Sylvia saw Tonya, Laura and another friend Monica at the Yukon Mining Company restaurant, which was a 24 hour diner and popular after hours transgender hangout in West Hollywood.

    The way I see it is that Sylvia decided to do something to alter Tonya’s behavior toward her. Sylvia caught Tonya in the restroom and beat her up some. They were kicked out of the restaurant. Then Sylvia made a fateful decision. She went back to her vehicle and got a pistol. She pulled it on Tonya outside the restaurant and pointed it at her. Laura and Monica were standing on either side of Tonya. An altercation ensued. Tonya grabbed the gun and they struggled with it. During the struggle, it went off and hit Laura. Laura was rushed to the hospital and Sylvia was arrested.

    I received a phone call shortly after this happened as other friends were in the restaurant and the word spread fast. A few friends and I including Laura’s roommate Paulina met up and went to Cedar’s Sinai together. There must have been about a dozen of us in a waiting room when the doctor came in and announced that Laura was dead.

    The end result was Laura lost her life. Sylvia was sentenced to 45 years to life. Paulina who was getting cleaned up off drugs with Laura’s help went back to being a drug addict. And Tonya who instigated the whole thing walked away. The scene was never the same here in LA again. All of this because of one catty, hateful bitch. Sylvia was always nice with me and of all the girls I know she’s not one I would have picked as likely to be involved in something like that. I was much closer to Laura. We had a casual friendship, but close enough that she liked introducing me to people as her husband. I’ll always miss her.

    There is also a rumor that Tonya died a year or two ago due to complications from silicone pumping. Ironically Tonya was famous for pumping girls. Laura’s tush was actually Tonya’s best work. But Tonya is also alleged to have accidentally killed a couple of girls and injured others.

    -Bob from Bobs-TGirls.com

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  • 23Sep2008

    “A transgendered prostitute was stabbed to death in the Bronx Saturday by a customer who was apparently surprised by the hooker’s true sex, police sources said Saturday.
    The victim – a 25-year-old man who dressed like a woman – was identified by sources as Talib Stewart, who often went by the feminine nicknames of Nesha or Sanesha.

    Stewart was stabbed multiple times inside a Belmont apartment building about 6 a.m. Saturday, police said. A 37-year-old man was later arrested inside the second-floor apartment, police said.

    Though the suspect’s identity was not immediately released, the sources said he was the prostitute’s john who became enraged when he learned his partner was not a woman.

    Stewart, more than 6 feet tall, was known to wear stylish, provocative outfits with towering high heels, neighbors said. Stewart also apparently had undergone surgery to give him larger breasts and other female characteristics, neighbors said.

    “She looked like a girl but when she turned around, you knew it was a man,” a 17-year-old neighbor said. “She had a big jaw and an Adam’s apple.”

    Neighbors said Stewart was a friendly and flirty presence on the block and was rarely hassled for his appearance.

    “She’s always been Nesha to me,” said a friend who just gave her first name, Janelle. “She’s funny and outgoing.”

    “It’s a shock – nobody should do something like that,” said another neighbor who asked not to be identified. “She never had any problems here.”

    Stewart’s relatives visited the crime scene Saturday afternoon and angrily declined comment. Neighbors said they didn’t know if Stewart was turning tricks but they had noticed frequent male visitors to her home.

    The suspect remained in police custody last night as the Bronx district attorney was determining which charges to file, officials said.”

    This report was a great shock to me, personally. Boots had originally contacted me from an ad we run in Transformation Magazine and we set her up for a shoot fairly fast and we have worked with her a number of times since.
    All I can say, is that reports from Tony was that she was a great model, a nice girl, easy to work with, highly sexed and it’s a great shame that her life was ended so short. She was vivacious in her work and appeared to carry that through to her life.

    To be brutally murdered, by a homophobic man, no matter if he knew she was a real girl or a transsexual has to go down as a hate crime. The newspaper reporting this incidence should be cited for continuing to call a transsexual a “he”.

    Go in peace, Boots.

    She was 25 when she died.

    Murdered black transgender model

    Murdered black transgender model

    Transsexual murdered in NYC

    Transsexual murdered in NYC


  • 23Sep2008

    It was a shock to the whole internet transgender community to receive the news that Anna Alexandre, also known as Madison was killed in an auto-accident, in Orlando, Feb 22, 2007.

    Anna was a striking, stunning model who had worked for a number of websites after first featuring on Shemale Yum. She’d also appeared in DVD’s and had her own website.

    I’d met her on a couple occasions, the most memorable being a night out in Las Vegas with Ivy, Allanah Starr, Saigon Lee, Madison, Video Bob (also deceased) and myself as we limo’d around Vegas hitting the hottest clubs. Madison was well known and we could skip the lines and get VIP entrance everywhere. She was fun, accommodating and turned heads everywhere we went.

    It was a shock to me to see such beautiful girl to be killed needlessly, she’d just started to get over some personal problems she’d been having and that was part of her reason to return to live in Florida instead of Vegas.

    She will be missed.
    Anna was 26 yrs old when she died.


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